Friday, October 7, 2011

Blog Challenge Day Two

Day 02: Share 30 interesting facts about yourself.

I can't guarentee they'll be very interesting...

01. I wear a size 10-11 shoe. (ew!)
02. I didn't get drunk for the first time till I was 19.
03. I moved around a lot growing up, and hated it.
04. But now I feel like moving around kept us close as a family.
05. I'm not that into shopping.
06. I lost my virginity when I was almost 19.
07. My first car was an '86 VW Cabriolet convertable and I loved it!
08. Is it possible that you don't know that I used to be obsessed with NSYNC?
09. And I still love me some Justin Timberlake!
10. My first job was at Subway
11. When I'm driving alone, I crank the music up and belt it out!
12. I didn't get my license till halfway through senior year.
13. I don't tan easily, especially my legs, which have been described as "clear" instead of white.
14. I never watched Fraggle Rock... apparently that's weird.
15. When I was 14, I won Third Eye Blind concert tickets on the radio.
15. Growing up, I always had crushes on my brothers friends. Some of them lasted for years.
16. I'm afraid of losing too much boob.
17. In 6th grade I frequently got bad grades on homework, and was supposed to have something signed, but I never wanted to show my mom so I had detention for weeks at a time till the teacher forgot.
18. It always took me a while to make friends, but once I did, I kept them forever.
19. Even when I got good grades, I often didn't show my mom my report card because it would remind her to ask for my brothers report card.
20. I am lucky to have married into a pretty awesome family.
21. I never used to be outdoorsy until Clint came along.
22. I watch way too much TV.
23. I recycle and try to be "green"
24. My first concert was Brooks & Dunn when I was 11.
25. I have an ex boyfriend that stole my credit cards.
26. I'm not even a little bit religious.
27. My brother and I used to fight like crazy, but we always covered each other when we broke something or did something wrong.
28. I haven't gone to the movies since 2007, ot maybe it was 2008. The Simpsons Movie. Yeah...
29. When I was little I wanted to be a vet.
30. My first kiss was when I was 13 with a boy named Dan Hickey.

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