Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend Update: June 2, 2012

I'm gonna try to start updating every weekend, since I'm so bored at work anyway. Not that so much goes on in a week that I'll actually have things to talk about, but.. oh well. Maybe I'll do themed posts or something, idk! Today I'm gonna try to figure out what I did wrong last time that made my post one great big paragraph. How annoying was that? My apologies!

Well I think that fixed it. I was in HTML mode, I need to be in Compose mode. Ok.

Maybe I'll fix my last entry.

Alright so here are some pictures. Of course if we're Facebook friends you've seen them. But oh well.

My little family! <3
My Mommy and I! <3

 And here I am looking super sexy, in my not so humble opinion. ;)
And this one is probably a little more "me."
The last two are, of course, from my photo shoot with Jenn. I hope to get the CD with the rest of the pictures soon. :)

So. I guess there's not much to update on. Life is still good! I don't think anything amazing has happened since my last post. Clint's been working a lot of overtime, which is nice! I mean the paycheck will be nice. Well, who am I kidding? The extra me time is nice too! :p

Oh! Well I did have a birthday since my last post. But I'm just another year older. Didn't do anything special. Actually I went to town for grocery shopping that day, had lunch with Jess, and had a pretty good day. But I was in a foul mood that evening for some reason. Not a good start to my 29th year. But oh well!

Our anniversary is on Wednesday. We're terrible. No plans. IDK why we don't do stuff for special occasions. But he IS working a lot and maybe we'll go out to dinner that evening. Maybe we'll plan something for later in the month. I'm really wanting to go to a water park again, like we did the day after our wedding. That would be a fun belated celebration!

Okay I'm out! Peace!