Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have been a bad blog follower! I used to be really good about keeping up with everyone, but lately.... not so much. The only blog I have been keeping up with belongs to my sister-in-law & bestie, Robin. but that is gonna change! I am gonna make a real effort to start reading blogs again. I got myself updated on a few tonight. So just bear with me!

I do kinda hate using Blogger from my phone though. There needs to be a mobile version... or maybe there is one and I just don't know it. I'll be looking into that! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blood Work Results

The nurse called me today with the results from Thursdays blood draw. She said that it is consistent with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Which I pretty much expected, as I have a lot of the symptoms (overweight, thinning hair, acne, etc). I somehow didn't know that it goes hand in hand with diabetes. She said that I have pre-diabetes. Really, I'm not surprised about that either, because diabetes runs in the family. The only reason that surprised me is because I was tested for diabetes last year, and didn't have it.

The next step is an ultrasound, which isn't scheduled yet. The nurse she would have the receptionist call to schedule an appointment, but I guess it was too late in the day, so hopefully she will call tomorrow. If not, I'll call them. To schedule it around my period and Clint's work schedule, it will either be April 7th, 8th, 14th, or 15th. Of course I'm hoping we can get in the earlier dates, but then it won't work if my period is late (they don't want to do it during that time of the month), so maybe the later dates would be better. We'll see.
The ultrasound will be to check for cysts.

My prediction for treatment (based on googling and talking to others who have PCOS) is diet & exercise, weight loss, and probably a drug called Metformin. If I wasn't trying to get pregnant, they would probably put me on birth control. There is a chance he will do that anyway, I think. I know I've heard of getting on the pill for a few cycles to regulate before starting to TTC. Of course, I'm rooting for the Metformin! But I will do whatever Dr. O. reccommends!

How am I feeling about all this? Really good! I have thought for a long time that I probably have PCOS, so it's nice to know for sure. And you can't treat a problem until you know what the problem is, so I'm happy to have a problem to treat! It would have been really disappointing if they had said that my blood was fine, and they have no idea what our problem is. Know what I mean?

It is kinda weird to think that I've had this since puberty. Looking back, it explains a few things. Like when I was 15 and my hair started thinning. And when I ws 17 (and a virgin) and didn't have a period for 4 months. It's just weird to think it's been there all along, and I had no idea. Also, it's weird that they say that it runs in the family. I'm pretty sure my mom didn't have it since she didn't have trouble having Chris & I. But I take so much after my dads mom. Maybe she had it. She only had one biological child (my dad). Maybe that's why and I just never heard about it, or maybe she never knew it.

Well anyway, it is dinner time. TTFN!

Friday, March 11, 2011

First Meeting With Dr. O.

*Note to TMP ladies: I copied from my TMP post so you've already read this. :)

The only thing that would have made it a better appointment is if he had discovered I was pregnant wihile doing the pap!

I think I'm gonna love this new doctor!

First he just talked to us about our history of TTC and our miscarriage, asked all the medical questiions, etc. He said that he doesn't like to just put people on Clomid without doing any kind of tests. My last dr put me on Clomid without any testing because it didn't look like I was ovulating. (It worked but still). If he decides that Clomid is the way to go, it'll be monitored (YES!!). I was really surprised that he didn't tell me to lose weight right off the bat. I'm very overweight. I brought it up and he said he wanted to check my hormone levels and if there is a hormone problem, regulating it might help with the weight loss. It felt good that he didn't just assume that my weight was causing the problem. I don't know, we didn't get a lot of info today, but I just really like Dr. O. He was easy to talk to, and it didn't feel rushed (my last dr made me feel like I was keeping him away from his pregnant patients). He asked DH a couple questions and I was like "I knew there was a reason he came!" and Dr. O. said that he should be there because it takes 2! Which is so true!

So he gave me an order for blood work and said he'd call with the results and probably schedule an ultrasound.

The only thing that sucks is that we live an hour & a half away so when it comes time to make visits at a certain time in my cycle, I'll have to just come on a whim. I'll just have to be mentally prepared for it. I'm such a planner.

I'm gonna get my bloodwork done Thursday morning since I'll be in town Wednesday for a scrapbooking day with my besties, and I'll spend the night and do the blood draw in the AM, that way I don't have to drive so far while fasting. I can't go very long without breakfast.

So that's that! I'm excited to see what my hormone results are and see what the next step is! Fingers crossed that we can get it figured out before AF shows (which should be at least 2 weeks away) so we can start something next cycle!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011

I will always remember today as the day my first baby was due. I realize that I most likely would have had the baby weeks ago, but today still holds some significance. As the day has been approaching, I wasn't sure what to expect from myself. A month & a half ago, I was feeling all kinds of anxiety about it. I was sad, mad, scared, everything. But lately I've felt more calm about it. That's probably because we are taking steps toward trying again. But still, my heart is heavy today. I would rather be holding my baby in my arms than only in my thoughts. I'd rather be caring for a newborn all day than scrapbooking all day. I'd rather be exhausted than well rested. Everything that monthers compain about having to do, or not being able to do. I'd give anything to have what they have.

I had thought when it came time to try again, I wouldn't want to talk about it. And I didn't think I'd tell many people when we finally do get pregnant again. But now I realize that I'm an open person. It would feel werid to me if no one knew what we were experiencing. So I'll blog about it. I'll tell those close to me, but I won't post it on Facebook (those who take the time to read my blog, will get to be in the know).

Also, infertility is talked about so infrequently, but why? It's a real issue and maybe if more people talked about it, more people would understand it, and maybe insurance would cover treatments better.

I don't know that I'm "infertile"... obviously we are capable of concieving. But it falls under the same category, since it took us so long to get pregnant the first time, and needed fertility drugs.

So I have a doctors appointment on the 11th with Dr. O. in Prescott. He is supposed to be really good with fertility problems, and really easy to talk to (not like my last dr). So I'm really looking forward to it! I imagine he will do blood work right away, at least I hope so! He should check all my hormone levels, and test for PCOS. Hopefully soon, we will have a game plan.

The thought of "trying" again is daunting. It's more work than anyone realizes and it takes the fun out of things. But I'm finally ready.

Clint is already being more involved this time around. He'll be going to my appointments with me. I think it will help for him to have all the info that I have. I'm not good at reiterating what the dr says, and Clint will have his own questions that I won't think to ask. So it's important that he goes, and I'm excited that he's wanting to be so involved this time! I've got a good feeling.

My sister-in-law is expecting, and I'm hoping that ours will be just a few months behind!

I might start a new "trying" blog, I might just change the name of this one, or not. IDK yet. But I'll keep the blogosphere updated.