Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IDK what to name this, so.. 11-15-11

It's been a little while since I've updated! Whoopsie!

Well I skipped a Measure Me Wednesday because I had GAINED weight and was 2 lbs heavier than the previous measurements. Halloween candy was bad for me! But since then I have gotten back on track. I measured last Wednesday and here are the results:

November 9
waist: 49.5"
thigh: 25"
torso: 40.25"
chest: 37"
bust: 46.5"
arm: 13.3"

Some of the measurements actually got bigger which had me confused. But I'm gonna assume (for my own sanity) that it's because my body is changing due to muscle. I'm hoping to be going down in inches with all measurements next time, which I think will be tomorow since I think we will already be out of town for Thanksgiving by next Wednesday. Of course, it would be interesting to get pre and post Thanksgiving stats... :p

Today I weighed in at 211.75!! So I am having another good week! I've changed up my routine for the last 2 1/2 weeks though. For starters I am working my way up to 30 instead of 25 minutes on the elliptical. This week I'm doing 29, next week will be 30. I haven't changed the level of intensity yet, but once I get comfortable doing it for 30 minutes, I'll start moving up the level again. Then I am only doing half the weights each day (rotating which machines I do each day), and then I am doing the treadmill for 22 minutes. I don't have a set speed or elevation on the treadmill, really. It's kinda my cool down and I just do what I feel comfortable. I keep the speed between 2.5 and 3 and I start the elevation at 5 or 6 and move it up to 10 for at least a couple minutes.

I think this new routine is helping shed the pounds. Doing half the weights, I'm gaining less muscle (but still working my muscles!) and therefore losing faster. It feels good to be losing again!! I think I really needed this boost to make me feel like it wasn't gonna take forever to hit 200lbs! I haven't increased the weight that I lift on any of the machines in a while. I think after Thanksgiving I'll increase the ones that I feel comfortable. I really want to lose as much as I can by Thanksgiving, since I know I'll be gaining a few back! My MIL said she would set up the treadmill for me so at least I'll be able to get some exercise during our Thanksgiving visit! :)

Maybe after Christmas I'll start doing more weights again. Or maybe after I hit 200 lbs. Or maybe I'll do that by Christmas? :)

In other news, Clint's knee is healing well. He has physical therapy twice a week and is doing good with that, I guess. His next appt with the surgeon is Dec 5th, and at that time he'll decide if he's ready to go back to work or not. Fingers and toes crossed that he gets approval!! The black Friday check will be the first check with no worked hours on it. NOT looking forward to it. But hoping it's not as bad as I think it will be.

I would be lying if I said that I haven't been pretty stressed out lately with him not working, but we'll get through it!

On a positive note, we haven't been driving each other crazy!! He has adapted to my routine. I get the Tv in the morning till I go to the gym and usually when I have lunch and most evenings whenever I have shows on. He gets in the rest of the time. :) It works out pretty well! :) We don't spend a ton of time together, we just each do our own thing.

UGH! MY PHONE!! For a couple days it was freezing up constantly and driving me nuts!! Yesterday I finally did a factory reset on it. So now its running well again. But I've only had this refurbished phone for like 2 1/2 months. It shouldn't be acting up already, and if this becomes a habit, Verizon will be hearing from me! LOL I sound so tough, huh?

I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving. We are probably gonna spend a full week in Safford since Clint isn't working. We should have a few days just us and his parents, which is always nice. His mom is gonna do Christmas pictures for us too, so yay! And the food!! Can't wait!! I'll be making my pies and nuts, all of which are pretty darn delicious! And of course turkey and taters and YAMS... MMMMMM!!! So cannot wait!! BTW, we are celebrating on Satruday because that's how we roll. :)

I will try to update again before we head out of town.