Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st Update of 2012

We're about a week into the new year and so far so good! Nothing to complain about, anyway.

I am doing pretty good with the resolutions. I haven't had a soda all year and I've definitely cut back on the sugar. I've gone back to only having a chocolate treat once a day, generally after dinner. My afternoon snacks are healthier. Like yesterday I made a veggie soup and that's gonna be my afternoon snack and/or side dishes for a few days. Or I'll have fruit. I keep meaning to make hard boiled eggs, but keep forgetting. Anywy, definitely doing better and not really having a hard time with it after the first few days. I guess I do kinda cheat and have a chocolate calcium chew or two throughout the day to make me feel like I had chocolate. My other resolution was to crank up the gym routine. Well, I tried. But the routine I had detailed in my last entry left me exhausted the rest of the day. :( I felt fine while working out, but after the shower and relaxing for a minute, my body just felt limp and so tired. I guess I don't really need to burn over 600 calories at the gym everyday. So I went back to my old routine (eliptical, half weights, treadmill (rotating which weights I do daily) and I've added 5 minutes to my treadmill time. So far I've only had one day of that. But I think that will be okay. And I burn like 570 calories doing that so that's plenty. I keep meaning to look up how many calories you burn with daily activities like housework and sleeping. Just to see.

I've also started counting calories again with My Fitness Pal. It really does help! I forgot how much I liked to see the end of the day prediction. "If everyday were like today, you'd weigh xxx in 5 weeks." It gives extra motivation and something to work toward. And when you have a bad food day it makes you realize how much of an impact it would have if you always had bad food days!

I was pretty proud of myself on Friday, grocery shopping day. Had a normal breakfast. Then lunch at Red Robin where I got a salad (love thier salads). Yes I had ranch and the foccacia bread they serve with it but I don't think that's too terrible. Then instead of the 100 calorie pack of brownies I had in my purse, I had a banana on the way home. While the evil Robin ate Reese's. Mmmm. But I did good, so I'm proud!!

I guess I should talk about the doctors appt I had on the third. My blood sugar is still high (actually a point higher than last time) at 6.0. I gotta keep in mind, though, if I remember correctly, that the A1c test is your blood sugar over the last 3 months, like that's how long it stays in your system or something. I'm not a scientist or a doctor. Anyway. If that's the case, this test had October, November and most of December. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies (I did it right before Christmas). So that's a bad three months! Hopefully the next one wil be better. I think it'll be in March so it will have probably the end of December, January, February and early March. I'm sure I'll do some poor eating on Super Bowl Sunday and there's probably some poor eating leftoever in December. But the rest of it should be okay! No other special eating occasions that I know of! My doctor did tell me that I should be eating like a diabetic. I don't really know how diabetics eat. But I'm gonna try to learn. For now I'm just doing like I said and cutting way back on sugars and carbs. That veggie soup I mentioned earlier didn't have potatoes or noodles and only had half the corn it called for. I'm trying.. baby steps. If the next draw is still as high or close then I will try to make more changes.

Also at my appt, we talked about me getting off the pill and TTC again soon. Dr. O said I can get off the pill whenever we're ready (yay!), but warned us to be ready to get pregnant right away. Apparently when you have PCOS, the birth control gets the PCOS in check and makes you more fertile. It takes a few months for the PCOS to kick back in so therefore I'm most fertile the first few months. Exciting, but kind of scary!! With the miscarriage in 2010 of course I am nervous about being pregnant again. I know that I'm a million times healthier now though. But I am also a star candidate for gestational diabetes which I read up on yesterday. Early in the pregnancy it can cause birth defects (commonly in the heart in brain :( ) and miscarriage (possibly why I miscarried last time). Later in the pregnancy, it can cause a big baby, resulting in C section. And as soon as the baby is born he/she has to be tested and possibly treated for low blood sugar. I feel like it's a big risk to take. But I also know that lots of women get gestational diabetes and give birth to healthy babies. But it does scare me and even makes me feel a little guilty for wanting to have a baby that could possibly have birth defects and other problems. But I know that it's a risk we have to take. I'll always have blood sugar problems. Anyway, we have an idea of when we plan to get off the pill, but I don't think I'm telling! :p I think I'll let it be a surprise when I get pregnant. Although I will probably have to vent about something TTC related and blow my cover. Well for now our plans will remain a mystery! Bwahahahaha!

Now it's time for weight talk! Well on New Years Eve I guess I pigged out a little and gained 3 lbs by Jan 2 (gym close on the first). So that put me back up around 211. Yesterday I was back down to 207 even! Woohoo! Almost back to my pre-Christmas weight! LOL. And the way I've been eating and exercising, I expect to see some good loss again! Like how it was in May, hopefully!

I did measurements on January 5th, at 207.25 lbs. Some slight changes for the better...
Waist: 48" (same)
Thigh: 24" (-1/2")
Torso: 39.5" (-1/4")
Chest: 37.5" (-1/4")
Bust: 44.5" (-1/4")
Arm: 13.25" (same)

I tried on a pair of 14 jeans, same brand as the 16s I got before Christmas. No dice! LOL. I was thinking these 16s are perfect in the waist but kinda loose in the thigh and butt (I always have this problem), so I thought maybe a pair of 14s would fit well in the thighs and butt, and I would be able to fake button them with a rubberband. But no. Not that close yet, but I'll get there darnit!

So what else.. New Years Eve I did end up playing Wii with Robin and Ellie. We all had fun. :) I brought over my noise makers that were my moms when she was a kid (about age 12) so they are ancient and super cool! Ellie sure liked them! LOL.

I guess that's it since it hasn't been that long since I last updated. Hope everyone is doing well!