Friday, February 22, 2013

February 22, 2013

Time for my weekend update! :) 

Guess how many walks I took last week?!
Let's see how my week went.. 
Monday Clint and I went to Phoenix. Had lunch, got him a tablet (yay!), and did some shopping. Mostly groceries, but I did get a pair of maternity shorts that I love! Also stumbled into a Babies R Us. I didn't get anything, but it was nice to see all this baby stuff up close and personal instead of just online! We had a mostly nice day, with a few hiccups. Got home later than we wanted to and I was exhausted! I didn't even get all the groceries put away, just the cold stuff. So no real walk that day, but I walked around stores so that's something!
Tuesday I didn't go for a walk but I was crazy productive around the house! So it was worth it! I need more days like that!! I did all the stuff that was on my list for Monday and Tuesday, and did a little bit in the craft room. 
Wednesday was very opposite. I was suuuuper lazy. Oh well! Can't win them all. I swear I barely left the couch. I blame the snow we were getting! :p
Thursday I covered at the fitness center, opening shift, meaning 4AM-1PM. Yawn. I managed to stay awake at work.. I think. I had a package to pick up at the post office and it was the clothes I ordered from JC Penny at least 2 weeks ago... finally! (In their defense, it was all clearance, and they probably had to ship from multiple warehouses to get it all in one place before shipping to me, so thats why it took so long.) Luckily, I liked everything. I got a pair of flats that don't fit perfect, but they're cute and I'm wearing them now! I got a maternity shirt that won't be my favorite, but it will work. And I got a "maternity basics" kit of sorts which had a tank, a tee, and leggings. I've really been needing a long tank top, so yay! And I think the black tee will be good for some of my maternity pix. Its just a plain simple tee shirt. Leggings.. IDK I always want to wear them but I never know how, so we'll see! After trying on all my new stuff, I ended up napping for a couple hours... no surprise! And that was Thursday!
And today is Friday and I'm at work. 
Walks will start Monday. 

So I mentioned last weekend that I was feeling him move. I didn't feel him since until yesterday! He really likes to keep me guessing! I've been feeling him a lot yesterday and today, so yay!! Maybe he's not gonna be so shy. Last night we were laying in bed and I put Clint's hand on my tummy, hoping he'd be able to feel something, but baby boy wasn't moving! Then Clint fell asleep with his hand there THEN baby starts moving around! Figures! Oh well. I don't know if you can feel it from the outside yet anyway. I can never tell. He'll feel it soon enough, I'm sure!

So I have been in nursery mode this week!! Months ago I had planned this whole black & white with either blue or pink nursery, depending on the gender of course. So once we found out he's a boy, I was still planning on that. Then I went into that Babies R Us and saw other cute stuff.. Damnit, gotta change my whole plan! The bedding that got me started was called Snickerdoodle, and it was gender neutral and giraffe themed. Super cute. But there was like no color in it. Mostly just tan and light orange. So I started looking around more. Then I thought about fish! Clint loves to fish. At first I was thinking cutesy fish but then I started seeing fish themed nurseries on Pinterest with real-looking freshwater fish and Clint and I actually talked about it and we think its a great idea, so the nursery is officially fishing-themed! I'm really excited about it! I like that its different, kinda original, and something that Clint can relate to! And chances are our boy will be into fishing! So we're gonna paint the walls a light blue. I don't think we're gonna get crafty with the paint, but we may if we can figure out something that's fairly easy. I don't want to try to get creative and have it look like crap! lol. 

We're gonna put these fish decals on the wall somewhere, not sure if they will go around the entire room, just one wall, or what. We'll see how they look once we have them. 

I want a rug. I'm looking at this one, but not 100% sold on it. We'll see!

I LOVE this idea of a fishing net for the stuffed toys instead of a hammock like you see a lot. And the little bobbers hanging from it would be easy to make! Cute!!

We also love this idea for wall decor! I found the plush fish on Amazon. We'll just have to find a stick and we'll be set!

I don't know if I'll get this exact crib, but I do want a crib/changer combo. This one is at Target. I'll get all dark brown furniture. The glider I'm looking at is actually white, but the coushins are dark brown.

This is the bedding I'm gonna get. There's no fishies on it, but the colors go well.

Also I have a friend, Ana, who has offered to make me a fishy mobile! She's never made a mobile, but she's made other great things, so I know it will come out great! She has an Etsy shop, if you're interested! Thanks so much Ana!! 

If you want to see the rest of my Pinspiration for the nursery, click here! :)

And just for shits and giggles, here's just about all his stuff so far! The blanket that Nana made isn't in there, or a couple stuffed animals that he has. Its not much, but its a start, and I'm trying not to buy too much yet, especially clothes, because people like to buy stuff, and I'll have a shower. Trying to wait till after that to go crazy! But we are gonna buy all the important stuff- furniture, car seat, etc.. probably the bedding too! I just want to be SURE that I have it. 

While doing all this nursery planning, I've also been building registries! Mostly on Amazon, but also Target. I'll add more to the Target registry next week when I can do it in person. It's just easier to find things that are available in the store if you actually register in the store! Go figure! I want people to have in-store and online options, so that's why I'm registering at both places. My Amazon registry is getting big fast! I know I won't get much off of it as a gift, I'm mostly doing it for me! Its like my shopping list. Like, the bedding is on there, and I plan to order that before too long. Its just convenient to have it all in one place! I do hope that people shop off the registries though. 

Well I think that's a good enough update for today! I better get ready to close up shop! 
Till next weekend... 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 16, 2013

I can't believe I didn't mention yesterday how ridiculously awesome my husband has been!! He's been understanding and affectionate and almost clingy at times. I guess pregnancy creates some kind of bond between us. Its really been nice. I'm so lucky to have him!! The closeness has also positively effected other areas of our life.. if ya know what I mean. ;) So it's all been good. Just wanted to say that! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013

Look at me updating again!! It hasn't even been a month yet! :D I really am gonna try to do weekly updates. I work weekends again, and its a good easy time to do it, and gives me something to do! I didn't update last week because I ended up doing housekeeping ( :/ ) on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, worked here at the course Friday afternoon, then it snowed Saturday so we were closed the rest of the weekend. That was a pretty lazy weekend for me...

Sooo we had our big ultrasound on Wednesday!!! Our baby is healthy and perfect... and male!! Yep we are having a boy! Just about everyone thought it would be a boy, myself included, so I'm really not surprised. I was happy with the results at first, overjoyed really. He is healthy. That's amazing! But then we got to wal Mart and I saw the cutest little Easter dresses. :(  I don't get to buy Easter dresses!! I've already started thinking that our second really needs to be a girl! I feel the pressure already, from myself, its ridiculous. Boys are cute and awesome too, I know this. And I already love him so much and always will. But I can't lie that a part of me wishes it was a girl. I hope he never reads this!! LOL. I've always wanted one of each anyone, so please let the next one be a girl because I really only want two kids total! LOL

But the ultrasound was great, it ended up being just Clint and I in there, with my mom on speaker phone for part of it. He was moving his hands and his mouth... like he was eating. It was really cute. We got to see and hear his heart beat and it was just awesome. The dr. said there are no concerns with me or baby. We're all healthy and that's just the best news ever!!

(Crappy cell phone pic)

A cute ulrasound moment: She was showing us his little feet, but they were overlapping and it looked like one. But Clint counted 7 toes and he's like "woah why do I count 7 toes?!" And she told us it was both feet! What a relief that we don't have a 7 toed baby! LOL

After the appt we went to Olive Garden with Clints mom, sister and her kids. We shared the pictures and talked about the baby some, had a nice time. I was showing his 4.5 year old neice, Ellie, the pictures and there's a lot of his head so I kept flipping through the pictures saying "this is his head, this is his arm, this is his head, etc..." and at the end she asked "Why does he have so many heads?" LOL Kids are awesome!!

But what's not so awesome is that I've now gained 17lbs. Sigh. That's awful!! Dr. O isn't terribly concerned. He said its more than average, but he's not too worried, which is really surprising to me, as hard as I worked (with him!) to lose the weight. Maybe he figures I'll be able to drop it easily again? I'm doubting I will though! He said to eat lots of protein and watch my carbs and sugars. I know this, but its difficult. So so difficult. I really need to find more yummy protein sources. Because I'm just not that into meat right now. Maybe protein bars or something would be good. Of course that's sugar. I don't know.

The week before last I was committed to walking! Well I was gonna go to the gym but it was nice out so I figured it made more sense to take Z for a walk. So we walked... for about 15 minutes. Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I got preoccupied helping Clint with something. Thursday I ended up working in the afternoon. Friday I worked. Saturday & Sunday it was cold and snowy. And yeah I'm sure I have excuses for Mon-Thurs, but.. The walking thing just didn't stick! I'm gonna try it again next week! Wish me luck!! I just need to get SOME exercise! And with those short walks I did take, I realized how out of shape I'd gotten. They didn't wear me out, but they were short, and I could feel that it was more effort than it should have been. So I really need to get back into the swing of things. Wish me luck!!

So I am hoping to get to go to Ellen's Mother's Day show. LOL For YEARS I've been saying I want to go to her Mother's Day Show. Its an audience full of women expecting their first. I'll be about a month and a half away from having him at the point. No reason I can't go! She gives away some amazing stuff and I've always wanted to go to her show! I wrote in, so we'll see! I'm sure there are thousands of people trying to go though. So wish me luck on that also!

What else? I'm slooooowly working on getting my craft room cleaned (its a freaking disaster!!) so that I can start scrapping again but also so that I can move stuff from the current guest room into there. The guest room is gonna be the nursery, so I need to get on with it! I'm gonna move the futon into my craft room and maybe the desk thats in there. It should fit. We don't really need a computer desk, but its a good place to keep the printer and computer stuff. Once I get all that done I can deep clean the nursery... carpets, walls, windows, whatever. Get it super clean for our son! Then we can paint and start putting it all together.

I'm trying to make myself a little chore list. Thing I need to do daily, and things I need to do weekly, and then a list of things I need to do before baby comes. I'm only working three days a week now, there's no reason I can't be getting house work done regularly the other 4. I'm setting one day aside for going to town. I should never have to go more than one day in a week, but I guess you never know. But its at least a guideline. When I break things down into daily, its really not that much work. Its like an hour or so a day (plus laundry) if I'm keeping up with it. There's no reason I can't handle that, and be able to work on the extra pre-baby stuff too!

Oh I can't believe I didn't mention that, well the morning after the ultrasound I was laying in bed, just waking up, and I could feel him moving like crazy!! Until then, I hadn't REALLY felt him in a way that I was sure was him. But this was definitely him. I feel like seeing him and how big he is (Big, btw, I think he's gonna be huge. eek!) and where he is helped me wrap my head around it all and now I can feel him more. Well it makes sense today anyway! And today I was sitting here at work, just doing my own thing, and I felt him kick! I wasn't even trying to feel it, just there he was, kicking and moving around in there, for several minutes! It made me giggle and smile real big and its just the best feeling ever!! I love him so much!! I can't wait till Clint's able to feel him. He'll love it. He loved seeing him at the ultrasound. I love how excited Clint is about the baby! He's as thrilled about it as I am and that is great!!

Okay I don't think I have anything else to add, and really, I've babbled enough! So thanks for reading! :)