Thursday, December 2, 2010

On The Road Again...

It's time to pack up & move again! We've actually stayed in this house longer than any other we've live in together- a year & 4 months!! Woot woot!

Clint got a job in Bagdad, AZ which is where both his sisters live, where his parents used to live, and where he himself lived for a while. In fact he lived there when we first got together. There's a lot of positives and a few negatives about this move!
Let's start with the bad- he'll be making less money, it's a small tiny gossipy town, it's an hour & a half or so from a Wal Mart or any other shopping.
But the positives outweigh that by far- We get company housing (cheap!), better benefits and he has more opportunity for advancement. The town has a free gym, pool & golf course. We'll be close to his sisters (which I thought about putting on the other list LOL) which means no travling for Christmas or kids' birthdays which is awesome! The nearest town for shopping is Prescott which means I'll have a good excuse to go there and see my friends. If Clint & I ever want to go out of town without Zoey, one of his sisters will be able to check in on her. And of course his younger sister Robin (I have more in common with her) & I will be able to get together often for scrapbooking and hopefully the gym, and definitely trips to Prescott!
So mostly it is a really good thing! Of course it will be an adjustment but it is for the best!
Unfortunately this means I've gotta pack. Waaaah! No fun no fun! And I've gotta start soon. I wanna be ready in case we get our house soon (could take a while, but I'm hoping we'll get lucky). Clint leaves Sunday evening so if I don't start before then, I'll start Monday and hopefully get a whole bunch done by that weekend!

In other news, we had a happy Thanksgiving! We went to Safford to visit the in-laws and had a nice time! We played Dominoes & Rummy a few times which if you know me you know I love palying games! His Grandma (Memop) and I taught Holly how to play Go Fish & Memory, which was fun because she's old enough now to understand rules & all that. Of course that was all she wanted to do after we got her started! lol.
We slept out in the 5th wheel and the second night the propane ran out so it was freezing and I got a cold! Now it looks like I've given it to Clint... whoopsie! I guess we shoudn't have been sleeping together but there were limited options!

Well I guess that's all! I've still been scrapbooking a lot, in fact I just won a scrapbooking contest online. It wasn't for doing awesome pages or anything. It was who could scrap & post on the forum the most. And well I have a lot of time on my hands! So I look forward to seeing what the prize is! It doesn't matter though, it was a fun competition (and a tight one!) and I'm glad I participated and got to know those girls better! =D During the contest, I started making cards! You can see some of them in my scrapblog! :)
I don't expect to update again until after the move! But, who knows... :)