Monday, September 19, 2011

Well it's been almost a month so I guess it's time for some kind of update from me!

As of this morning I am 53 lbs down. That's good, but last week I was 55 lbs down! I had a bad food/exercise weekend! I don't beat myself up about it too much because I'm learning. I'm learning how important exercise is. I ate badly too but I feel like it's the lack of exercise that makes me gain. I didn't go Friday because I never go on payday (its a busy day) and I didn't go Sunday because they're closed. I could have gone for a walk Sunday night though! But Sunday night we were at my sister in laws house till after dark and I didn't even think about it anyway. I know that I'll be back on track this week at lose at least those 2 lbs back.

As far as my exercise routine goes, I'm getting lazier. I haven't done the treadmill or gone for a walk in a while. And I don't always do all the weights. I always do some, and usually do most, but I skip around more. On a positive note, I have upped the weight on some of the machines by 5 lbs! So that shows progress.

As for food.... eh. I'm not eating nearly enough fruits and veggies anymore. But I'm still not eating terribly. Still no mac and cheese and very little potato. I guess where I used to do fruits and veggies I do 100 calorie packs. I still have veggies as a side as much as I did (which really isn't enough). And for breakfast instead of fruit I'm having oatmeal (low sugar maple & brown sugar) or cereal (whole grain cheerios, stawberry yogurt burst). But a girl can only eat so many apples! But I have cut out soda again!

And clothes! Well I am fitting into all my smallest stuff. Well I haven't gone through winter clothes yet, but they should be the same size as everything I'm wearing. I have a coulpe pairs of jeans that fit and a handful of shirts, but all the shirts are summery. So as fall is approaching (I'm in AZ, it's not here yet!), I'm really gonna need to buy a few "in between" size shirts that are more seasonally appropriate. I actually have bought a couple that are a size too small. That way I have something to shrink into. I think I'll do that little by little so that I'm more prepared. I'm not looking forward to buying "in between" jeans because I have a hard time finding jeans that are long enough, and usually get them at Lane Bryant, which isn't cheap and I hate to spend $40 on jeans that will only last a few months. And yes, the next size down is still shoppable at Lane Bryant, but after that I have to find a new store. I just realized that. Weird. Kinda exciting to think about too!
Is it weird that I plan to hang most of my "fat" clothes for a while. It's not that I plan to have to wear them again, but some of them could potentially be maternity clothes, or after baby comes clothes. I guess I'm nervous about it. I'm confident that I'll be able to keep the weight off, but I just feel like I need to hang onto them for a while.

Speaking of having a baby, I'm pretty sure I've decided that 200 lbs isn't small enough for me... I want to get to 175 now before getting pregnant. I know I know.. I just keep putting it off. But I have "thin" within my reach, and I feel like I need to go for it. I've never been thin. And I'm sure I've said it before, but the healthier I am, the easier it'll be to get pregnant, and it'll be a healthier pregnancy. And I'll have a cute baby bump instead of a "is she pregnant or fat?" bump. LOL. And I'll feel really good about myself, and be able to do things I haven't been able to do. Like get hit on but something other then old men! LOL JK JK I really meant like doing something athletic! Not sure what but I want to try something athletic once I get below 200. Or hiking. Something.

I really should just call this a weight loss blog.

But onto the non-weight loss stuff....

My phone died 2 Saturdays ago and it was devastating!! LOL Seriously! Clint was on nights and I was all alone and had no connection to the world. That totally weirds me out! Thankfully, my awesome hubby let me borrow his until my replacement came. It was a pain in the butt getting it back to how my old one was, but it's good now! :)

Well I think that's it! I'm gonna leave you with a link to a video that you've got to watch! My my awesome talented brother! :)

Click Here!!