Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bet ya didnt know I could write a novel..

Well crappers it's been forever since I've updated. I keep meaning to but it just hasn't happened. Oh well, I'm here now. Be happy! :-p

Of course weight/diet talk comes first. So I hit the 200lb mark at the end of January!! SO STINKING EXCITING!! I was just ecstatic! Seriously! It was a fantastic feeling!!
However... since then I've fluctuated like crazy! After Super Bowl I got back to 202, lost that in a few days and I've remained under 200, but just really up and down with it. I've gotten down to, I believe, 196.25. Today I weighed in at 198. It's so frustrating and its got me thinking I need to make some diet changes. I'll get into that in a minute. I just want to get down to 175 so I can say I've lost 100lbs! LOL Also wanna be there by the time my mom comes to visit (April or May) because we're gonna do some shopping!!
I've been going to the gym like a good girl. Still basically doing the same routine. Although I've added a couple things. There's a thing that you hold yourself up with your arms/shoulders/elbows... not like pull ups. Your head is above your arms. I need to figure out what its called. Anyway and you lift yourlegs up and its a stomach exercise. I was surprised that I was able to do it so I do 10-20 of those at least every other day now. And there's a machine that I've always been afraid of! LOL It's the pull up assist thing... The weights couteract your body weight so you're able to do pull ups and push ups. So I do that every other day now. Also I recently learned that I can do sit ups!! I did 7 the first night and that was all I could do but I was so proud! LOL So I'm trying to start doing those randomly throughout the day. Once I lose all this fat, I want to have some muscle under there!! When I do the treadmill now, I try to do it "right." I realized that when I hold onto the handles I don't feel like I'm getting as much of a work out. My knees don't have to bend as much. Like I was basically holding myself so that it was taking away most of the elevation. Not sure if that makes any sense. But test it out... step on a treadmill, raise the elevation and hold onto the handles for a few minutes. Then let go. You'll feel a difference. So now on the treadmill I don't hold onto anything (except my phone of course :p ) and I feel like I'm getting the full benefits. Of course I don't raise the elevation as high as I used to and I don't burn as many calories. Boooo to that! But I really don't think I was actually burning as many calories as it said I was the other way. So I feel like this is more accurate. But now I'm burning less than 500 calories a day with my cardio. Booo! lol.

Food. Food sucks!! Okay so my last post I was apparently doing great. That didn't last long. I'm not doing terribly, but back to the 100 calorie packs throughout the day. So I bought some sugar free candy to try to replace that. Sugar free candy has sugar alcohols which give you serious gas. So don't eat too much of it. You've been warned!! Sugar alcohols are better for diabetics but still not great. I did some research after eating a bunch. lol. So I've eased up on that of course. Still doing calcium chews. I was in a habit of having a handful of chocolate chips every night. Sometimes during the day but mostly just before bed. That's not good for me, of course. So when I ran out I didn't buy more. Its driving me crazy!! LOL Somehow it's making me want to bake! So now I am fightint the constant urge to make cookie dough. The plan is to make it (without chocolate chips because I don't have any) and freeze it and then I won't eat it all the time. Except that I have nothing against frozen cookie dough. So not a good plan for me. But I don't think it will be long till I give in. I've also decided that since I can't load up on carbs or sugars, I can have plenty of fat instead. Meaning cheese. So I eat string cheese and add parmesean to a lot of things. And I wonder why I'm not losing weight like I used to. And I made a broccoli cheddar soup yesterday. I think it's super yummy even though it looks like baby food. I topped it with parmesean and dipped Italian bread in it. DOH! Rule breaker. Cheese instead of carbs, but lets add carbs to it.. so its all unhealthy. Except for the fact that it is indeed BROCCOLI soup. Gotta be a little healthy (btw, broccoli also gives you gas :p ). So that's my food frustrations. I need to figure something out. I feel like my waistline was better off when I was just having chocolate chips at night. :sigh: I'll figure it out eventually!
Also I've stopped countint calories again... I need to get back into that. I think it really helps. But its a pain in the butt when its recipes and you have to figure out how much you had and all that. But... no excuses.. starting Monday I need to start doing that again.
Oh and I've only had soda once this year and that was in the many drinks I had at the super bowl party. But I'm okay with that! Special occasions are.. well, special!

So the broccoli soup brings me to my next topic. I got the recipe from Pinterest. It's damn addicting, that Pinterest!! I pin a ton of recipes, including desserts that look to die for and have me looking for excuses to make them. But also healthy recipes. When I pin a "Healthy-ish recipe" it's generally low carb. So it might be high fat which isn't healthy in most peoples eyes, but the low carb makes it good for me. Also anything with veggies I generally put on that board. Then I have the "Not So Healthy Recipes" board which is stuff high carb and friend and you know, delicious! I've tried a few zuccini recipes that are good, I just need to perfect them. I did a chicken recipe that I liked but Clint didn't seem to love. Figures. We have such dissimilar taste buds.. it's so annoying! LOL
I also pin a ton of outfits. I'm so not fashionable, but I would love to be. Pinterest is helping me see how to put outfits together, and its making me care more about how I dress and accessorize. Like maybe its not really okay to wear flip flops with everything? This is disappointing to me, but good to know. lol. I want to get some flats of some kind. I just can't rock the heels on a regular basis. But I can get cute flats. And jewelery! And bags! Oh my I need to win the lottery!! While I'm still losing weight, I'm gonna try to focus my shopping on shoes and accessories though.. Stuff that always fits, no matter my size! And I've bought enough shirts lately so I'm good. I am gonna need shorts before too long the way the weather has been. BEAUTIFUL! I love AZ!!!

What's next.. Oh lets get to the crappiest news I have. GAH! Okay so good news is we got a nice bonus this year! yahooo! We had big plans to pay off some debt that we've been paying on monthly and were so looking forward to having that done with. But just in time, an old debt came back to haunt us! Me, actually. It was an old creidit card that I let go in my early 20s. So all the money that was gonna go to our current debts had to go to my old one, or else. I was so upset. Clint wasn't home and they made me agree to it right away, so I couldn't talk to him about it. I was so scared to tell him!! But he is an amazing husband and was sooooo nice about it. Said there will be other bonuses and we'll get ahead eventually, not to get all worked up about it. Because I was alllll worked up about it. Still pretty mad about it. I mean it just sucks. But I am so thankful for my super aweseme husband. He could have been pissed and made me feel like crap. But he didn't. Every once in a while something comes along, reminding me how lucky I am. And I am so lucky.

One of my good friends in California is getting married soon and I don't get to go! I'm so bummed about that. I was hoping to use the bonus to go till Clint and I decided it needed to be spent responsibly. I haven't seen that group of friends since my wedding, and some since long before that. I would love to get to see them. Someday!

This is gonna be really long. I should have warned you at the beginning. My apologies.

Last year, I was deinied spousal life insurance due to my weight. I was so embarrassed I didn't tell anyone at the time. This year, I was sure I would qualify and filled out the evidence of insurability form with pride! I put my weight at 195 which was only a small lie. But I also had to put the pre diabetes and the PCOS on there. Because of that, they needed an exam. So they sent a woman from PortaMedic TO MY HOUSE which was totally weird! This was just a couple days ago. She took my vitals, my blood and my urine. I wish they would have sent me to a lab. Anyway. On her scale I weighed 202. WTH! The previous morning at the gym I was 197. But at 5'9, 202 just just barely in the overweight range for my BMI (as opposed to obese). But when she measured my height she got 5'8.5. GAH! So by her measurements, I'm still just barely obese. Which might be okay because last year I think I was morbidly obese (seriously.). But IDK. ANd IDK what they're looking for with my blood and stuff. Can they deny me for being PRE diabetic?! IDK. I guess I'll find out soon enough. BYW, the lady that came out. Very nice. But she brought her dog (left in the car, bust still weird.. something I would do. lol) and she just didn't seem super organized and she had hell finding my vein when taking blood. ICK! Also when she did my BP she left the thing on there way too long and made my arm actually go numb. Anyway, glad that's over with. Just awaiting the results... Not sure when I'll get them but she gave me a number to call but didn't say when. lol The bright side to all that is that I'll have new A1c results and will have an idea of how I'm doing with my sugar intake.

On a super happy note, my mommy is coming to visit!! Not for sure when yet. I think probably early May. But maybe April. I have not seen my mommy since November 2010. This is the longest we've gone without seeing each other and I hate it. I miss her so much and I'm pushing her to plan this trip lately! I know she is for sure coming (she misses me toO!!) but I just want to have it set in stone. lol. It'll only be for a long weekend, so we'll have a lot to cram in! But I'm so excited!!!

I think that may be all I have to ramble about! Except I forgot to include my latest measurements...

Feb 15, 198.25lbs
waist: 47.25 (-.75")
Bust: 43 (-1.5")
Chest: 37 (-.5")
Torso: 38 (-1.5") !!!!
Thigh: 24 (same)
Arm: 12.75 (-.5")

Lost a whole inch & a half from my bust.?!?! Hopefully thats a mistake. lol (But reminds me that I bought a new bra. Finally. Went from a 44DD to a 38DD. It's a little snug but much better overall! Figured it was better to go a little small than a little big)

Well my fingers feel like they're about to fall off so I will end this now. Sorry so long.. thanks for reading!! :)