Monday, October 13, 2014

16 Month Update

Well my Zane is almost 16 months now! 

He has 12 teeth and is working on 4 more it seems. I feel like he's always teething. But I'm glad they're coming in on the earlier end of things and soon he'll be done! Thankfully they don't bother him much. :) 

He's all over the place, all over the furniture, climbing on anything he can climb on, and he's so proud of himself when he's up on something (think ice chest). He is pretty good bout getting down from things safely, but I still have to watch him, of course. 

The boy loves music. Loves to dance. And he is really freakin' cute when he dances!! 

He is a good eater but I suck at coming up with new things for him to eat. Poor kid! But he loves olives and pineapple lately. Oh and apples, and grapes! The boy eats a lot of fruit! He loves rice and macaroni but that's nothing new. When we go out to eat we usually get him grilled cheese, since that's pretty safe. Hot dogs are safe too. He's his mama's son so he loves cookies too. But I'm a little stingy and don't give him lots of that. Bites of mine, but none of his own. He doesn't need it, he's still a little guy. Well, I don't need it either! Ha!

Sleep. The boy can't make up his mind! Last week he was up around 7, nap around noon for about an hour and a half and bed around 8:30 and he'd wake up by midnight and back to sleep till like 5 then he'd come to bed with me and went right back to sleep no problem (no food needed!). This week has been different! Yesterday he was up at 5:30 (ugh!!), napped from about 12-3:30 (woah!!) and bed around 10. Woke up just before 5 and acted like he was awake for the day. That's just too early for me! I fought it but ended up coming out to the living room, put on cartoons with every intention of napping while he was awake. Clint was getting ready for work and gave him a Dorito. He took the Dorito, came to me for a snuggle and fell asleep holding that Dorito. He is so funny, the way he likes to sleep holding things. I had already given him a few options that usually work (chap stick, baby monitor) but I guess he was holding out for that Dorito. He really cracks me up!!

What else? Well he loves to go to the park and he is way too brave! He'll climb right up onto the big kid play stuff. Of course I have to go with him- there are way too many places for him to fall off of. Then we go down the slide and its a few minutes before he wants to do it again. Makes it hard to do the mommy socializing, but its fun to watch him have fun!

Speaking of mommy socializing! Lately Bunco has been kid free, and we've added in some drinking. Sometimes heavy drinking. ;) So its fun! I'm a wine drinker now. Well, trying to be. I'm finding some that I like. I'm 30. I should be drinking wine instead of fruity little cocktails. And, you know, calories and sugar! 

Clint and I are still doing great, but nothing exciting going on. Just life. :)

I guess that's it. Till next time!