Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013

Well I have been meaning to update all weekend, but just haven't got to it till now. 

If you read my blog you are probably a FB friend or a TMP friend and probably already know what's going on with me, but in case you don't, read on. Also this will be the long story, not the brief update I gave on Facebook. 

So after a fairly productive day on Monday, I had a doctors appt on Tuesday. There was protein in my urine and my blood pressure was high. Not even sure how high, if they told me, I don't remember. But it was enough that they sent me over to OB triage to be checked out some more. I got there, and the nurse hooked me up to fetal monitors took a urine sample and my BP and after a few minutes someone came to draw my blood. My bloodwork came back good, my urine actually came back good at that time. But my blood pressure never went down and stayed down. It was best when laying on my left side, never good when sitting upright. They doctor didn't want to send me all the way back to Bagdad with a BP like that, so they admitted me. I was so not prepared for that!! But they wanted to monitor me some more, and do a 24 hour urine collection. 

Clint was on nights and had just gone into work when I called to tell him that I was being admitted. He was the man in charge of his crew that night and I told him he didn't have to come. I actually had my computer with me and felt like I'd be okay till morning. He went along with that, and I got admitted and settled into my room. Ordered a sandwich from hospital room service for dinner, which was actually really good. By like 8 Clint had called saying he was arranging to take off work to come be with me. He was just stressing out and couldn't just sit at work. Aww love him! So I gave him a list of things to bring and buy and he got there around midnight I think. I didn't realize how much I wanted him there till he got there. I was so excited to see him!! 

We went to sleep pretty late obviously and he slept like a baby but I can't say the same for me. Every hour I was woken up for something. Either I had to pee or a nurse came in or something. They were checking my BP about every 4 hours. Someone came to draw my blood at 5:30 AM (awful way to wake up) and at 8 something room service called asking if I wanted breakfast. No... actually, I wanted to continue sleeping. Grr. Why do they have to call?? I'll call them when I'm hungry darnit! After that I stayed awake. Ordered breakfast eventually. I was just laying around all day. I don't think I quite grasped what was going on all this time...

Finally around 11 something, the on-call doctor came to talk to us! Gosh he talked about all kinds of things. I guess I had no idea how important blood pressure is. He talked about the possibility of induction and C section and time frame on all that and factors that could come into play. All a bunch of medical stuff that I have a hard time remembering and understanding. He said they'd been randomly checking my urine and that the preliminary tests showed little to know protein which is good. He stressed that I need to by laying on my left side to keep my BP down. He said that if things are really bad with me we could be inducing any day now and Zane would be fine just not breathing on his own. But he'd pull through. He said they weigh the risks of whether he's safer on the inside or the outside and at that moment he was safer on the inside so the goal was to keep me pregnant until that's not true, assuming that its also safe for me. He said I definitely won't make it to my due date though. He told me that IF they released me, I had to be good and lay on my side all the time, strict bed rest, but he didn't give us much hope that we'd be going home that night. 

It was after this talk, that I had my first little anxiety attack over the whole thing. I started to realize the magnitude of the whole thing, and realized that we could be having this baby very soon, and I was feeling so not ready. The crib isn't even assembled!! The nursery is a mess. When I washed his clothes I just threw the tags on the floor intending to deal with them later, once the crib was assembled and I was able to start really putting the nursery together. I cried and freaked out a little and had to lean on Clint. But I got past it. We'll be fine. He really doesn't need the crib right away anyway. That's why we have the pack & play. We've got everything we need. 

So the day went on and I got really good about staying on my left side. It took about half a dozen pillows to make it comfortable, but I made it work! I became kind of determined to do my part to get my BP down. The rest of the day my BP was pretty good. Not always great. Always a little higher if they took it right after I'd been up to pee or eat or whatever. But I was really good that day! Clint went to home to get some things and spend some time with Zoey (who had spent the night alone :( ) and on his way back to the hospital he dropped her off with Auntie Robin and the kids, and of course Lala! He got back around 6 or so. Then I stressed out about Zoey. He told me that Robin & her husband were going out for dinner and that Zoey could go out through the doggie door but there's big dogs out there which she's scared of, and he didn't check to make sure she couldn't get out of the yard! So I kinda freaked out thinking she'd get out and get eaten by a coyote or something crazy. LOL I just worry about her. I know it was probably really weird for her spending the night some place without us. That's only happened one other time I think. Well and one time at our house with my in-laws there and not us. I just worry about her anxiety. So that brought on anxiety attack number two. I started crying about that (I know I know..) and got past it.. but started crying again.. LOL I made Clint come lay in bed with me and calm me down. I was just stressed out about the whole situation. 

Around 9 that night, the doctor came back in to talk to us. He had the results of my urine collection. Annnnnd it was bad! There was lots of protein in my urine and so I have preeclampsia. Weird because I don't have a lot of the other symptoms. I have some headaches, but don't have swelling or vision problems. Preeclampsia can be really bad news. It can lead to seizures. We caught it early enough that its not so severe, so hopefully it doesn't get to that point for me! The only way to get rid of it is to deliver the baby, so the goal is to keep it under control until its safe to deliver. The dr wants me to make it to at least 36weeks, which is a week from today (going by LMP). 37 weeks would be ideal. But it just depends. 

So obviously I didn't go home that night. But I slept MUCH better than the night before, thank God. I barely woke up when the nurses came in, even when they had to draw blood (this time at 4:30 :/ ). The next morning the doctor was really busy, making it hard to get any real info. Zane was still being monitored and I should say that I had very few contractions (which are normal at this point) and everyone said that he was very happy in there. I guess based on his heart rate they can tell. Like he's not distressed. His heartrate was all over the place which I guess is a good thing! So that made me feel good!! I can stand to be uncomfortable if he is happy and healthy!

So the thing about pre-e is its silent. At least for me it is. Aside from the occasional headache, I feel FINE. Like completely fine. So its really hard to wrap my head around the fact that I'm sick. I don't feel sick. At all. But I am sick. And I'm on bed rest and its so hard to stay in bed when you don't feel like you need to. It causes all kinds of aches and pains.. My back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs.. ugh!! 

Anyway Zane was doing so well that by late morning or early afternoon they took off the fetal monitors. This felt great!! Not having to unplug them every time I had to pee and just not having them on was great! But they also weren't collecting my urine anymore. So we were confused as to why we were still there. 0_o Clint went to the store that afternoon to get some things for our stay, since we figured we'd be there another night or two. While he was gone, the doctor came in to talk.. finally! So I put Clint on speaker phone and it turns out my blood results came back good. He talked to me for a few minutes about my condition and the importance of bed rest and told me that I get to go home!! So instead of getting stuff for our stay, Clint got a blood pressure monitor for home so that I could be checking it regularly, as the doctor requested. 

So yay!! We got everything together and loaded up, hit Sonic on the way out (probably not the healthiest choice...), then went to Robin's to get our Zoey who I hadn't seen for over 50 hours and I missed so much!! Then we came home. And I laid my ass on the couch cuz that's the rules. 

Since then I've spent my time..  you guessed it! Laying on the couch, on my left side. I get up to eat, pee and shower. It's taken some getting used to, but I guess I'm kinda used to it. I started playing Farmville and Zoo World on Facebook so that really helps to pass the time. I watch a lot of TV and if this goes on much longer I'll add streaming to my netflix plan. For now I've got enough shows and random movies that I've recorded. Its weird to not be able to clean. The doctor specifically told me that bed rest doesn't mean getting up to pee and while I'm up, starting a load of laundry. It means getting up to pee and laying right back down. I'm so glad Clint heard him say that so he knows I'm not milking it! LOL So its definitely strange being taken care of. Clint was off till today so he was making my meals and all that. So strange!!! Yesterday he got groceries and did some laundry and stuff. He's handling it all well and I'm doing my best to not nag about anything. Like he may not do things exactly like I would but its good enough. Even if he doesn't put enough cream cheese on my breakfast bagel... lol. Today I was on my own, but it wasn't so bad. A little more activity obviously, having to prepare my own meals, but I still behaved as best I could, staying off my feet. 

I've been checking my BP regularly and it fluctuates even when I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to. I don't get it! But I have done some testing, like taking it after my shower when I've been up for 15 minutes and its a lot higher at those times. So I do see that my activity level makes a difference.

They did say that I could switch sides, so at night I sleep on my right side, its more comfortable and when I tried sleeping on my left I woke up on my back and that's not good at all! So this is what works for me. Today I did some googling on foods that are good for blood pressure. I found a list that mentioned bananas, watermelon and dark chocolate. So I had Clint pick up those after work. Maybe it'll help.. couldn't hurt! And watermelon is totally hitting the spot right now!!

I've been meaning to blog for days but typing while side-lying is really awkward and makes for lots of typos. I can't belive I've typed this all in one sitting, actually! Its quite uncomfy! 

Tomorrow we have to go back to the hospital for more bloodwork and monitoring. If there's been a bad change in my bloodwork, I imagine I'll be readmitted. We'll be there for 3 or 4 hours hooked up to the fetal monitors with regular blood pressure checks and I'm sure they'll be checking my urine. So we are going prepared for another night or ten in the hospital. Hopefully its all good news and we get to come right home though!! Assuming we don't get readmitted, we have an appt at my OB office on Thursday. Not sure what they'll do there, but they wanted to see me after everything that's gone on. It'll be really good to get their input on what they think will be happening in the next few weeks. I'm kinda hoping for a 37 week induction. That's in 2 weeks and he will be fully developed at that point, if I understand correctly. And a bright side to this is that if I have him early, he won't be so big! I've been preparing myself for a 9lb baby but this way he'll be a much better size! Better for me, I mean. Also he'll be able to fit into NB clothes for a while, which will be nice! Clint is wanting him to come now! He's crazy! He's just so anxious to meet the little guy. Awww!

I was starting to stress about what this is costing us, but then I looked into our insurance plan and our out of pocket max is 2500 so its nice to know we won't be stuck with a super huge hospital bill. I mean 2500 is plenty but I know it could be a lot worse! I figure its likely we'll reach that. Of course Clint has already missed 2 days of work (well 1 3/4) and will miss tomorrow. If I get readmitted I'll probably have him go back to work Tuesday. The nurses will take care of me and we can't have him missing too much unnecessary work! Starting Thursday he's on his 7 off so that'll be good. 

Anyway I better end this now and get in bed since I've got to get up early tomorrow. 

Goodnight world!

Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

Time for me weekend update!

Tuesday's childbirth class was pretty great! Well first it was pretty scary because they showed a video of labor and birth and it just looks miserable. Like seriously how am I gonna do this??! I plan to get an epi, but contractions hurt before you can get the epi too! AND what if I don't make it to the hospital in time?! I'm 2 hours out and if I wait till the contractions are 5 minutes apart of an hour like I'm supposed to... then what if I progress quickly after that and I can't get my epi?!?! 

Sigh. But I'm sure I'll survive. 
I just really hate to think of myself screaming in agony in a room full of people.
I don't think I'm the type of person who benefits from watching that video beforehand. 
For some reason I hadn't thought about the pain involved with labor until we started these classes. I knew it wasn't a walk in the park, but I just hadn't really thought about it beyond that.
I miss those days.

But after the video and some other stuff, it was time for... breathing exercises!
Okay I am so not good at doing weird things like that in front of people.
I may have gotten a small case of the giggles.
Had to close my eyes and think about other things to stop.
But it was good. I at least learned a little and can (and have!) practice at home and be more prepared.
But the best part of the class.... MASSAGE TECHNIQUES!! 
Clint had to give me a massage! It was AMAZEBALLS!! 
First they gave everyone a tube sock with two tennis balls in it. This thing was amazing. All he's gotta do is rub it around my back. Felt. Great. Then they passed around little paint rollers, but that didn't really do it for me. They taught him a criss-crossy back massage. Don't know how to explain it, but that was nice. They taught a little hand massage and a hip massage that helps to open the pelvis. It was all just very nice and relaxing, and he did great!!
Oh and they also talked about the benefits of an exercise ball. Which I'll have to google again. I remember the movements they did on it, but don't remember why. lol I know "they" say to sit on an exercise ball if you work in an office as its better for your back than an office chair. Anyway I do plan to google that some this weekend. 

So after the class Clint suggested going to Wal Mart to get tennis balls and an exercise ball. And so we did. 
When I sit on the exercise ball, I definitely feel less pressure on my lower back, but there's no back support so its just not comfy for me! But again, I'm gonna google exercises and see what I come up with. I've seen people use those balls at the gym so even if I don't use it while pregnant, maybe I'll learn how to use it at home after Zane come.

Somewhere during the class, we told them that we lived in Bagdad. So at the end of the class, one of the instructors told us that she's from Bagdad! We compared people we know in common and such and then she talked to us about the possibility of induction. Which is something I've really been wondering about. I know that a lot of people from Bagdad get  induced because of the distance, but I wasn't sure what determines that. I mean I know it depends on the doctor mostly. Anyway she said that its likely, and she said that if I test positive for Group B Strep they'll most likely want to induce because I'll need an antibiotic within a specific time frame and they want to be sure I get that in time. Also she said that if I have an appt at 36-37 weeks and I'm dilated to a 4 or so, they'll likely schedule an induction for sometime in the next few days.
It was just really good info to get.. all things I've been wondering about. Its too early to say for sure whether or not I'll be induced of course, but good to know some of the things that will have to be considered. So we really appreciated that she hung out and talked to us after the class!!

Oh what did we do before the class? We did a little grocery and baby shopping at Wal Mart. I got a lot of the little things we still needed. Extra crib sheets, mattress protector, infant medicines (since we can't just run to the store if he gets sick at 2AM), etc. 
Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Super yum!
Then we (I) went to Hobby Lobby. I needed some albums (one for me, one for Zane!) and they were 50% off, so woot woot! Got a few other scrappy things and found a couple things for Zane's room!

Speaking of Zane's room... I am really disappointed with customer service at Graco (LaJobi). I would definitely recommend calling on a business day rather than emailing. It takes 3 business days between emails and the woman that I've been corresponding with just lacks customer service skills. The first thing she said to me should have been "I'm so sorry for the inconvenience." But not once have I heard anything close to an apology, or any sense of urgency. Hello?!We're having a baby! This is kinda time sensitive!! Anyway, I emailed them 2 Saturdays ago. Heard from her the following Wednesday and she needed more info and that it would come FedEx so she needed a physical address. I emailed her back the info she needed. She emailed me back last Monday and all it said was "Hi Janessa. Your order will be processed." Ummm... Can I get a time frame on that??! That is so freaking vague. Pissed me off. So I emailed her back (not sure why) asking for more detailed info, as in how long that takes and I didn't hear back from her so on the third business day (yesterday) I called the customer service number and asked for an update. Spoke to someone else and they said that my order was being processed. Facepalm. But since I had her on the phone I was able to ask what that meant. That means 7-10 business days. They don't offer a tracking number once its shipped but I can call next week for one. And if I haven't received the hardware by Thursday, I will be calling for a status update. It's just ridiculous. Its a damn good thing I didn't wait till the last second to get the furniture because we'd be screwed. This is their fault and I just feel like they should be more apologetic/sympathetic and act like the care about getting our hardware out to us!
Rant over. 
I just can't wait to get that crib put together so I can get his room finished. Its really holding things up.

So this week since I couldn't focus on his room like I wanted to, I focused on my house! I realized that I spent all last week doing stuff for Zane that my house kinda fell apart. LOL Well not really but I just reeaaally needed to vacuum and our bedroom was a mess. So I took care of some basic housework and that was good!
Clint even went through some totes full of old clothes that I've been wanting him to go through for years!! I now have 3 bags to take to Good Will. 
Yeah.. Three trash bags!!

What else?
The day after our class, Wednesday, I woke up, got dressed and when I looked down at my belly, it looked lower. So I asked Clint if my belly looked different and he said it looks rounder and lower. 
Zane had been really squirmy the days before, maybe he's no longer breech? Kinda hoping! 
Its funny because now at the top of my tummy where it used to be hard, its kinda squishy! Just strange how quickly it can change!

Anyway I took the new belly picture that day, so what do you think? Lower?

And that's it from this girl!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Mother's Day

Well don't I feel a little spoiled!
And a little silly... because I was kinda worried he would forget to get me something. 
I knew he knew it was Mother's Day and that I expected something. But I figured he'd pick up some flowers either on his way home from work this morning or on his way to work tonight, and I thought he might space it I guess. So when he got home empty handed this morning I was a little bummed, I can't lie. But I figured he'll do it tonight. 
So I was sitting on the couch straightening my hair, and he came out of the kitchen with a little silver box from Zales! Very surprised!! (I should say that I knew he had spent money on the credit card, but figured that was for my birthday.) I opened it to find these beautiful diamond earrings!
For one, they're very much my style lately! I used to wear long dangly earrings, but lately I've liked them smaller, more simple.. like these! Of course I never buy myself diamond earrings. My earrings generally come from Wal Mart for about $5. In fact, I believe these are my first ever diamond earrings!
Now.. this is also kind of a big deal to me because he did it all on his own. He's bought me jewelry two other times. The first was my engagement ring. I didn't pick it out, but I was definitely expecting a proposal so therefore expecting a diamond. The second time was Valentine's Day 2008. I found a necklace on the Zales website that I wanted and told him to order it. Not very romantic and he surely didn't have to put any thought into it. But this?! I was NOT expecting jewelry for Mother's Day. Next year, maybe. Not this year. Flowers. Not diamonds. So I obviously never hinted that I might want something, never pointed out these earrings or anything like them. I mean I don't think I ever mentioned wanting jewelry.. if I did I wasn't serious. He did this all on his own, which is what makes it so special. 
Best. Husband. Ever!!
Love him. 

Anyway. Today is my first Mother's Day as a Mom. He may still be in the womb but it totally counts. 
I've been waiting for this day for years. That may sound silly. But if you're reading this you probably know that pregnancy didn't come easily to us. We've been trying off and on since we got married in June 2009. Every Mother's Day since then has hurt a little. The first wasn't bad. And I'll never forget that my MIL send me a card that year. She knew we were trying and wanted me to know she was happy I'd be the mother of some of her grandchildren. Each year it got harder though and I got more bitter. Recently I read an old blog post and I'm glad I did. It reminded me where I was, how I felt. It also reminded me to be sensitive today. I feel a little guilty for posting my earrings to Facebook. But I should still be able to enjoy things without feeling guilty. I think that my struggling-for-a-baby friends know that that kind of thing is not meant to hurt them. I acknowledged "past, present, future and fur" moms in my "Happy Mother's Day" post on FB. Then I realized that "past" sounds awful. Even if you've lost a child, you're still a Mom. I hope no one catches that or gets offended by it. I hope people know me well enough to know that I wouldn't mean to say anything hurtful. 

I feel like so far I haven't been too in-your-face with my pregnancy. I don't have a weekly update auto-posted from whatever website to my FB. Those things used to drive me crazy. Like we really don't need to know every week what fruit or vegetable your baby can be compared to. (Either people don't do that anymore, or I blocked that app, because I haven't seen it in a while!) I don't complain about any of the discomforts of pregnancy. I don't post every pregnancy-related thought that pops into my head. I post positive things, and ultrasound pictures and stuff, but I really do make an effort to not over-do it, and I hope my TTC girls don't get hurt or saddened by anything I post. Because I've been there. And I haven't forgotten how hard it was for me to see some of the things that my pregnant friends, and my mommy friends, would post. 

Anyway I forgot where I was going with this. I do wish every Mom out there a Happy Mother's Day. I wish for my friends who are TTC to find peace in the day and keep believing that you'll be called "Mommy" someday soon, no matter what path you have to take to get there. 
<3 p="">

Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013

Soo I've decided that when I don't have a super eventful week, there's no need to give you a day-by-day play-by-play. 

Tuesday was the only notable day, really. We had to leave around 8:30 for an ultrasound at 10:30. We got to see our little Zane again (and I haven't scanned the new pix yet, so you don't get to see him this time! :p )! At my last appointment, I was measuring 4 weeks ahead so they wanted to do a growth scan this time. According to the ultrasound, he's only a week ahead, which is fine and normal. My fluid levels are good and he weighs about 4lbs 11oz which sounds so big to me! But the ultrasound tech said that's average for an 8lb baby, and the doctor said that's in the 59th percentile, so that's not bad. She measured his head and his belly but they didn't tell me those measurements. But they both looked huge to me! LOL. He was moving around like always and  she did switch over to 3d a few times for us. I felt like the quality was better than what we saw in Phoenix. We could see his little face so much better. Still got those chubby little cheeks! He's still breech but I guess that's not a concern at this point. I feel like he's taking up a lot of room in there because I have to pee a lot and have shortness of breath a lot! So we had the u/s in Prescott and after that we had to go to Prescott Valley for the Drs appt (they have two offices, and that's where my Dr was that day). All went well there. I asked him if I'll get back on Metformin after baby and he said yes (what I wanted to hear! It helps with the weight loss), and I asked if I had to wait the 6 weeks before getting back to the gym and he said  yes (booo!). Not that I'll probably feel like exercising right away anyway. So my early weight loss plans are to try to eat better, lots of walks, and of course breast feeding! Dr. O says it'll be the easiest weight I'll ever lose, but I have my doubts. I've already gained, I think, 42 lbs. Eeeek!! 
After the appointments we went to lunch at Red Robin. We always get a waiter when we sit in the bar section. Like they try to be funny but they're just not. He was nice enough, just so odd. No more sitting in the bar section for us! LOL Then we went to Wal Mart and did some grocery shopping. I decided I'm not gonna be getting cold stuff in town for a while since I'll only be going to town on days when we have birthing classes (which start at 7pm), so it was an odd trip! lol.... Then we had time to kill! So Clint wanted to go to a few sporting goods stores and the other Wal Mart (to look at fishing stuff) and I just had to get some Baskin Robbins. Mmmm. We ended our time killing with K Mart. Can't tell you the last time I'd been in a K Mart. It was like exploring a new, foreign land. We didn't buy anything, but there was a Little Caesar's in there, so we did dinner there. It was ridiculously cheap and not too bad. A little undercooked and too much cheese, but pretty good tasting. I hadn't had LC in forever either! 
From there we went to the hospital for the class. Of course we were way early and the first ones there. Now I wasn't sure what to expect out of this class. I was kinda looking forward to it, knowing I'd get some good info out of it. But also kinda dreading it. And I did not think Clint would be thrilled to be there, figured he'd be moody and stuff, but it was actually kinda fun! And he was in a good mood about it, and even had to participate! haha!! They did this ridiculous exercise comparing holding ice in my hand to contractions. Okay that ice hurt!!! That just made me think I'll never make it through labor if I can barely handle the ice. Ouch!! But I know its different. I know that when I have to, I handle pain better than expected. They taught us some exercises to ease back pain, and a lesson on kegels. I guess I should be doing them, but I don't like to! lol that's silly. So now Clint asked me yesterday if I'd been doing them. I guess I should be if it'll make labor easier! Anyway it was kinda fun. Next week we're supposed to bring a pillow and not wear a dress... bet that will be even MORE fun! LOL I'm glad Clint gets to go with me to that one!
I'm hoping at some point during the classes they'll tell us what we need to bring to the hospital and what they provide. My hospital bag list is way too long already!
Anyway the class was over at 9 and of course we headed home. It was a long day (about 14 hours!) and we were tired and Zoey was sooo happy to see us, as you can imagine! 

The rest of the week seemed to be filled with laundry! Well first I had a bunch of garbage to get rid of. Well recycling. We had boxes from some of the big stuff, and the dresser and all the packaging materials. I'm sure our recycle pick-up guy loved us this week. We did get the dresser finished on Monday (yay!) and its nice to have something together in there. I put some of the decor on top of it just to kinda set the tone I guess. Then yeah laundry laundry laundry. I actually got all OUR stuff done and put away by Wednesday afternoon (so rare) because I wanted to do all Zane's. I washed allllll his clothes. Even the hand-me-downs from Robin, which I know were clean, but I don't know how long they've been stored and they could have a weird smell or something. IDK, they didn't have a weird smell, but I washed them anyway. LOL. And all his new clothes, and I started on the blankets. Whew! So I got that all folded. Keep in mind the hand-me-downs go up to 6 months, so it was a lot! That's basically all I did yesterday. I put the 3-6 month stuff away, in the bottom drawers, and threw his socks in the top drawer. I want to go through the rest of the stuff a little more and put favorites toward the top of the pile. All his hanging stuff is up. I just hung the cuter stuff. The NB stuff is kinda in order. The first 5 or 6 things are what I want to make sure he gets to wear while he still fits in NB sizes (because I feel like he won't be in them long!). Then the 0-3 month stuff I have kiiinda in order. Like the first half are favorites. I have a LOT of favorites. Oh and I got 2 potential going home outfits in the diaper bag. One for NB one 0-3, just in case. They're just simple outfits, but I think they're cute. :) 

I think I mentioned last weekend that our crib/changer came without the hardware. I emailed them last Saturday (tried to call but it was a weekend) and they emailed me back Wednesday asking for a little more info from the box. So I gave it to them. Now I'm wondering if they'll tell me when its shipped? Surely they've gotten the info now and it should be on its way soon. They did say it comes via FedEx, so shipping shouldn't take long, right? I'm really hoping it'll be here Monday or Tuesday so we can get started on his next days off. 
I was kind of disappointed with the response I got from them. They didn't apologize for the inconvenience. They thanked me for contacting them and let me know what info was needed and that was it. I can't believe they didn't start it with "I'm so sorry for the inconvenience and we'd like to get this resolved ASAP" or something along those lines. Oh well. As long as I get the hardware I'm happy!

And that's it! Today I'm back at work. I updated my scrappy blog with my most recent pages, so you should totes check that out. I'm really gonna try to update it more often! 
Hey I've been good about updating this one, I can do that one too!

Oh.. random. Just got the new Lady Antebellum album.. Love! Download "All For Love!" :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5, 2013

What a busy week or two its been! 
Where to start?
I spent the week before the baby shower preparing my house for mom's visit and getting all the things needed for the shower. We also received our stroller and bedding in the mail that week! Woot woot!

On Friday (the 26th) Clint and I went to Phoenix to pick up Mom. But since her flight didn't land till 8:45, we had scheduled a 3d ultrasound for that afternoon! The ultrasound was at two and it was so exciting to get to see him in 3d and not so skeleton like, like the ultrasounds we get at the doctors office! 
He's got the chubbiest little cheeks!! He's gonna be a big boy!! But a cute one! :) He was moving around the whole time! The umbilical cord was kinda in his face, blocking the ultrasound a bit, but that's alright. He's DEFINITELY a boy, btw! :p His legs were up over his head, and he's not head down yet. Of course this was non-diagnostic so they don't tell us anything like that. I'd love to know how big he is and things like that, but they don't tell you. But we could see his heart beating strong, so that's a good thing for sure!! 

After the ultrasound we had lots of time to kill! Clint's been wanting to go to a Bass Pro Shop for years, so we finally did that. The one we went to had a restaurant inside, so we had a late lunch there. Then we took our time walking around the giant store, checking things out. We picked out a few things for Zane. I spent probably half the time sitting on a bench, I can't lie. I was getting tired and achy and had no desire to watch him drool over fishing stuff. lol! We were there for about 3 hours including lunch, so you can't blame me! But it was alright, I had a book in my purse! Clint got a few things he'd been wanting, so that was good. 

Then we headed toward the airport, I think. Oh we went by Wal Mart first. Mom's flight got in about 15 minutes early, so she was getting off the plane while we were approaching the airport, we beat her to the greeting area though! :) We stopped at a Chick-Fil-A for a late dinner then headed home, chatting the whole way.

Saturday didn't seem long enough! Mom made breakfast, we relaxed, got ready for the day. Had lunch with Clint's Mom, sister & her family at the diner and then his Mom and niece came over to visit for a while after. The day just got away from us! We did some baby shower prep and planning but weren't as prepared as I'd hoped to be by the end of the day, but oh well! It was good that Mom got to spend a lot of time with my MIL. That doesn't happen often and I feel like they really got a good chance to get to know each other this time, and they seemed to get along great, so that's wonderful!

Sunday was shower day! We were running kinda behind, but everything turned out great! The wind was a little much, but what can ya do? There was a big 24 hour softball tournament at the park the day before, so the park was kinda a mess.. the trash cans were overflowing and the porta potties needed attention. :/  But other than that it was very nice!! I had a decent turn out and got a lot of great things and had a great time with my friends and family!

Here's some detail pictures. It was elephant themed, although not too heavily. LOL One of my best friends made the cutest diaper cake!! She actually made the little elephant on top- so cute!!! It'll be in his nursery for sure!

My good friend Ana makes these great keepsake items! Visit her Etsy shop here! She did so much for me, and its all so cute!! I especially LOVE the box. Its just so perfect for his nursery, and the colors are great! And she even put Zoey in the fishing boat with Zane! Too cute, and just perfect!! The mobile she made is her first ever mobile! I'm proud to have it! She's just so creative!! 

Just a few group shots! Love the one of me with the Zane's Grandma and Nana!

Opening presents! My MIL made a whole bunch of blankets and hooded towels (bottom left). I wish she had an Etsy shop! My friend Jenn (the photographer) made the car seat cover with the little snakes! I picked out the fabric and she did a great job! I'll have a pic of it on the car seat soon, I'm sure!

The next day I had to take Mom back to the airport, but first we stopped and got the gifts from here! She wasn't gonna travel with them and wanted to make sure I got something I needed and wanted. So she got us the car seat and pack & play!! Love love love!! It feels good to finally have all of the big important things at our house! We've just got a few big things left, like the monitor!

I dropped her off around one, and then went to the mall and hit Carter's! I had been waiting till after the shower to do much shopping of my own, but I didn't get a ton of clothes at the shower, so I had a blast in Carter's. Although I did feel like I had no idea what I was doing! LOL No idea how much of the different items I needed, but I got him a lot of cute stuff, all on sale and a coupon on top of that, so I got a great deal! 

That was Moday. Tuesday was a day at home, cleaning up some of the baby shower clutter and such. I was tired, needed an easy day for sure!

Wednesday I went to Prescott for a girls night in, and had a great time hanging out with my friends, just chatting and stuff! It's been a while since all 5 of us have been together! I spend the night and Thursday morning I did some shopping... Got Zane's mattress and some other things. Then I went to Robin's house to go through hand-me-downs. She has two boys, 1 and 3 ish and they've had lots of clothes, of course! My oh my what a big pile of clothes I came home with!! LOL Since I don't know what I'm doing, I took pretty much everything that was seasonal.. meaning no long sleeve newborn and 0-3 clothes. I think I came home with three trash bags full. Yowza!! Thanks Auntie Robin and Garrett & Blaine! She also had some other play things and a boppy and I can't even remember what else for us! 

The next day was back at work. Clint's supposed to be working on the nursery furniture. Well he opened up the crib/changer boxes and couldn't find hardware anywhere. So I emailed the manufacturer but they're not there on weekends so I won't hear back till tomorrow at the earliest. Hopefully they'll just send us the hardware... it would be a pain to have to haul it all back to Wal Mart to make an exchange! So he started to look at the dresser yesterday and decided that he needed help. So last night after work I went in there and we started on it. Mostly I was gonna hand him things and hold things in place while he did the drilling.. But then I realized how much instructions can frustrate him. haha! So I took over the instructions and it was my job to figure out how things go, his job to put it together. We make a good team and didn't even get mad at each other in the process! We got it about half way done, we'll finish tomorrow unless I'm feeling really ambitious tonight (not likely). I'm looking forward to finally having SOMETHING put together in there! LOL And with the dresser, I'll be able to put all the clothes away and put some decor on top of it. It'll be nice!!

Well I think that's it! I'm gonna leave you with my latest belly shot! :)
(Ignore the mess behind me)