Saturday, July 13, 2013

All about Mr. Zane!

I don't think I've said much about what Zane is like. 

He is a great calm baby! He really only cries when I'm changing him and when he's hungry. Sometimes not even when I'm changing him. 

He's a pretty good sleeper too! Especially at first.. I'd have to wake him up after about 4 hours to feed him because he didn't wake on his own. Now he will usually sleep at least 2 hours at a time. Sometimes up to 4 but I usually wake him up by then. I always set an alarm at night for 3 hours but sometimes I snooze too much... lol. 

He's been sleeping with me on the recliner up until recently. He wasn't sleeping well in his Pack & Play (in our room) and I wasn't getting much sleep because of it so we started sleeping together on the recliner, and he sleeps great like that. But I don't want him to think he has to sleep on me, and I was really beginning to miss my bed, and my husband, so we're transitioning... for right now he's sleeping in his car seat in our room. LOL He sleeps great in it and I know its safe. I feel kinda bad about it, like he doesn't get to sleep in a bed. But this is making sure he can sleep fine without me. Soon I'll try the PNP again and if he still doesn't sleep well in it I'll tweek it a bit. Get a wedge or something. I think he likes being cradled and not upright. So I'll see what we can figure out. I'm a sucky swaddler, plus he likes his hands free. I was in awe of how well the nurses swaddled! So tight and perfect!

I've been typing this over a couple days and now I've noticed that he's starting to figure out his days and nights- YAY! He's been sleeping for longer stretches at night and short, frequent sleeps during the day. Like I'll put him down and 2 hours later.. sometimes less.. he's awake again, needing a new dipe and a snack and he's back out. After like 4 or 5 he's been staying awake for a few hours at a time. He'll get fussy and I'll change and nurse him and he acts like he's asleep but it lasts for like 5 minutes then he's awake and happy again for a while. This will go on till 8 or 9. I love his awake time. I'm glad he sleeps more during the day because I can get things done. Being awake at dinner time makes it harder for me to do dinner.. but it also means Clint has to help cook! haha!  

Diapers! I swear that boy poops with just about every change! Very rarely is there a dipe with only pee. But that's alright, I don't mind changin' his stinky butt! We haven't had to buy diapers yet but we'll have to in a week or so. Once he moves up a size we're good for a while again. Woot!

Oh! He had an appt on the 10th and he weighed in at 7lbs 11oz! Getting big!! I hope that keeps up... I'm ready to move on to his 0-3 month clothes.. his newborns are getting old! LOL I didn't expect him to be a "newborn" for so long!

He also got circumsized at that appointment. Made me sad.. don't even wanna talk about it right now. Poor baby! But he's doin' alright now, it appears to be healing like it should and doesn't seem to bother him at all!

He eats like a champ! Every 2-4 hours. I have noticed that he's nursing for shorter periods of time. Seems like he used to stay on the boob for 30-45 minutes, now sometimes he's satisfied after 15. Usually about 25 though. I have an app. LOL. Of course the end of it I think I'm more of a pacifier than a meal. He gets all sleepy and just sucks here and there. I let him do that till I'm sure he's good and asleep so that I can put him down without waking him and having to do it all over again. lol

Well I've covered eating, sleeping and pooping... and this is all about Zane, and that's all he does, so I must be done! Oh.. no I'm not! He's focusing on things more and more and following objects with his eyes. He's always had a strong neck but its getting stronger. He's acting like he's trying to crawl when I put him on his tummy. I mean I know he's nowhere near capable of crawling but he does the motions. He's just the best! :D We're lucky!

Let's end this with some random pix, shall we?

In completely random order... 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mommy Babbles & Catching Up!

I really want to update more and better document my wonderful new life...
But who has the time?!
Actually I do have the time, but I guess I just don't usually feel like spending that time typing away.

To start I wanted to talk about my parenting fears! I think a couple months ago I mentioned on here that I was nervous about being a parent, being a good mom, knowing what to do. 
Well.. now that he's here, and even from the very first time I held him...
Fears squashed.
Even in the hospital, I surprised myself by knowing what to do. Knowing how to sway and pat his butt to calm him down. How did I know that? Because he's my baby, I guess. He's caused me very little stress. Maybe he is just a good baby, but maybe I'm also a good mom. And maybe those motherly instincts really are just awesome. I'm just happy that I handle him well, and I don't freak out about things, and I know that I'm doing well with him. 

There are things that freak me out a little, don't get me wrong. Like the noises he makes... sometimes it sounds like he's having trouble breathing. Hate that! 

Anyway, he is amazing, and I really do love being a mommy. 

Before Zane, especially toward the end of the pregnancy, I was used to getting 8-12 hours of sleep a night. Seriously. The last month I often slept 11-12 hours. So having a newborn and having to wake up throughout the night to care for him... I was nervous! But, again, from the very beginning with him, it hasn't been a problem. The first two nights with him, in the hospital, I didn't get much sleep between him and the nurses, but I was fine. I was able to be awake and capable of taking care of him and doing whatever I needed to do.  Then bringing him home and not getting good solid sleep and still I'm able to do what I need to do. I do nap with him at least once a day when we don't have to go to town. Usually after nursing. That always makes me sleepy. Its just amazing how the body adjusts! 

And nursing. At first it was kinda stressful. I couldn't figure out how to hold him or get him to latch on and it hurt and it was just frustrating! But I got past that after a few days and by now I've got it down! My left nipple has stimulation issues though and sometimes I can't get him to nurse on that side. It seems like it has to be really full for it to work, or he has to get a REALLY strong latch, which usually hurts! But we get it to work, and if we can't get it on that side, the right side is always ready! :) So overall nursing is going well! When I go to town, I generally nurse in the backseat of the truck with a blanket over the window. Yesterday I had to nurse in public for the first time at Ellie's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. It felt so weird and was awkward! That will take some getting used to.. hopefully I don't have to do it often!

Diapers and spit up don't gross me out at all. When its someone else's kid, it grosses me out, but with mine it doesn't bother me at all. And this boy loooooves to pee on me. Someday I'll learn! Its amazing how much pee can come out of such a little guy too. It just gets all over the place... me, him, the couch, etc. Earlier today he managed to get some on his face. D'oh! 

I'm pretty much in jammies all the time. I mean I get dressed to go places, but if I'm home its generally gym pants and a tank top. When I do get dressed, its usually still maternity bottoms or my new size 18 shorts that I had to buy. :/  I don't have many shirts that I really like on me right now. BUT I'm only 27lbs up from when I got pregnant which is 35lbs up from my lowest weight. If I lose 30 I'll be under 200 again. I've done it before and I'll do it again! Dr. O believes it'll come off with little effort. He says to keep nursing, go for walks and "kinda" watch what I eat. (lol, seriously!) and I should keep losing. If I don't I guess we'll reevaluate. Hopefully he's right and it comes right off. Fingers crossed!!

The 4th of July was Zane's first holiday and we had the best day! It started with the parade where we sat with Clint's brother in law and his kids. The Bagdad parade is nothing to write home about, but it was fun! Lots of candy being thrown out at the kids and it was just really nice to be out in the sun after being on bed rest and kinda cooped up for so long! And it was great to have Zane out and about, showing him off! We went home for an hour or so then it was time to go down and check out the big trucks! Every year they pull out a haul truck and a front end loader on the 4th for the community to get pictures with. I think it'll be fun to watch Zane grow in comparison to these trucks every year! Then we went to the firehouse for the BBQ, then home for a few hours... yay nap! At around 6 we went back out. There was a street fair with music, food and games. We ran into lots of people each of us knew. I got to meet some of his friends/coworkers and he got to meet some of the people I know from around town, and everyone was just ooo-ing and ahh-ing over our little guy. Love it!! He's just such a good cute baby and I just love showing him off! Its weird because I've never been a big show off, never been a big bragger. I don't flaunt the good things that I have or try to make people jealous. But when it comes to Zane..... be jealous!!! LOL He's the best thing I've ever done, ever had. I'm damn proud of him and I'll always want to show him off and brag about him. So deal with it! :-p After the street fair we got to watch the fireworks. It was the first time Bagdad's done fireworks in years, the first time I've got to see them here, and they were really nice. Again I'm gonna brag about my boy because he was awake the whole time and just watched them. The sound didn't phase him at all. All in all a great day!! It was nice being out as a family. Clint usually isn't into town festivites but maybe having Zane changed that because even he enjoyed it and kept saying that they should do stuff like that more often. So hopefully we'll start going to all the town things together! :)

Well I that's all I can think of for now. I should mention I typed this up over the course of 2 days. LOL.
I'll try to update more, and next time with pictures maybe!