Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 30, 2013

Well I almost forgot to blog this weekend.
We can't have that now can we?
I'm sure the people that never look at my blog would be devastated. 

Well there's not much to say anyway. I had a fairly lazy week. Got a little bit done around the house, I think. 
Although I really couldn't tell you what.
I was home all four days too so no good excuse!
I know it did get a good basic cleaning on Thursday because we had some friends over for dinner. 
So at least there's that. 
No exercise either. 
Oh but Zoey did get a bath, so that's something!

I'm off tomorrow for Easter. Maybe I'll find some motivation since Clint will be at work. I always have a hard time when he's on nights because I can't crank up the tunes! Tomorrow I'll crank up the tunes and see what I can accomplish!
Although as far as the nursery is concerned, there's little I can do without Clint's help. That futon has to be moved before I can do anything in there. Then I have to buy paint. So hopefully we can get that stuff going very soon, and we'll make some real progress. 

Ohhh I just remembered what I accomplished! I shampooed a couple stains out of our carpet! And I sold an  old (but not too used) mattress that was in the way. 

Annnyway. Next week is fairly busy so I don't imagine I'll accomplish much. I'm doing an overnighter in Prescott to do my glucose test first thing Tuesday morning. I can't drive all the way from Bagdad to Prescott then wait an hour without eating, so I need to stay the night. I've got some things to get done in town anyway, so it'll be a good productive out-of-the house couple days.

And with that I say... 
TTYL! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22, 2013

I don't think I mentioned last week that I was sick. I'm just getting over it, so it wasn't the super most productive week! And nothing fun happened either! :( I did manage to get my grocery shopping done on Monday, and made it a pretty quick day! I didn't make lunch plans with anyone or do anything extra, so that always makes it quicker! :)

Our end-of-the week company didn't happen (miscommunication) which is totally fine, and kind of a relief because I wasn't feeling good and didn't have the house in the state I like it to be when we're having company!

I did manage to get most of my normal chores done, and got the guest room mostly done, and cleaned out most of that closet. It won't be much work now to move everything out of there to make room for Zane's stuff so that's good! Clint even started going through his desk that's in there. Oh and I cleaned our laundry room. Much needed!! But most of the time I was just sooo tired!! I would get a little bit done then feel like I could sleep for hours! But that was the sickies! Its mostly gone now, I think, but I'm still blowing my nose all the damn time and I bet I'll be ready for bed early again tonight.

So yeah.. that's an uneventful week! I did talk to my mom and make some baby shower plans! We're gonna do it on Sunday April 28th and the park here in Bagdad. I didn't want the stress of doing it at home. I was gonna do a conference room but my mom didn't like that idea, and the more I thought about it, I didn't either! Mostly because its right next to a (different) park and the kids would all just want to go play at the park and a parent or two would end up out there babysitting instead of participating in silly shower games! The park is big and grassy/sandy and has lots of great equipment for the kids to play on! I realized we're gonna have quite a few kids at my shower if everyone brings their kids. At least 9, possibly up to 15! So I'm glad they'll be well entertained! So it'll be a BBQ shower and that'll be nice & easy. I'll just have to prepare for wind and such. I've been looking for ideas of good outdoor games and decor and stuff.

I've also been pinning maternity photo ideas! And I've talked to Jenn about the shoot. I was wanting to do something by water, somewhere sandy (hard to find around here though!) and of course she knows just the place! We're gonna scope it out in a couple weeks. Its a really small lake but its got decent sand and we should be able to make it really cute! AND we're gonna do some fishing themed shots which will go great in the nursery. Then when she's doing shots of just me, Clint will be entertained! We've got a lot of great ideas floating around, so I'm way excited about it! I wish I didn't have to wait a couple months for the shoot! But the bigger the belly, the better the pictures! :)

So that's what I've got going through my head now! I've got a lot of fun things coming up to think about and plan! Vacation, shower, pictures, Zane's nursery and arrival then of course newborn pictures! Loving my life!

Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013

First things first, we have a name!! 

We've been sitting on it for about three weeks. So how did we decide on the name? Well I had a handful of names that I liked.. but I was afraid to tell him what they were! I don't know why. I was really leaning toward Lucas or Dylan. I guess I was afraid Clint would shoot them down, or we'd fight about it. I don't know! He named a few names that he liked, but I wasn't fond of, like Quinton. Quinton and Clinton? Too matchy matchy for me. But he wanted to call him Q, which I kinda liked, but couldn't think of another Q boy name. So one day from work, I grew balls and texted him my list of names. It included the two I'd mentioned, Zane, and a few others. He texted back "Zane." That was the only one he liked out of the bunch. So when I got home we talked about it and it turns out, Zane was one he had been thinking about too. So I asked about the middle name, and he said Riley. Riley is Clint's middle name, so that was an easy decision, I wasn't about to argue with that. I don't know that it flows as nicely as something else might, but I know we'll get used to it and it'll be natural. I'm definitely happy with our decision! It surprised me how easily we agreed on a name. We wanted to give it time to make sure we liked it before announcing it. I was so nervous to make it official! It's a big decision. I don't know how people can make the decision so easily! We've been calling him Zane lately and its begun to feel more natural. Then his mom called the other day, and asked if it was official yet (Clint had already told her we were thinking about it) and I just decided at that moment to make it official! So yay! It feels good to have a name! Now I look forward to the next time someone asks if we have a name,and I can tell them! :) 

Some things I like about the name Zane:
-We already have Zoey, so now it's Zane and Zoey! (our next child will not be a Z name)
-With our two Z's there is so much potential for cute scrapbook titles! :D
-I think it's a cute name for a baby/kid, but also a strong name for a man. I feel like he could do anything with that name! 

So now to discuss the mundane details of my week.. 
I'll try to be a little less in depth than normal. :p
I got all my basic housework done, but didn't do anything extra. I did do a good deep cleaning on my kitchen though, so that's something. I did do some scrapbooking. Oh and I went to Prescott for an appt (all's well) and picked up all our nursery furniture! So now those boxes are sitting in the craft room that I just cleaned out. :/ Oh well! Its still clean, just kinda full again. Next week we'll have company at the end of the week, so I'm gonna have to get the guest room (future nursery) ready. I think I'll just move the baby stuff that's in there into the craft room (damnit!) instead of trying to move all the furniture around. Clint reminded me that the futon doesn't fit through our doorways, so it has to go out the window. Well the craft room window has a table full of stuff under it, stuff that I just got set up and organized, so it'll take some work to get the futon in place. This'll be easier for now- get the guest room/nursery looking good. Go through and organize the baby stuff that I do have. Probably clean out that closet. Then when we're ready it'll be easier to to move the futon. 

I did manage two short walks this week. Holla!! The weather was so nice and warm, I wanted to get out and get some sun, and also some exercise! When I say short walks, I mean SHORT walks, but its a start! Hopefully I'll get used to it soon, if I can keep up with it, and be able to take longer walks again! Zoey is so not into walks like she used to be. In Kingman, she loved them. Here, she doesn't seem to really want to go. But I take her anyway! 

Oh yes! The cliffhanger from last week! Well its still not set in stone, but we are planning a trip to San Francisco!! Okay, I am planning it, Clint is just going along with it. LOL. I feel like we can afford it now, and who knows when that will happen again. We never took a honeymoon, and actually we've never taken a vacation just to take a vacation. Just us. We're not gonna visit any family or friends. This is just for us. I think it'll be really good for us, and really fun! Of course we're bringing Zoey! So I've spent a lot of time looking into pet-friendly things to do. San Francisco is very pet friendly, so it will work out! I've chosen a hotel and all that jazz. I haven't booked anything yet. My plan is to drive to San Francisco on a Friday (not naming dates in a blog thats not private. Just doesn't seem smart), get in late and crash. Spend Saturday at the peir, go on a bay cruise and just explore and enjoy. Back to the hotel to rest and freshen up before dinner. Not sure where we'll do dinner yet. I'm thinking it may be fun to get take out and have a pic nic on the beach somwhere. But, again, haven't figured that part out yet. Sunday I want to go to Golden Gate park. There's a lot to do and see there. I wanted to rent a boat at Stow Lake, but the boats aren't pet-friendly. So we'l still check it out, and probably cross to Strawberry Hill. Mostly it just sounds like a pretty place with lots to check out and lots of photo ops! That afternoon, we'll start heading south and stay somewhere 4-5 hours away. I found a little town with a cheap hotel that I can't remember the name of. Have dinner there and crash. Then in the morning head a little further south. I'm thinking Balboa Island for lunch, and some walking around on the beach and such. Then we'll head home and it'll be about 5-6 hours. I didn't want to take the quick route home from San Francisco, I wanted a more scenic route! So that's my plans, hopefully it all works out, because I think it'll be a lot of fun, and really good for us! 

Well I guess that's it! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9, 2013

Time for my weekend update!

I'm gonna stop mentioning the walks I'm not taking until I start taking them. 

Monday I was productive! Did some of my basic housework and worked on the messy craft room and got a lot done. I got the whole closet cleaned out and reorganized.
Tuesday was grocery shopping day. Had lunch with a couple of my besties (and collected the girl scout cookies that I had ordered...), bought a new purse at Payless that I think is super cute and then did my regular Wal Mart, gas, Costco, pizza routine. Oh and I stopped off at Baskin Robbins.... Yeah I'm not doing too great with the healthier eating thing... But damn that ice cream was good! And I only did a ONE scoop sundae, so its not so bad...
Wednesday was more basic housework and guess what...!!! I FINISHED THE MESSY CRAFT ROOM!! I felt so accomplished!! I went through just about all my scrappy stuff and got everything re-organized. I need better storage solutions before I can really get it in order. But I wiped everything down, vacuumed, the works! And now there's room for the futon and the desk that currently reside in the future nursery. I felt so accomplished. And I'm just sure I'm nesting at this point! Woot woot!
Thursday I felt like I kinda had a day off since I'd finished the room, lol. I actually did my hair and stuff in the AM, ran a couple errands before lunch. After lunch I went through my closet. I bagged up all the clothes I won't be wearing till after the baby comes. Luckily I had found my space saver bags in the other room. :p Then I cleaned out the rest of the closet and made it all nice and organized. Woot woot! Looks great now!
So Thursday night it was supposed to rain all night, and then all day Friday. So I woke up Friday thinking I wouldn't be going to work. Well crap. It didn't rain all night! So I had to get ready and as soon as I'm about to leave, it starts hailing (groppling?). Figures! My boss called me and told me to go in anyway and just wait a while to see what it does, he was heading out of town. So me & the guys ended up opening the course at around 10 (usually at 8) since it hadn't rained at all for a while, and who knows what its gonna do. Well of course it started raining off and on and by 11:30 it was heavy enough that we figured we should close up shop. So we did. So it was a short easy day for me. I came home and did some scrapbooking in my nice clean craft room! I didn't get a ton done, but it was nice to be in there! I'm gonna try to start scrapping at least once a week so I can get caught up before baby comes!
Today I'm at work but so far no golfers. If no one's been here in a couple hours, I'll call it a day. Its not raining, but very cloudy and cold! Although its not windy so I'm kinda surprised there hasn't been ANYONE. Oh well. Luckily I don't get paid on commission! :p Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer weather.

So I mentioned my "basic housework" a few times and what I mean by that is my recently established chore list (which is on my computer because my husband doesn't need to see what I intend to do in case I don't do it! :p ). I haven't started doing everything yet because I was so busy with that mess room. Now that its done, I should be able to do everything on it, and I want to add that room to the list, just for upkeep. Here's how I have it set: 
Daily- make beds (hasn't happened yet), exercise (also hasn't happened yet), kitchen, including clearing off the table that we always toss things on (usually happens), laundry as needed (usually do it Mon-Tues).
Monday- Bathrooms and bedroom, water plants. I've been doing that except I haven't deep cleaned any of it like I need to to get it started. I've just been tidy-ing more than anything. I need to go through and organize everything in those rooms!
Tuesday- Vacuum and dust. Been doing that!
Wednesday- Declutter living room (usually do), sweep leaves outside and tidy yard (haven't started doing yet)
Thursday- Relax and catch up! I'll often have to make a trip to Prescott once a week so I've got Thursday set aside to make up for those days. And if I don't go to Prescott at all? That's a good scrappy day or just do whatever I want!

But there are other big projects I need to do around the house while I'm feeling so productive. Like I said, I need to go through the bedroom and bathrooms. This includes all Clint's clothes which means he'll have to help with that. We've been toting around a tote of old clothes of his for years and years that he just really needs to go through and get rid of stuff! I need to go through the soon-to-be nursery and get that all ready, and Clint will have to go through the desk he's got in there. I really need to shampoo the carpets throughout the entire house. And I want to get in my kitchen and go through all my cabinets and stuff. Get rid of some things we never use, organize what we do. Oh I also need to deep clean my laundry room!

I don't know why I'm getting in this routine just to have it all messed up when the baby comes! LOL I know I won't be able to stick to it too well while adjusting to life with a newborn. But at least when he gets here, it should be nice and clean! 

Blah blah blah.
What else?

I realized I only have one pair of shorts from last summer, and a denim skirt. Seems like I'd have more, but I guess I was wearing jeans to work so I only needed stuff for the weekends and that did the trick for me. So I decided that in May or so, I'm gonna buy me a couple pairs of shorts, in a couple sizes, for after he comes. I'll need them for the summer! I was a 14 last summer but I'm expecting to be a 16 post baby. Hopefully not an 18 (eek!). I'm gonna wait till May so that if I end up not needing 16s (being optimistic!) I should be able to return them for what I paid for them without a reciept. If I get them now, they'll be on clearance by July. That's my logic anyway. 

I guess thats it. Maybe next week I'll talk about the little vacation I hope to be taking next month. :)
That was a cliff hanger. :p

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Me vs. Me *Image Heavy*

I'm pregnant. Thrilled about it. And I know that it means I'll gain weight. 
But damnit! Here I am last summer:
"OW!" If I do say so myself. Best I've ever looked in my entire life. EVER. 
This is me the summer before last (2011):
(both photos credit to Jennifer Rice Photography)
It's not the best picture to show how much heavier I was, but I was much heavier, as you know if you've been following my blog very long. 
About 80lbs heavier. 
Here's a side by side of two more pictures from the two shoots:
Where I'm going with this is that I look at pictures of me last summer, not just these awesome professional ones, but any picture of me last summer, and I feel like I looked so good and I'm okay with not looking that good this summer, obviously, because I'm pregnant. I'm gonna get super big and then the baby's gonna come and I'm still gonna have some extra weight on (a LOT extra if I don't change my ways soon), but my fear is that I'll never look that good again. 
And it really only lasted a few months. 
I'm trying to motivate myself. 
I never shared these pictures on my blog or on FB.
This is my first "progress" pic. I think I was about 15 lbs down when I realized I should be taking pictures:
So gross. 
This is one of the last progress pictures I took:
(Same shirt)
So much better!
So all these pictures are my motivation.
What I don't want to become again vs. what I do want to become again.
I'm not gonna be so optimistic and say that I just KNOW I can do it!
Because I don't know that.
All I can really say is that I HOPE I can do it.
I hope I can find that motivation that I found before and get even lower than my lowest weight of 193. 
I hope that 175 is in my future. 
I know it will take a while.
I know it will take dedication and a lot of hard work.
So I hope I can do it. 
After baby comes, of course!
Here's some more motivational pictures for me... 
I don't even recognize myself in some of them.

^^ Look at that belly and those dimples in my leg!! ^^
^^ That round face and fat neck! ^^
^^ My shoulders seem so broad. ^^

 In all these pictures of my past, I was happy. I knew I was fat, obese. But it didn't bother me. It was who I was and I still loved myself, I didn't hate what I saw when I looked in the mirror. 
I knew I didn't look hot, but I didn't hate it.
I've always viewed that as a good quality that I have.
But then I look at these pictures now and wonder how I let it get so bad, and how I was okay with being so big. 
I weighed 275lbs. 
That's not ok!
Hopefully once the baby comes I can pull up this post, look at these pictures and rededicate myself to weight loss. 
Hopefully someday I'll see that 175 on the scale. 
And hopefully...
I'll never ever ever see 275 again. 
Like, ever! 

I think that's all. 
Have a nice day! :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013

Guess how many walks I took this week!
None again. 
Whoops!... again. 

What did I do this week? Let's see if I can even remember... 
Monday and Tuesday I was home... somewhat productive but Clint was on nights so I can't blast music and blasting music helps be accomplish things! But little by little I'm making progress in my messy collect-all craft room. Although I end up piling stuff in the future nursery so I don't know how well I'm really doing! Haha!
Wednesday I went to Prescott for a Drs appt (all's well) and then to Target to have fun with the registry. Then I met with a friend to get some baby stuff she had for me (more to add to my pile! LOL) and then home just in time for my safety meeting! 
Thursday I went to Phoenix! I met up witha friend for lunch. We met online and its the first time we've hung out in person, but we've known each other for years. It was just like we were old friends! I had a great time! We had lunch then went to AZ Mills and shopped around. I got a great maternity dress that I feel so good in! Love it!! But the real reason I went to Phx was because my other friend, Gwen, was being induced. She lives in Globe and I never get out there, but since she was delivering in Phx, it was a good opportunity for me to see her, and meet her new little man! She had him around 3 and I got there around 4:30 I think. I got to hold him before he was even 2 hours old!! So precious! I hung out there till almost 6 then I had to start my 3 hour drive home. Yawn. Blasting music gets me through that too! :D I was exhausted when I got home at around 9. Didn't stay up very late at all. 
And now its Friday and I'm at work!

So I should talk about my awful eating habits. I may have mentioned them in the recent weeks. 
I suck. 
That's all.
I need to get better! 
I've had some good days but I need more of those. 

I've already gained 21 lbs. 

Okay I am starving so this is short! 

Till next time!