Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog Challenge Day Nine

Day 09: Describe someone who fascinates you.

Hmmm... this is hard. I don't think I'm easily fascinated.

I'm gonna say... The Sister Wives family.

It's not a lifestyle that I could ever see myself in. But it's so interesting to watch them. How the sisterwives interact and seem to really love each other. How allllllll the kids really seem to get along and enjoy being part of a big family. I don't get what's so great about Kody, the dad, that all these women want to be married to him, though. He seems like a big kid and would, get on my nerves! I think it's kinda nice to see a polygamist family that's not like Warren Jeffs and his creepy stuff. The Brown family.. the wives.. have all chosen to live this lifestyle, and they take the good and the bad and make it work. And that's what all families are about, right? The children get to choose, when they're older, whether or not they want to live the polygamist lifestyle. Their parents aren't trying to force them to follow in their footsteps. It's just all very interesting to me.

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  1. Loving this blog challenge. That life fascinates me as well. I don't get it but it's more then