Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sept 8, 2012

LOL I love that the first line of my last post states that I plan to start updating every weekend. And that was on June 2nd. Oh well, shit happens!

So that weekend ended up being my last at the golf course. They did some rearranging of people and I got the short end of the stick and got booted out of the golf course. I was so bummed. I love my golf course and all my regular customers! But oh well. They did offer me another job with townsite (townsite runs everything around here), and I am a cleaning lady now. Yes, me, a cleaning lady. Doesn't fit me well, but I'm truckin' along! I've been doing it a few months now. I clean the conference rooms, the laundromats and empty houses, mostly. The conference rooms and laundromats are daily (I work M-F, 8-5) and the empty houses are as they come along. I also do the random things they ask me to. Pretty much I'm thier bitch. lol. Last week I spent an entire day with the movers they hired to move furniture from 4 intern houses into the storage room. I'm not there to help, just to let them into the houses and tell them what to take and where to put it and  that kind of thing. A couple weeks ago I and a few others were moving all the junk (and I mean junk!) out of the old cafe because they've got people wanting to look at the space, I guess. It would be great if that got reopened as some kind of food place! I still get to cover at the golf course when needed, and I've worked at the gym a few times too. So I do it all. And I still do the mine tours.. I get to take time away from the cleaning job to do that, so its nice! :) I didn't want a full time job, and I still don't. But it's what I've got, so I'm managing. I've learned alot as a cleaning lady, like razor blades are great for so many things, and pumice stones make toilet bowls shine! But do you think my house is cleaner? Heck no! By the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is clean. I still keep it as clean as I have to, but its not great. And I don't cook as often as I used to. I mean I used to cook every night except for the random occasional eating out, or him cooking, of course. But now I can't tell you how many times I've initiated "fend for yourselves" nights. That's not me, and it has to stop! So I've been making a greater effort lately to cook more often. Now, when I do clean my house good, I do it better than I used to, and I have more of a system. I guess that's a plus.

With all this working, I began slacking off with the gym. Its a fairly physical job (some days more than others), so I felt like I was getting a decent enough workout in at work. And I would come home so exhausted and the gym became so unappealing. I would still go 2-3 times a week, usually just do cardio with the occasional weights. Of course I also eat more... a lot of granola bars and things throughout the day. But I've still maintained around 197-200lbs, and I've been ok with that. Up a little from my lowest weight (193) but still not bad. Well lately I've noticed that I LOOK like I'm gaining some back. My tummy is a little bigger and my pants are a little more snug. So I pulled out the old measuring tape and OMG! Apparently I'm losing muscle, so therefore not gaining so much weight, but still getting fatter. Not cool. I'll post the measurements in a minute, but I want to say that they lit a spark under my ass and I am back at it!! I hit the gym every day this week, after work. If I bring my clothes to work instead of coming home to change, I'll actually go. I've done at least 4 weight machines each day... I did all the weight machines twice this week which used to be common, but not so much lately. And I'm trying to challenge myself with weights again, by upping the weight I do. Building muscle cuz I want to see those inches fall right back off, and then some. I'm really glad this motivation kicked in again, and really hope it sticks! It's been about 6 months since I've really been in the swing of things and I guess I needed that break, and now I need to get back in gear. I'm counting calories again and have stayed within my calorie goal all week! Woot woot! I have adjusted my calorie goal (I'm using MFP again) though.. before I had it set at trying to lose 1.5 lbs a week and a sedentary lifestyle. Now I've set it at 1 lb per week, and a "lightly active" lifestyle. I could probably say I'm "moderately active" but it depends on the day, so I'll underestimate it. So my net calorie goal now is 1800 which is really easy to stay within. Last time I was counting calories I think it was at 1450 or so. I'm not as strict on my diet as I was a year and a half ago when I started this weight loss journey. I'm not really watching carbs or anything (and I probably should be), I'm not cutting out soda (yet). I'm just watching calories for now. After my next blood draw (should be soon), if my blood sugar is up I'll probably start watching carbs again. If my blood sugar is still good, then yay! When I say "good" of course I mean "better"... it still wasn't where it should be at my last check. Which was like 6 months ago. Damn... Dr. O dropped the ball on that one, I was having it checked every 3 months! I'll have to get an appt made for that.

Anyway. The measurements! (I used to call my hips my waist (beause I didn't know where my waist was, lol) and my wasit my torso, so I'm fixing that now, and calling it right.) (Last time I measured was mid-March, the difference will be in parenthesis)
Sept 5, 199.25 lbs (^4lbs)
Hips: 47.25" (^1")
Chest: 37" (^1.75")
Bust: 43" (^.5")
Thigh: 25" (^1")
Waist: 38.5" (^1")
Arm: 13" (^.75)
Butt: 43.5" (^2.5) (not sure if I measured that exactly the same as it was a new addition..)
So, see! Gain gain gain! Not good!

So enough about that. Clint and I are taking a real vacation at the end of the month, and we'll be gone for a full week and a half! We're driving to Oregon to visit mom and Keith. Clint & Keith will do some hunting a fishing. Mom and I will do some shopping and talking, and it'll be a good time! We're spending a full 7 days with them, with 2 days driving on each end. On the way there, we're planning to stop at Shoshone Falls in Idaho, just for something to do that's Zoey friendly. Of course we're bringing Z! I'm so looking forward to it, I think we really need this!

I think I'll end this for now. I've got to get dinner going for the husband (because its what good wives do!) before he goes to work. I'll try to do this more often now that I'm on the weight loss rollercoaster again!