Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blog Challenge Day Three

Day 03: Discuss how you hope your future will be like.

Well, how far into the future are we talking? Let's see...

In 10 years, I hope to have two kids, a boy and a girl. Hopefully they'll both be school age by then. Clint will be in a better, supervisory position here in town. (I'm gonna emphasize that this is what we HOPE for, so it doesn't have to be entirely realistic, right?) We'll have a boat and lake property. Maybe even some kind of off roader for here in town. We won't be rich by any means, but we'll be well off with a savings account and all the things we need, and not living paycheck to paycheck. We'll have a second dog, a Boxer. I'll stil be a scrapbooking fool, but I'll also have a nice garden. I'll surely be a better housekeeper by then (ha!)...

When we reach retirement age, we'll go live on our lake property, which by then will have nice big trees and a big-enough-for-us house built on it, with lots of windows. Clint will spend his time fishing and I'll spend mine... scrapbooking? gardening? shopping? gossiping? Not sure! Our kids will visit often with our grandkids. Visitting us at the lake will be a fond memory that our grandkids will cherish forever. We'll just be a happy, old married couple! :)

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