Monday, May 30, 2011

Do I have to be 27?

I feel so old! Yesterday was my birthday. 27 and still no child. GAH! Oh well. I had a nice birthday weekend anyhow.

Friday I went to Prescott. I went to Jenn's and we hung out for a while and then she did my hair and we went out and did pictures! I can't wait to see them, they're gonna be so pretty, because she is a great photographer! But we kinda lost track of time and we were late to the next thing which was a Passion Party at Jessica's house. That was a lot of fun! We each made a couple small purchases. After the sales lady left, they brought out penis cake for me. LOL. Jenn & Jess made it. I only had half of a hairy ball since I was still trying to be good, but it was yummy. Also at Jessica's I had a couple margueritas, which probably wasn't best for my blood sugar, but oh well.. it was a party! The rest of the night didn't go as planned.. at all. We ended up going downtown to a couple bars... no one was really in the mood for it. But we had some fun anyway. Downtown has changed so much, though. So weird. We got back to Jenn's around 2AM and it was bed time!

The next day I had to do my shopping and did not get enough sleep, so that sucked. I was really scatterbrained and cranky. Nothing was going my way that day, it seemed! But when I got back to town, I went to the post office and found a nice card from my mom, with some cash which was a nice surprise (one that made me feel better about how much I spent on groceries... eating healthy is more expensive. :/ ). THEN I came home and it was clear my mother-in-law had been here. There were flowers and a card from her and one from Kallie (SIL) and a Cricut cartridge from MIL. And my house was all kinds of clean. And there was a "Happy Birthday Janessa" message written in chalk on our walkway from my neice Holly. She helped Nana clean my house. lol.

That evening when Clint got home from work, we went over to Kallie's for dinner. Steaks, grilled carrots, steamed broccoli, garlic rolls and salad. Yummo! Home, then bed time soon after. I was tired!

Yesterday was my actual birthday and it was just a pretty quiet day at home. I made some Father's Day cards, and Rhonda (MIL) & Holly (neice) came over for a little while to hang out & chat. Oh and I made myself some birthday brownies. Thankfully Rhonda and Holly helped eat them, so they are all gone now and I can go back to being on a good diet today...

I am a little worried though! I didn't go to the gym all weekend and today they are closed for Memorial Day. Tomorrow I'm going to Prescott for Robin's gender ultrasound. That's FIVE days without the gym. And a weekend that I certainly didn't eat right. I'm nervous that I'll have gained weight. I should have at least gone Friday morning, but I didn't get up in time. So.. grr.

At my doctors appt last week, my doctor was very proud of me. He said "I don't know what you're doing, but you've lost 14 lbs! Keep it up!" Of course now it's 16 lbs... well, it was on Thursday. So that was a really good appt. He gave me the scrip for Metformin which I plan to start today. Not looking forward to it though!

Update on Zoey, just in case anyone was wondering. She is fine, all back to normal.

Well I guess that's all. I plan to post again today with that picture post that I said I'd do a while back. There's not gonna be a ton of pictures though, because I forgot to bring my camera to Prescott over the weekend, and the ones I did with Jenn aren't ready yet. So maybe I'll wait till next month to start a picture post. The only thing I'd have to put in it from this month would be the pictures from the D Backs game. So idk. We'll see. Maybe Jess will post pix from Friday soon and I'll do it then.

Done rambling. Later taters!

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