Thursday, May 19, 2011

WTH?! *Spoiler alert- AI and Bones*

Okay, last week James went home. That was so wrong! I thought for sure he would win the whole thing! And this week, Haley?! America got it so wrong. So so so wrong. I'm just kind of in shock! Now it is down to Lauren and Scotty. While I like Lauren much much better, I think Scotty will win. Boooo! Obviously, I was very disappointed tonight...

...Until about an hour later, at the end of Bones! I squealed and did a happy dance and couldn't stop smiling when Bones told Booth that she is pregnant, and its his! If this doesn't bring them together, I don't know what will! Next season should be amazing! I cannot wait!

On the news tonight, there was video of a stroller with a little girl in it getting ran over! The SUV went right over the title girl, who managed to only get a few scratches! Amazing! The SUV driver wasn't at fault because the crosswalk light had changed to "stop," but I don't get how they didn't see the family right in front of them! There was a big truck next to them, said to be blocking their view. But they should have been able to see the family before they hit them. Its crazy. But wonderful that the little girl and her family are okay!

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