Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let's Go D-Backs!

I went to my first pro sports game on Thursday! We saw the Diamondbacks play the Rockies and it was so. much. fun!!! I was afraid I was gonna be bored and not get into it and just play with me phone the whole time, and never wanna go again. Now I'm not gonna say that I didn't play with my phone a lot, but it was all about the game (and a little about Idol)! I definitely got into it! We got there just as the game was starting and had dinner at Fridays, which overlooks the field (actually a really great view). Clint & his parents got ribs and I got their Jack Daniels chicken, which was soooo good!! More expensive than a normal Fridays, no doubt, but that was okay. We made our way to our seats... bottom level, row 10 and kinda near third base, but farther back. I think they were great seats! There's so much going on during the game that you don't see on TV. They have games, and they throw out T Shirts to the crowd, the mascot (who we got to meet (thanks to good elevator timing), his name is Baxter). And they show lots of people on the Jumbotron and I was determined to get on that giant TV, but it never happened. :( Next time I'm bringing a sign! :) But it was all so much fun!! And we caught a really good game too! We were losing 2-0 up until the 9th inning, when we hit two home runs and caught up! No one scored in the 10th inning, and we finally scored the winning home run at the bottom of the 11th, and the crowd went wild.. it was awesome!! I definitely want to do it again sometime!

I should also mention that I totally cheated on my diet at the game. I got a $6 Cold Stone... it was chocolate ice cream, with brownies and chocolate chips AND hot fudge... in a waffle cone. Yeah, it was bad!! But soooooo good, and so worth it! :)

The next morning Clint's parents took us to Red Lobster, where I was good in getting a Chicken Caesar salad. But I was bad in eating FOUR of those crazy delicious cheddar biscuits! Yes, four.

BUT I am proud of myself because the morning of the game, I went to the gym before leaving town. It wasn't the best work out.. I learned that I'm NOT a morning exerciser! No energy before noon, I guess! And I also worked out when we got back yesterday afternoon. Another not-to-great workout because I was so sleepy. But the fact that I went when I really wasn't in the mood (both times) makes me proud of me!

Oh, and thanks to Robin for babysitting Zoey for us! :)

Other than all that, not much has changed! I'm looking forward to weigh day Monday, hoping that I lost another 2 lbs!

Earlier I mentioned Idol.... Happy dance for Jacob going home.. FINALLY!!

I guess that's it! Till next time....

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