Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sick of tuna.

For the pats couple months I've been trying to lose weight. I went to my primary doctor at the end of April and weighed (keep in mind this was in the afternoon, after lunch & fully clothed)...... 275lbs... That's really not acceptable. And think how heavy I'll be when I get pregnant! ACK! So, since then I've committed to a healthier lifestyle. I'm not getting into any diet pills because of the chance of getting pregnant. So I'm doing it all natural. I used to eat a lot of cookies & such throughout the day; now I don't. That's probably the biggest, hardest change I've made. Any cookies I eat are 100 calorie packs (I generally have one a day). For breakfast I have a bowl of cereal (currently generic Honey Bunches of Oats). For lunch I either have a tuna sandwich or a frozen Lean Cuisine (of course I don't eat it frozen). That's getting old. I haven't changed up our dinners much, but we eat a lot of chicken and pork. I don't do hamburger helper or any other prepacked dinner anymore. We still do tacos, burgers, and occasionally pasta. I try to add a green veggie or salad to every meal for me (Clint doesn't like "rabbit food"). Side dishes are getting difficult. I don't do any frozen potatoes (i make my own oven fries, mashies, etc) anymore. I've switched from canned to frozen corn. But mac & cheese was a big part of our life before. I've made a healthier mac & cheese from scratch (boxed m&c has tons of sodium!) but Clint didn't love it... so I'm trying to find another recipe that I think he'll like. And I'm using wheat mac. I often get a craving at night, and I'll either have 60 calorie pudding, a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich or a SmartOnes frozen dessert. The other big change I've made is that I have completely cut out soda! I haven't even had a sip since May 1st or 2nd, and it's amazing how much I don't miss it! I used to have at least one can a day, often 2. Now, I drink green tea with lunch and fresh brewed iced tea with dinner.

I also exercise! I walk Zoey almost every day, the route I usually go is 1.74 miles. Sometimes I do closer to 2, sometimes 1.5. The past couple weeks I've been doing a work out DVD. It's a dance one... I can't remember the name.. something like "10 Minute Solution." It's got a few 10 minute segments and I've mastered the "Simple Slimmer" and have tried to move onto the next one, and its so hard! LOL. It goes too fast for me. I think tomorrow I'll just try the lower body part and work on upper body later. I feel so pathetic that I can only last 10 minutes, but I'll ease myself into longer sessions. Of course I only do the DVD on Clint's days off, so I'm aiming for 5 days a week.

With all this, there are times that I cheat. If I'm out of town it's hard to stay on a good diet. When I'm at a birthday party, I indulge in cake & ice cream. And a week or two ago I decided I'd been so good that I deserved to bake myself some cookies (something I used to do at least twice a month). I think it's important to know that I can do these things. That no one is forcing me to diet. I'm doing it for myself and I can cheat when I want. And knowing that, I don't do it often.

After all that, my current weight is 259. That, of course is first thing in the morning, haven't eaten anything, naked. So I can't really say I've lost 16 lbs since that doctors visit. But I'd say at least 10!

There's a handful of reasons I want to lose this weight. Of course I'd love to look better and be able to shop anywhere. Of course I know it's better for my overall health, especially with diabetes running in the family. But the main reason is for my future children. It certainly can't hurt with conception, and down the road, as our children are growing up, I want them to be healthier than I was. That won't happen if they see me eating crap all the time. I need to set a good example. And plus if they're not used to having cookies on hand all the time, they won't expect it, and it won't be hard for them.

Oh, I should also credit Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution as part of my inspiration. Watching that show was a big eye opener!

So, slowly but surely, I'll shrink down to a happier size... until I balloon up with a baby belly, then I hope to find the motivation to keep truckin' on with this diet thing!

Wish me luck!

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