Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm such a Gleek

After watching the finale last night (Hulu), I downloaded all the songs from that episode on iTunes. I've been listening to them over & over today (along with the other Glee songs I've downloaded in the past). And now I've found Wikipedia's list of Glee songs which makes it so much easier for me to download the rest of the songs (probably not all, but most of them, over time..) I thought the finale was great, even if it was on the predictable side. I mean of course it couldn't end until Quinn had her baby (didn't predict she'd reconcile with her mom, though), and it was pretty obvious that Rachel's mom would adopt the baby. I loved To Sir With Love. So there. I think I've said all that can be said!

Oh, and John Stamos is joining the cast next season! As if Matthew Morrison wasn't enough eye candy!

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