Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Birthday & Bionic

Yeterday was my friend Rheannon's little girl's (Elexis) 2nd Birthday!

I went to Phoenix to celebrate with them! I haven't seen them since last September. Oh how that little girl has grown! She's still so small but her hair is so long and she's such a sweetheart! Rheannon throws an.... interesting... party. Not the most organized, it was entertaining! I can say that because she knows I love her! :)

Maybe I should share a few words about Rheannon. I've known her for about 5 years, maybe 6. I met her when we both worked at Subway, but we didn't start hanging out until we both worked at Wal Mart in the deli. She is such a character. She always says what she's thinking, which is good and bad all at once. I remember when we were working in the deli, we had a customer... an older guy.. with several tattoos on his arms with different female names. She said "I hope those are your daughters names and not all your ex wives!" Hahaha! You don't just say things like that! But she's also a very caring person. She was pretty much raised by her grandmother (another character- she's great!), and now her grandma is getting up there in the years and having trouble getting around. Visitng this time, I was so impressed at how well Rheannon handles things with her. They're lucky to have each other!

Anyway we had fun a the birthday party. I only had one drink, but got a little goofy anyway! I was being so silly, but I like it when I get like that. I'm fun. At least, I think I am.... :)

The other topic of the day is Christina's new album, Bionic

I recently downloaded it on iTunes, the deluxe version, of course. I've always been a fan of her. Bionic isn't her best, but its got a lot of fun dance club style songs. Now I'm not gonna go on and on (who really cares what some random blogger thinks anyway?), but I'll say my favorites are: Vanity ("Mirror mirror on the wall, Who's the sexiest of them all? Nevermind I am"), My Girls, I Hate Boys & for a ballad Stronger Than Ever. I do have to say, I wish there were more ballads. I've always loved her powerful songs!

She says "b*tch" a lot on this album, and its got a lot of dirrty songs, but I'm a perv, so it works for me! haha!

Till next time...

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