Saturday, June 12, 2010

My 1st Babbley Blog!

The following video was probably my favorite moment from the 2010 Idol fianle. I just thought it was super cool to see so many past winners and contestants! I was missing David Cook though! I wish they would have gone slower so I could see everyone better! lol.

So it's kind of a dreary overcast day today. I had planned to go to Bullhead City (BHC) today to do the Sam's shopping, but it looks like it may rain, and my wipers suck! That and there's a tire that keeps going flat and I thought I knew how to work the compresser, but apparently... Not so much. I'll get Clint to show me when he gets home.
So for now I think I'll do some scrapbooking.
What am I scrapping? Well, how nice of you to ask. A few months ago I got all up to date with the current stuff, so I decided to go back and scrap my life. I've always put pictures in albums, but never did them very cute. I started scrapping in June 2007, so I'm working on everything before then. Everything! I started out going backwards, starting with May 07. I did this because I didn't have enough pictures from my childhood. I visiting my mom in May and scanned a whooooooooole bunch, so now I'm all set!
I better get to it, otherwise I'll end up doing nothing all day, and where's the fun in that?

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