Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 30, 2013

Well I almost forgot to blog this weekend.
We can't have that now can we?
I'm sure the people that never look at my blog would be devastated. 

Well there's not much to say anyway. I had a fairly lazy week. Got a little bit done around the house, I think. 
Although I really couldn't tell you what.
I was home all four days too so no good excuse!
I know it did get a good basic cleaning on Thursday because we had some friends over for dinner. 
So at least there's that. 
No exercise either. 
Oh but Zoey did get a bath, so that's something!

I'm off tomorrow for Easter. Maybe I'll find some motivation since Clint will be at work. I always have a hard time when he's on nights because I can't crank up the tunes! Tomorrow I'll crank up the tunes and see what I can accomplish!
Although as far as the nursery is concerned, there's little I can do without Clint's help. That futon has to be moved before I can do anything in there. Then I have to buy paint. So hopefully we can get that stuff going very soon, and we'll make some real progress. 

Ohhh I just remembered what I accomplished! I shampooed a couple stains out of our carpet! And I sold an  old (but not too used) mattress that was in the way. 

Annnyway. Next week is fairly busy so I don't imagine I'll accomplish much. I'm doing an overnighter in Prescott to do my glucose test first thing Tuesday morning. I can't drive all the way from Bagdad to Prescott then wait an hour without eating, so I need to stay the night. I've got some things to get done in town anyway, so it'll be a good productive out-of-the house couple days.

And with that I say... 
TTYL! :)

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