Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013

First things first, we have a name!! 

We've been sitting on it for about three weeks. So how did we decide on the name? Well I had a handful of names that I liked.. but I was afraid to tell him what they were! I don't know why. I was really leaning toward Lucas or Dylan. I guess I was afraid Clint would shoot them down, or we'd fight about it. I don't know! He named a few names that he liked, but I wasn't fond of, like Quinton. Quinton and Clinton? Too matchy matchy for me. But he wanted to call him Q, which I kinda liked, but couldn't think of another Q boy name. So one day from work, I grew balls and texted him my list of names. It included the two I'd mentioned, Zane, and a few others. He texted back "Zane." That was the only one he liked out of the bunch. So when I got home we talked about it and it turns out, Zane was one he had been thinking about too. So I asked about the middle name, and he said Riley. Riley is Clint's middle name, so that was an easy decision, I wasn't about to argue with that. I don't know that it flows as nicely as something else might, but I know we'll get used to it and it'll be natural. I'm definitely happy with our decision! It surprised me how easily we agreed on a name. We wanted to give it time to make sure we liked it before announcing it. I was so nervous to make it official! It's a big decision. I don't know how people can make the decision so easily! We've been calling him Zane lately and its begun to feel more natural. Then his mom called the other day, and asked if it was official yet (Clint had already told her we were thinking about it) and I just decided at that moment to make it official! So yay! It feels good to have a name! Now I look forward to the next time someone asks if we have a name,and I can tell them! :) 

Some things I like about the name Zane:
-We already have Zoey, so now it's Zane and Zoey! (our next child will not be a Z name)
-With our two Z's there is so much potential for cute scrapbook titles! :D
-I think it's a cute name for a baby/kid, but also a strong name for a man. I feel like he could do anything with that name! 

So now to discuss the mundane details of my week.. 
I'll try to be a little less in depth than normal. :p
I got all my basic housework done, but didn't do anything extra. I did do a good deep cleaning on my kitchen though, so that's something. I did do some scrapbooking. Oh and I went to Prescott for an appt (all's well) and picked up all our nursery furniture! So now those boxes are sitting in the craft room that I just cleaned out. :/ Oh well! Its still clean, just kinda full again. Next week we'll have company at the end of the week, so I'm gonna have to get the guest room (future nursery) ready. I think I'll just move the baby stuff that's in there into the craft room (damnit!) instead of trying to move all the furniture around. Clint reminded me that the futon doesn't fit through our doorways, so it has to go out the window. Well the craft room window has a table full of stuff under it, stuff that I just got set up and organized, so it'll take some work to get the futon in place. This'll be easier for now- get the guest room/nursery looking good. Go through and organize the baby stuff that I do have. Probably clean out that closet. Then when we're ready it'll be easier to to move the futon. 

I did manage two short walks this week. Holla!! The weather was so nice and warm, I wanted to get out and get some sun, and also some exercise! When I say short walks, I mean SHORT walks, but its a start! Hopefully I'll get used to it soon, if I can keep up with it, and be able to take longer walks again! Zoey is so not into walks like she used to be. In Kingman, she loved them. Here, she doesn't seem to really want to go. But I take her anyway! 

Oh yes! The cliffhanger from last week! Well its still not set in stone, but we are planning a trip to San Francisco!! Okay, I am planning it, Clint is just going along with it. LOL. I feel like we can afford it now, and who knows when that will happen again. We never took a honeymoon, and actually we've never taken a vacation just to take a vacation. Just us. We're not gonna visit any family or friends. This is just for us. I think it'll be really good for us, and really fun! Of course we're bringing Zoey! So I've spent a lot of time looking into pet-friendly things to do. San Francisco is very pet friendly, so it will work out! I've chosen a hotel and all that jazz. I haven't booked anything yet. My plan is to drive to San Francisco on a Friday (not naming dates in a blog thats not private. Just doesn't seem smart), get in late and crash. Spend Saturday at the peir, go on a bay cruise and just explore and enjoy. Back to the hotel to rest and freshen up before dinner. Not sure where we'll do dinner yet. I'm thinking it may be fun to get take out and have a pic nic on the beach somwhere. But, again, haven't figured that part out yet. Sunday I want to go to Golden Gate park. There's a lot to do and see there. I wanted to rent a boat at Stow Lake, but the boats aren't pet-friendly. So we'l still check it out, and probably cross to Strawberry Hill. Mostly it just sounds like a pretty place with lots to check out and lots of photo ops! That afternoon, we'll start heading south and stay somewhere 4-5 hours away. I found a little town with a cheap hotel that I can't remember the name of. Have dinner there and crash. Then in the morning head a little further south. I'm thinking Balboa Island for lunch, and some walking around on the beach and such. Then we'll head home and it'll be about 5-6 hours. I didn't want to take the quick route home from San Francisco, I wanted a more scenic route! So that's my plans, hopefully it all works out, because I think it'll be a lot of fun, and really good for us! 

Well I guess that's it! Have a great weekend!

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