Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013

I didn't post last weekend because I was on vacation! 
Woot woot!!
More on that later though!

I finally traded my weight loss ticker for a pregnancy ticker. The weight loss is going very backwards, obviously, so that could just go instead of changing it to a weight gain. 
And obviously Zane should be on my blog! My growing lil' boy!!
83 days to go. 
Holy crap!!

Well I guess I'll talk about vacation stuff first! We left for San Francisco on Friday. No fun scenic stops on the way there, just stops for food. It was a 14 hour day.
Holy cow. 
That's a lot of driving!
We didn't get to get Zoey's hair cut before we left, so the poor girl was so hot and uncomfy in the truck the whole way there. Broke my heart! She would normally sleep most of the way, but she just couldn't get comfortable and wanted to be in front of the a/c vent, which meant on my sitting on my knee, which is fine, but she would fall asleep and fall a bit. Poor girl. I just couldn't make her comfortable. :(

We got into SF pretty late, I want to say around 10. Clint was not a fan of driving in downtown San Francisco, which is apparently where our hotel was. I didn't realize it was so downtown when I booked it... whoops!! But hey, it was an adventure!! We just stayed at Motel 6. No pet fee and free parking (rare for SF!) And at $120 a night, it was still just about the cheapest I could find. It was a little creepy, I can't lie. Bums all over the streets, a low, narrow parking garage. Just parking was stressful. I forgot to take a picture of the room. It was fine, just odd. Cubbies instead of a dresser and a fair amount of open wasted space with a mini fridge just chillin' by itself. Flat pillows, rough towels. But I wasn't about to pay $250+ a night for a place to sleep and shower, and that's all we did there! So it was alright! Zoey was not a fan of that elevator though. She also wasn't a fan of peeing on the streets. There was no grass, no dirt, no parks nearby (that were open and allowed dogs). So we walked her on the street. There were trees planted on the sidewalk with some dirt around the trunk, so one time she peed there, another time on the sidewalk. Other times she just held it till we got to grass. She's so not a city dog! LOL 

Saturday morning we took a cab (because we weren't about to drive in SF any more than we had to!) to Ghiradelli's Square where we ate brunch (late start) at Lori's Diner. The food was alright, but the service was great! In a year all I'll remember about that place is that they let us INSIDE with our DOG because it was kinda raining and super wet and cold outside. I could not thank them enough. I chose that place for the patio seating, but wasn't expecting raining when I planned it, of course. Super nice people!!
Then of course I had to go to the Ghiradelli store and buy something. I just ended up with some chocolate covered raisins. I could have bought a giant candy bar but decided that $60 for chocolate is not necessary. And can you imagine packing that around all day? No thanks! :p 

(Yes, Clint had our spoiled little Zoey in his hoodie... almost all day! She was comfy and warm there!)

Then we walked down to the bay. Didn't go on the beach here just looked. Clint found himself a boat he wants! 

Then we walked almost a mile, exploring some of the shops and things along the way. We went into an antique store/gift shop which Clint found really neat. Lots of old fisherman's stuff. By this time we were at Fisherman's Wharf, of course. There were a couple old historical boats that we could have toured, but chose not to. We looked though! We walked all the way to Pier 39 where we got some Ben & Jerry's ice cream and decided it was nap time. so we went back to the hotel and took a nap (he & Z did, I tried) before heading back down to the Pier. We wandered around there more than we had before. Did some sight seeing. 

Then it was time for our bay cruise! It was a little scary moving around that ship being pregnant! The tour went around Alcatraz and under the bridge while talking about the history of it all. Very neat! Kinda chilly of course, but worth it! Zoey wasn't so sure about this big boat, though. Most of the time we all sat and watched.
 For dinner we went to Wipeout Bar & Grill which had great outdoor seating and excellent service and yummy food too! The dipping sauce that came with the shrimp appetizer was amazing! It was a great choice to eat there! After dinner we walked around more and checked out some of the shops, bought a couple souveniers. I didn't want to go souvenier crazy, but had to get a few things! By the time the sun started going down, we were beat! So I got me some Mrs. Field's Cookies (mmmmmm!) and back to the hotel and not long till we were crashed out!

The next morning we checked out of the hotel and unfortunately had to brave the traffic without a cab! Booo! We headed to Crissy Field. Crissy Field is pretty neat- I bet its great in the summer time! Dogs everywhere! Running around in and out of the water, having a blast! Zoey was lovin' it! I mean she didn't run in the water (my prissy girl? Yeah right!) but she loved the sand and the dogs! This was another big walking day! We walked and explored almost another mile to where we had lunch at The Warming Hut. I had read Yelp reviews and thought it sounded great. Sandwiches and stuff. Well its very organic and natural. Not really Clint's kind of thing. He got a bagel and I got a chicken sandwich which was actually really yummy.. it had a sun dried tomato spread on it that was delish!! But overall not the best place for us.

The below pic is outside of The Warming Hut.. kinda can't beat the view!

Dogs were loving this little area!

We had to walk back to the truck, so there's even MORE walking! *panting* Of course the sun started to come out on our walk back.

When we got back to the truck, it was time to leave the city! We headed south. I think it was about 5 hours to where we had reservations in Lompoc. But first we stopped off in Shell Beach at this scenic park and ended up having dinner in town. It was sunset.. perfect time of day for this picture!!

We got to the hotel, this time a Red Roof Inn (for less than half the price), and it was much nicer and more comfy! Ahhh we slept good that night!

The next morning was ridiculously windy!! We got breakfast and headed south. We took highway 1 along the coast for a ways, and stopped at several view points and a camp grounds. All camp grounds had this sign by their beaches. :(
So we just drove around and looked. So pretty there!! That's some place I would LOVE to camp!! Right on the water. ahhh!

There was a park that allowed dogs! So we went there and I tried to get Z to play in the sand and maybe get her feet wet but she wasn't havin' it!

After this stop, we were done with fun stuff! No more scenic stops, it was time to get home! We stopped for a while in Arcadia for lunch and ended up at a mall. We had Red Robin (yumm) and Clint found some goodies at a Sport Chalet and I found more Mrs. Field's cookies (mmm!) and some ice cream (wow I sound like a piggy!!) and then we were on the road for real!! We got in later than planned, but that's life! No one was happier to be home than our little Z dog!!\

So that was our trip in a nutshell! It was a lot of fun! A LOT of walking, but a lot of fun. I was sore after all that. I think Zoey was too. I spend Tuesday doing basically nothing. I was wiiiped out!!

Wednesday I had an appointment so we all loaded up and got Zoey a hair cut (finally!) and went to my appt, got groceries and paint (yay!!) and stuff.

My appt was fine. Nothing new or exciting. I found out I can take Claritan (allergies have be AWFUL) so that's good. I gained 9 more lbs in the last month ( :/ )... Hopefully some of that is just vacation weight and will go away... Psh. That's 35 lbs total I believe. Crap. Ol. A!!
Oh well. 

I think that about covers everything. I'm at work this weekend and working on planning my baby shower and looking into getting a 3d ultrasound soon. Woot woot! Lots of fun stuff. 
I'm just exhausted lately and all I wanna do is sleep!

OH! I did my glucose tolerance test before our trip and Oh Em Gee I passed!!! Happy dance!!! I thought I would fail for sure. BUT I am a little anemic so I've started taking more iron. So far it hasn't given me more energy. I was hoping it would because like I said, I've been exhausted!! 
I've got a lot to do- no time to be so sleepy!

Okay I gotta go, supposed to be closing up shop here! 
Till next time!

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