Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013

Guess how many walks I took this week!
None again. 
Whoops!... again. 

What did I do this week? Let's see if I can even remember... 
Monday and Tuesday I was home... somewhat productive but Clint was on nights so I can't blast music and blasting music helps be accomplish things! But little by little I'm making progress in my messy collect-all craft room. Although I end up piling stuff in the future nursery so I don't know how well I'm really doing! Haha!
Wednesday I went to Prescott for a Drs appt (all's well) and then to Target to have fun with the registry. Then I met with a friend to get some baby stuff she had for me (more to add to my pile! LOL) and then home just in time for my safety meeting! 
Thursday I went to Phoenix! I met up witha friend for lunch. We met online and its the first time we've hung out in person, but we've known each other for years. It was just like we were old friends! I had a great time! We had lunch then went to AZ Mills and shopped around. I got a great maternity dress that I feel so good in! Love it!! But the real reason I went to Phx was because my other friend, Gwen, was being induced. She lives in Globe and I never get out there, but since she was delivering in Phx, it was a good opportunity for me to see her, and meet her new little man! She had him around 3 and I got there around 4:30 I think. I got to hold him before he was even 2 hours old!! So precious! I hung out there till almost 6 then I had to start my 3 hour drive home. Yawn. Blasting music gets me through that too! :D I was exhausted when I got home at around 9. Didn't stay up very late at all. 
And now its Friday and I'm at work!

So I should talk about my awful eating habits. I may have mentioned them in the recent weeks. 
I suck. 
That's all.
I need to get better! 
I've had some good days but I need more of those. 

I've already gained 21 lbs. 

Okay I am starving so this is short! 

Till next time!

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