Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22, 2013

I don't think I mentioned last week that I was sick. I'm just getting over it, so it wasn't the super most productive week! And nothing fun happened either! :( I did manage to get my grocery shopping done on Monday, and made it a pretty quick day! I didn't make lunch plans with anyone or do anything extra, so that always makes it quicker! :)

Our end-of-the week company didn't happen (miscommunication) which is totally fine, and kind of a relief because I wasn't feeling good and didn't have the house in the state I like it to be when we're having company!

I did manage to get most of my normal chores done, and got the guest room mostly done, and cleaned out most of that closet. It won't be much work now to move everything out of there to make room for Zane's stuff so that's good! Clint even started going through his desk that's in there. Oh and I cleaned our laundry room. Much needed!! But most of the time I was just sooo tired!! I would get a little bit done then feel like I could sleep for hours! But that was the sickies! Its mostly gone now, I think, but I'm still blowing my nose all the damn time and I bet I'll be ready for bed early again tonight.

So yeah.. that's an uneventful week! I did talk to my mom and make some baby shower plans! We're gonna do it on Sunday April 28th and the park here in Bagdad. I didn't want the stress of doing it at home. I was gonna do a conference room but my mom didn't like that idea, and the more I thought about it, I didn't either! Mostly because its right next to a (different) park and the kids would all just want to go play at the park and a parent or two would end up out there babysitting instead of participating in silly shower games! The park is big and grassy/sandy and has lots of great equipment for the kids to play on! I realized we're gonna have quite a few kids at my shower if everyone brings their kids. At least 9, possibly up to 15! So I'm glad they'll be well entertained! So it'll be a BBQ shower and that'll be nice & easy. I'll just have to prepare for wind and such. I've been looking for ideas of good outdoor games and decor and stuff.

I've also been pinning maternity photo ideas! And I've talked to Jenn about the shoot. I was wanting to do something by water, somewhere sandy (hard to find around here though!) and of course she knows just the place! We're gonna scope it out in a couple weeks. Its a really small lake but its got decent sand and we should be able to make it really cute! AND we're gonna do some fishing themed shots which will go great in the nursery. Then when she's doing shots of just me, Clint will be entertained! We've got a lot of great ideas floating around, so I'm way excited about it! I wish I didn't have to wait a couple months for the shoot! But the bigger the belly, the better the pictures! :)

So that's what I've got going through my head now! I've got a lot of fun things coming up to think about and plan! Vacation, shower, pictures, Zane's nursery and arrival then of course newborn pictures! Loving my life!

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