Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9, 2013

Time for my weekend update!

I'm gonna stop mentioning the walks I'm not taking until I start taking them. 

Monday I was productive! Did some of my basic housework and worked on the messy craft room and got a lot done. I got the whole closet cleaned out and reorganized.
Tuesday was grocery shopping day. Had lunch with a couple of my besties (and collected the girl scout cookies that I had ordered...), bought a new purse at Payless that I think is super cute and then did my regular Wal Mart, gas, Costco, pizza routine. Oh and I stopped off at Baskin Robbins.... Yeah I'm not doing too great with the healthier eating thing... But damn that ice cream was good! And I only did a ONE scoop sundae, so its not so bad...
Wednesday was more basic housework and guess what...!!! I FINISHED THE MESSY CRAFT ROOM!! I felt so accomplished!! I went through just about all my scrappy stuff and got everything re-organized. I need better storage solutions before I can really get it in order. But I wiped everything down, vacuumed, the works! And now there's room for the futon and the desk that currently reside in the future nursery. I felt so accomplished. And I'm just sure I'm nesting at this point! Woot woot!
Thursday I felt like I kinda had a day off since I'd finished the room, lol. I actually did my hair and stuff in the AM, ran a couple errands before lunch. After lunch I went through my closet. I bagged up all the clothes I won't be wearing till after the baby comes. Luckily I had found my space saver bags in the other room. :p Then I cleaned out the rest of the closet and made it all nice and organized. Woot woot! Looks great now!
So Thursday night it was supposed to rain all night, and then all day Friday. So I woke up Friday thinking I wouldn't be going to work. Well crap. It didn't rain all night! So I had to get ready and as soon as I'm about to leave, it starts hailing (groppling?). Figures! My boss called me and told me to go in anyway and just wait a while to see what it does, he was heading out of town. So me & the guys ended up opening the course at around 10 (usually at 8) since it hadn't rained at all for a while, and who knows what its gonna do. Well of course it started raining off and on and by 11:30 it was heavy enough that we figured we should close up shop. So we did. So it was a short easy day for me. I came home and did some scrapbooking in my nice clean craft room! I didn't get a ton done, but it was nice to be in there! I'm gonna try to start scrapping at least once a week so I can get caught up before baby comes!
Today I'm at work but so far no golfers. If no one's been here in a couple hours, I'll call it a day. Its not raining, but very cloudy and cold! Although its not windy so I'm kinda surprised there hasn't been ANYONE. Oh well. Luckily I don't get paid on commission! :p Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer weather.

So I mentioned my "basic housework" a few times and what I mean by that is my recently established chore list (which is on my computer because my husband doesn't need to see what I intend to do in case I don't do it! :p ). I haven't started doing everything yet because I was so busy with that mess room. Now that its done, I should be able to do everything on it, and I want to add that room to the list, just for upkeep. Here's how I have it set: 
Daily- make beds (hasn't happened yet), exercise (also hasn't happened yet), kitchen, including clearing off the table that we always toss things on (usually happens), laundry as needed (usually do it Mon-Tues).
Monday- Bathrooms and bedroom, water plants. I've been doing that except I haven't deep cleaned any of it like I need to to get it started. I've just been tidy-ing more than anything. I need to go through and organize everything in those rooms!
Tuesday- Vacuum and dust. Been doing that!
Wednesday- Declutter living room (usually do), sweep leaves outside and tidy yard (haven't started doing yet)
Thursday- Relax and catch up! I'll often have to make a trip to Prescott once a week so I've got Thursday set aside to make up for those days. And if I don't go to Prescott at all? That's a good scrappy day or just do whatever I want!

But there are other big projects I need to do around the house while I'm feeling so productive. Like I said, I need to go through the bedroom and bathrooms. This includes all Clint's clothes which means he'll have to help with that. We've been toting around a tote of old clothes of his for years and years that he just really needs to go through and get rid of stuff! I need to go through the soon-to-be nursery and get that all ready, and Clint will have to go through the desk he's got in there. I really need to shampoo the carpets throughout the entire house. And I want to get in my kitchen and go through all my cabinets and stuff. Get rid of some things we never use, organize what we do. Oh I also need to deep clean my laundry room!

I don't know why I'm getting in this routine just to have it all messed up when the baby comes! LOL I know I won't be able to stick to it too well while adjusting to life with a newborn. But at least when he gets here, it should be nice and clean! 

Blah blah blah.
What else?

I realized I only have one pair of shorts from last summer, and a denim skirt. Seems like I'd have more, but I guess I was wearing jeans to work so I only needed stuff for the weekends and that did the trick for me. So I decided that in May or so, I'm gonna buy me a couple pairs of shorts, in a couple sizes, for after he comes. I'll need them for the summer! I was a 14 last summer but I'm expecting to be a 16 post baby. Hopefully not an 18 (eek!). I'm gonna wait till May so that if I end up not needing 16s (being optimistic!) I should be able to return them for what I paid for them without a reciept. If I get them now, they'll be on clearance by July. That's my logic anyway. 

I guess thats it. Maybe next week I'll talk about the little vacation I hope to be taking next month. :)
That was a cliff hanger. :p

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