Saturday, April 2, 2011

Look At Me, Blogging!

So I have gone back and forth about what to do with this blog. I've decided it's keeping its name. It will continue to be about all aspects of my life, not just TTC, and I plan to blog more frequently! I've added our TTC timeline on the side bar there, since that will be a big part of the blog, and its easier to know what's going on with that there. I just weeded through the blogs that I follow. I'm still following way too many, but have weeded out the ones that made me think "why did I ever start following this blog?!"and the ones that haven't been updated in a really long time, and the ones that I no longer have access to. I don't think I stopped following anyone who follows me. If I did, please let me know and I'll follow again! :)

So how about a real update on my life, eh? I have actually taken an interest in yard work, which has never ever happened before. It's because of this beautiful Arizona weather, it just calls me outside. So I've got all the leaves picked up (they've only been there since we moved in...) and an area picked out for a flower garden, which I plan to start soon. But I know very little about how to start a garden, so I've been putting it off. I don't wanna mess up! I'll start soon though. Clint started a spot for peppers, which, at the moment looks like a grave. In fact, if Clint ever goes missing..... I kid, I kid! I would hide him better than that! I don't know when he will start that pepper garden, or if I'll end up doing it. But it should be fun anyway.

Zoey has also been loving the warm weather. She is outside a lot, chasing the birds and the bugs. Silly puppy.

Robin and I have been going for (almost 2 mile) walks often. I really want to go at least every other day. Of course, we didn't go yesterday (but walking around Wal Mart totally counts as exercise, right?) and we didn't go today because we both had loads of laundry to do. So hopefully tomorrow, if it's not too windy. Her biggest little one doesn't like the wind. After our walks we usually just hang out, maybe play a little Wii. I'm so glad I have Robin here in Bagdad!

Clint has been working his butt of lately, putting in lots of hours. I'm a lucky lady, and I appreciate him very much!

I've been making small attempts to eat better. It sucks. LOL. I will do better once I have an official list of dos and don'ts from my doctor, which I imagine will be on the 14th. No fun! But yeah yeah, I know, it'll be good for me. And hey, if it helps us concieve, it will be worth it!

I will end this now. It's about time to start watering the "lawn" (it will be a real lawn eventually). Then Clint will be home and dinner will be going....

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  1. Yeey for an update. Ill be looking for your new posts like you look for mine.. Ill be your #1 fan errr follower!! :)Stalker style!