Saturday, April 30, 2011


So yesterday I bought myself a glucose monitor, AKA a finger pricker! Okay it doesn't hurt that bad, but it took several minutes for me to get up the nerve to do it the first time!

I tested before dinner and it was low, I think 105. I tested 2 horus after dinner (tacos) and it was, I think 120something). Still in normal range. I tested this morning when I got up and it was 86. I had apples & peanut butter for breakfast and tested two hours later and it was 126. Still good. I had a Healthy Choice meal for lunch but didn't test two hours after that (I don't want to use so many test strips!). But all the normal numbers got me thinking. Why are they normal? Shouldn't they be high? Is it just the diet? So, purely as a test (not at all because I wanted chocolate, really), I had a great big handfull of chocolate chips and applesauce. I'm weird, I put chocolate chips in applesauce. A half hour later (just now) it was at 160, which is in the pre-diabetic range. I'll test again once it's been 2 hours and see if its still up there. Maybe the doctor was right after all. ;) I really want to learn more about this, and see how different food effect my glucose level. Before I get too prick-happy though, I need to buy more lancets and more test strips. So for now I think I'll just test after I've had something that I think I'm maybe not supposed to have (ie carbs).

In my pre-diabetes book, it doesn't say anything about when your blood sugar is too low. But isn't that possible? I remember when I worked at Wal Mart a woman was having diabetic related problems (I don't remember if she passed out or what) and they gave her some orange juice to raise her blood sugar. So the next thing I need to learn is what is too low and what I need to eat or drink to fix it. I guess that will be another time I test, when I think it's low. Because since I was a teenager, when I get a certain kind of hungry, I feel like I need to eat right away. I get a little shaky and a little sweaty, and I feel weak. I always thought that was diabetes. And now that I have this pre-d diagnosis, I think I was right.

Since I've been back from Safford, I've gone to the gym everyday! Today was the best day I've had there. I did 10 minutes on the bicycle first and that kinda got me warmed up and the elliptical wasn't so hard, and I feel like I got a better workout. But, I learned that there are more people there on Saturday afternoons. :( Younger people! Go away, youngin's and let me work out in peace! LOL They weren't annoying or anything, I just feel more comfortable when I'm in there alone, or close to it. :)

When I got to the gym today, I asked when the pool is opening, which is based on when school gets out. Schools gets out at the END of May. For some reason I wasn't thinking it was mid-May. So we are still without a pool for another month. This sucks. I wish I could be a lifeguard so it could be open year round!

That's it from me, till next time..

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