Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finding the Bright Side

Gah! I'm usually so good at finding the bright side, and getting excited about it. In this case, I see all the bright sides, I'm just not getting excited about it for some reason!

What are the bright sides?
*When I lose weight, I'll look & feel better!
*Maybe I'll have more energy, too!
*I won't be at such a high risk for diabetes, which is great. I really don't want to be a diabetic!
*I'l be living a healthier lifestyle, that hopefully I'll continue after I reach my 25lb goal.
*Hopefully it will make me a healthier mommy someday, and our kids will be healthier because of it.
*In six months or so, we can TTC again, and hopefully get pregnant pretty quick, and hopefully have a healthy baby.
*A July baby isn't so bad. I always wanted a spring or summer baby. Warm weather birthday parties are more fun, and easier to plan! So if we have a July-September baby, that's great!
*During this time while we're not TTC, I can enjoy life in a different way, without worrying about my cycles or not having a drink "just in case." I now KNOW that I won't be pregnant in 4 months, so if I want to plan things that I can't do while pregnant, I can!

So there. I'm being positive.

However, this diet? Sucks! My shopping trip was something of a fail. I got plenty of fruit, and stuff for salads. But I didn't get any side dishes. Probably because I don't know what to get. Guess we will just have to figure it out.

So yesterday Robin & I went to Prescott (kid free!) and we had lunch at Olive Garden. Obviously I didn't get the big plate of pasta I would normally go for. No, we both did the unlimited soup, salad, & breadsticks deal. We had three salads, I had two bowls of soup, and limitted myself to one breakdstick. I had the Minestrone soup, which has veggies & beans. It also has some macaroni, but oh well! For a snack later, I had a banana. On the way home, we ate a bag of grapes (instead of the Easter candy we've been having lately).
For dinner, Clint & I had taco salad. We baked some whole wheat carb balance tortillas, which were actually really good like that! I don't know if I'm supposed to have any kind of tortilla. Obviously, I still haven't got my diet completely figured out. But after dinner, I could feel my body digesting differently. It hurt a little, but mostly it was just weird. This diet is already effecting me. And I know it's a good thing. It's just weird!

Today I had Total boring cereal for breakfast with half a banana. For lunch I had a Healthy Choice meal. Throughout the day I've had another banana, a watermelon slice, an apple, a ham & cheese rollup and a hard boiled egg. Not once have I felt full, or even satisfied after eating. I hope it gets better.

For dinner we're having grilled chicken and corn. Corn is starch, so it's probably a no no. I'll also have salad. Heck the cereal I had this morning probably wasn't right. I guess I should be having eggs for breakfast. I don't like to cook in the morning though. Argh!

While in Prescott yesterday, I got "The Everything Guide To Reversing And Managing Pre Diabetes" so I will read that soon, and hopefully it will give me a better understanding of sugars and carbs and what I can and cannot eat. I would also like to see if I can get one of those finger prick tester things. I think it would help me to see how different foods effect my blood sugar. But maybe the book will give me the understanding I'm looking for.

Time for a change of subject! This morning, Clint helped me get my flower garden area ready. He mixed the soil & stuff for me. And I planted my itty bitty seeds. Really, I wasn't expecting them to be so small! I should have started with the baby plans instead of seeds. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky! Clint planted his pepper garden yesterday. And we have a raspberry bush to plant, and more flowers and pumpkins and watermelons. Not sure when we'll do that, since we're out of soil. But I look forward to watching all of it grow!

I haven't mentioned my little Zoey lately. Today, Clint handed me a rose bud that he cut off the bush. I was holding it and we were just talking, not even paying attention to Zoey. All of a sudden Zoey jumps up and tries to take the rose from my hand. LOL She thought it was food! Sometimes we'll hold treats at our hips and make her jump for it. Well that's where I was holding the rose. I have it to her but she wasn't interested in eating it. Silly puppy.

I'll leave you with that silly puppy thought. Till next time...


  1. Once you get more used to the diet, your body will adjust to it as well. Right now your stomach is stretched and used to being fed so much, that when you eat a healthy portion, your monster will continue to tell you that it is starving. After eating on the diet for a while, your stomach will shrink and eventually you will feel satisfied with the little portions....

    Ok, so that is what people tell me. lol I do not know that from first hand. Makes sense though.

    Zoey is a silly flower eating, wall jumping, ball of energy :)

  2. Try drinking a very large glass of water when you eat, it will trick your body into feeling full. Also, if you get hungry and it's not a snack time, try brushing your teeth. It's a trick Pamela Anderson uses.