Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

I will try not to make this too super duper long!

Robin & I left around 10:00 Thursday morning. We had to stop in Wickenburg for Lala to get her rabies shot. But after that the stops were just for food, gas, pee. Of course road trips with kids are much different than road trips with just Clint & I! All the stops take longer! But I'm not complaining, just an observation. We got in somewhere around 7.. had dinner, watched the end of Idol, chatted, played Rummy, and went too bed way too late (most of that we did every night)!

The next day, we (I) slept in and had a fairly lazy day. Did a little shopping.

Saturday was the Pima County Fair in Tucson. That was a lot of fun! We took Ellie on a few rides, and with just about every one, she really wanted to go on it, until it came time to actually get on it then she freaked out! The first ride was a dragn kiddie coaster, which she did all by herself. She was all smiles until it started moving. Poor kid! We had turkey legs for lunch before walking around the shopping part of the fair. I spent a good amount of time talking to these diet people. If it wasn't so expensive I might have signed up. It's meals, kinda like a Nutrisystem, but its actually designed for people like me, and supposedly has great results. BUT I really need to learn how to prepare meals for myself, so its probably best that I didn't sign up.

Sunday was Easter, and it was not the normal Easter. It was fun, just different! The absense of the Myers (SIL) family was the biggest difference! And no extended family came, so it was just different! But Ellie & Garrett hunted eggs and got Easter baskets and we all ate good food!

Monday we left later then I expected (like 2PM!) but it was okay. We had a smooth trip home, only stopping for the necessities, so it went fast. Its amazing how Robin & I manage to find things to talk about no matter how much time we spend together! Over the weekend, I joked that we started acting like real sisters.. the way we were picking on each other. I guess she is the closest thing I've ever had to a sister, and I'm glad! :)

We got home at like 8 last night and today I've been doing laundry and trying to clear out my DVR! :)

Diet was only so-so... if I'm being honest, less than so-so while away. I didn't go back to old habits but it was just harder to avoid the carbs! I had apples & peanut butter for breakfast every day and that was good. Lunch varied, a few salads, a tuna sandwich. But dinner. Ohhh.. dinner. Spghetti, rice, tortilla. It didn't do terribly but I could have done better. And through Saturday I did okay with the snacking, but once the Easter candy rolled in, it was hard to avoid! I did have more then I should have, but still no where near as much as I would have had if it weren't for the diet. On the road, I got salads when I could, and a wrap at Sonic because apparently the don't do salads anymore. Dumb! Oh, and travel snacks proved to be tricky! I should have brought more fruit on the way there. Gas stations aren't known for their healthy snacks, apparently! I found the peanuts are the way to go. I also had a cheese stick & a peach cup (which probably had sugar in it). I guess overall I did okay. But the only exercise I got was walking around stores and the fair. Oh well, I went to the gym today! :)

So that's it from this girl, maybe I'll get to my song challenge tomorrow! :)

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