Monday, April 4, 2011

Sand & Sun

So today was fun. Robin & the kids and I went to what us Bagdonians call a "river." It's running pretty dry at the moment, but there was plenty of water to splash around in. The kids sure did seem to enjoy it! So did the dogs... boy, did they get dirty! Zoey actually got pretty deep into the water, which is rare for her. I guess she figured if Lala (Robin's dog) can do it, so can she! Robin & I got to lay out in the sun and get our tan on. Ish. I don't tan easily. At least my legs don't. They're clear, the sun goes right through them. Oh well, it was nice to bake anyhow! It was a really nice day, and we had a good time! I was gonna post pictures, but my computer is being so bad at the moment, that it's just not gonna happen! Sorry!

I also wanted to say that I watched the ACM Awards last night, which is more of a concert than an awards show. But it was fun to watch. I liked this part:

Also wanted to say that I finally downloaded Femme Fatale (Britney) and of course love it. I think I will always love Britney, even if she sucks. Kinda like Justin and Christina. I guess I just gotta hang on to that little part of my youth. :)

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