Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

Time for me weekend update!

Tuesday's childbirth class was pretty great! Well first it was pretty scary because they showed a video of labor and birth and it just looks miserable. Like seriously how am I gonna do this??! I plan to get an epi, but contractions hurt before you can get the epi too! AND what if I don't make it to the hospital in time?! I'm 2 hours out and if I wait till the contractions are 5 minutes apart of an hour like I'm supposed to... then what if I progress quickly after that and I can't get my epi?!?! 

Sigh. But I'm sure I'll survive. 
I just really hate to think of myself screaming in agony in a room full of people.
I don't think I'm the type of person who benefits from watching that video beforehand. 
For some reason I hadn't thought about the pain involved with labor until we started these classes. I knew it wasn't a walk in the park, but I just hadn't really thought about it beyond that.
I miss those days.

But after the video and some other stuff, it was time for... breathing exercises!
Okay I am so not good at doing weird things like that in front of people.
I may have gotten a small case of the giggles.
Had to close my eyes and think about other things to stop.
But it was good. I at least learned a little and can (and have!) practice at home and be more prepared.
But the best part of the class.... MASSAGE TECHNIQUES!! 
Clint had to give me a massage! It was AMAZEBALLS!! 
First they gave everyone a tube sock with two tennis balls in it. This thing was amazing. All he's gotta do is rub it around my back. Felt. Great. Then they passed around little paint rollers, but that didn't really do it for me. They taught him a criss-crossy back massage. Don't know how to explain it, but that was nice. They taught a little hand massage and a hip massage that helps to open the pelvis. It was all just very nice and relaxing, and he did great!!
Oh and they also talked about the benefits of an exercise ball. Which I'll have to google again. I remember the movements they did on it, but don't remember why. lol I know "they" say to sit on an exercise ball if you work in an office as its better for your back than an office chair. Anyway I do plan to google that some this weekend. 

So after the class Clint suggested going to Wal Mart to get tennis balls and an exercise ball. And so we did. 
When I sit on the exercise ball, I definitely feel less pressure on my lower back, but there's no back support so its just not comfy for me! But again, I'm gonna google exercises and see what I come up with. I've seen people use those balls at the gym so even if I don't use it while pregnant, maybe I'll learn how to use it at home after Zane come.

Somewhere during the class, we told them that we lived in Bagdad. So at the end of the class, one of the instructors told us that she's from Bagdad! We compared people we know in common and such and then she talked to us about the possibility of induction. Which is something I've really been wondering about. I know that a lot of people from Bagdad get  induced because of the distance, but I wasn't sure what determines that. I mean I know it depends on the doctor mostly. Anyway she said that its likely, and she said that if I test positive for Group B Strep they'll most likely want to induce because I'll need an antibiotic within a specific time frame and they want to be sure I get that in time. Also she said that if I have an appt at 36-37 weeks and I'm dilated to a 4 or so, they'll likely schedule an induction for sometime in the next few days.
It was just really good info to get.. all things I've been wondering about. Its too early to say for sure whether or not I'll be induced of course, but good to know some of the things that will have to be considered. So we really appreciated that she hung out and talked to us after the class!!

Oh what did we do before the class? We did a little grocery and baby shopping at Wal Mart. I got a lot of the little things we still needed. Extra crib sheets, mattress protector, infant medicines (since we can't just run to the store if he gets sick at 2AM), etc. 
Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Super yum!
Then we (I) went to Hobby Lobby. I needed some albums (one for me, one for Zane!) and they were 50% off, so woot woot! Got a few other scrappy things and found a couple things for Zane's room!

Speaking of Zane's room... I am really disappointed with customer service at Graco (LaJobi). I would definitely recommend calling on a business day rather than emailing. It takes 3 business days between emails and the woman that I've been corresponding with just lacks customer service skills. The first thing she said to me should have been "I'm so sorry for the inconvenience." But not once have I heard anything close to an apology, or any sense of urgency. Hello?!We're having a baby! This is kinda time sensitive!! Anyway, I emailed them 2 Saturdays ago. Heard from her the following Wednesday and she needed more info and that it would come FedEx so she needed a physical address. I emailed her back the info she needed. She emailed me back last Monday and all it said was "Hi Janessa. Your order will be processed." Ummm... Can I get a time frame on that??! That is so freaking vague. Pissed me off. So I emailed her back (not sure why) asking for more detailed info, as in how long that takes and I didn't hear back from her so on the third business day (yesterday) I called the customer service number and asked for an update. Spoke to someone else and they said that my order was being processed. Facepalm. But since I had her on the phone I was able to ask what that meant. That means 7-10 business days. They don't offer a tracking number once its shipped but I can call next week for one. And if I haven't received the hardware by Thursday, I will be calling for a status update. It's just ridiculous. Its a damn good thing I didn't wait till the last second to get the furniture because we'd be screwed. This is their fault and I just feel like they should be more apologetic/sympathetic and act like the care about getting our hardware out to us!
Rant over. 
I just can't wait to get that crib put together so I can get his room finished. Its really holding things up.

So this week since I couldn't focus on his room like I wanted to, I focused on my house! I realized that I spent all last week doing stuff for Zane that my house kinda fell apart. LOL Well not really but I just reeaaally needed to vacuum and our bedroom was a mess. So I took care of some basic housework and that was good!
Clint even went through some totes full of old clothes that I've been wanting him to go through for years!! I now have 3 bags to take to Good Will. 
Yeah.. Three trash bags!!

What else?
The day after our class, Wednesday, I woke up, got dressed and when I looked down at my belly, it looked lower. So I asked Clint if my belly looked different and he said it looks rounder and lower. 
Zane had been really squirmy the days before, maybe he's no longer breech? Kinda hoping! 
Its funny because now at the top of my tummy where it used to be hard, its kinda squishy! Just strange how quickly it can change!

Anyway I took the new belly picture that day, so what do you think? Lower?

And that's it from this girl!

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  1. Glad you are learning stuff from the classes.. I could tell you all kinds of stuff from my birthing experiences, like I didnt use the breathing at all, or my contractions werent bad at all but once I felt like I wanted the epi, I got it..... But, I wont.. Every experience is different!!! I was really scared about being 2 hours away too!! That was so hard to get passed until I was scheduled for an induction, which it could still happen.. lol and Hopefully Mr Zane is not breech any more!!