Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013

Soo I've decided that when I don't have a super eventful week, there's no need to give you a day-by-day play-by-play. 

Tuesday was the only notable day, really. We had to leave around 8:30 for an ultrasound at 10:30. We got to see our little Zane again (and I haven't scanned the new pix yet, so you don't get to see him this time! :p )! At my last appointment, I was measuring 4 weeks ahead so they wanted to do a growth scan this time. According to the ultrasound, he's only a week ahead, which is fine and normal. My fluid levels are good and he weighs about 4lbs 11oz which sounds so big to me! But the ultrasound tech said that's average for an 8lb baby, and the doctor said that's in the 59th percentile, so that's not bad. She measured his head and his belly but they didn't tell me those measurements. But they both looked huge to me! LOL. He was moving around like always and  she did switch over to 3d a few times for us. I felt like the quality was better than what we saw in Phoenix. We could see his little face so much better. Still got those chubby little cheeks! He's still breech but I guess that's not a concern at this point. I feel like he's taking up a lot of room in there because I have to pee a lot and have shortness of breath a lot! So we had the u/s in Prescott and after that we had to go to Prescott Valley for the Drs appt (they have two offices, and that's where my Dr was that day). All went well there. I asked him if I'll get back on Metformin after baby and he said yes (what I wanted to hear! It helps with the weight loss), and I asked if I had to wait the 6 weeks before getting back to the gym and he said  yes (booo!). Not that I'll probably feel like exercising right away anyway. So my early weight loss plans are to try to eat better, lots of walks, and of course breast feeding! Dr. O says it'll be the easiest weight I'll ever lose, but I have my doubts. I've already gained, I think, 42 lbs. Eeeek!! 
After the appointments we went to lunch at Red Robin. We always get a waiter when we sit in the bar section. Like they try to be funny but they're just not. He was nice enough, just so odd. No more sitting in the bar section for us! LOL Then we went to Wal Mart and did some grocery shopping. I decided I'm not gonna be getting cold stuff in town for a while since I'll only be going to town on days when we have birthing classes (which start at 7pm), so it was an odd trip! lol.... Then we had time to kill! So Clint wanted to go to a few sporting goods stores and the other Wal Mart (to look at fishing stuff) and I just had to get some Baskin Robbins. Mmmm. We ended our time killing with K Mart. Can't tell you the last time I'd been in a K Mart. It was like exploring a new, foreign land. We didn't buy anything, but there was a Little Caesar's in there, so we did dinner there. It was ridiculously cheap and not too bad. A little undercooked and too much cheese, but pretty good tasting. I hadn't had LC in forever either! 
From there we went to the hospital for the class. Of course we were way early and the first ones there. Now I wasn't sure what to expect out of this class. I was kinda looking forward to it, knowing I'd get some good info out of it. But also kinda dreading it. And I did not think Clint would be thrilled to be there, figured he'd be moody and stuff, but it was actually kinda fun! And he was in a good mood about it, and even had to participate! haha!! They did this ridiculous exercise comparing holding ice in my hand to contractions. Okay that ice hurt!!! That just made me think I'll never make it through labor if I can barely handle the ice. Ouch!! But I know its different. I know that when I have to, I handle pain better than expected. They taught us some exercises to ease back pain, and a lesson on kegels. I guess I should be doing them, but I don't like to! lol that's silly. So now Clint asked me yesterday if I'd been doing them. I guess I should be if it'll make labor easier! Anyway it was kinda fun. Next week we're supposed to bring a pillow and not wear a dress... bet that will be even MORE fun! LOL I'm glad Clint gets to go with me to that one!
I'm hoping at some point during the classes they'll tell us what we need to bring to the hospital and what they provide. My hospital bag list is way too long already!
Anyway the class was over at 9 and of course we headed home. It was a long day (about 14 hours!) and we were tired and Zoey was sooo happy to see us, as you can imagine! 

The rest of the week seemed to be filled with laundry! Well first I had a bunch of garbage to get rid of. Well recycling. We had boxes from some of the big stuff, and the dresser and all the packaging materials. I'm sure our recycle pick-up guy loved us this week. We did get the dresser finished on Monday (yay!) and its nice to have something together in there. I put some of the decor on top of it just to kinda set the tone I guess. Then yeah laundry laundry laundry. I actually got all OUR stuff done and put away by Wednesday afternoon (so rare) because I wanted to do all Zane's. I washed allllll his clothes. Even the hand-me-downs from Robin, which I know were clean, but I don't know how long they've been stored and they could have a weird smell or something. IDK, they didn't have a weird smell, but I washed them anyway. LOL. And all his new clothes, and I started on the blankets. Whew! So I got that all folded. Keep in mind the hand-me-downs go up to 6 months, so it was a lot! That's basically all I did yesterday. I put the 3-6 month stuff away, in the bottom drawers, and threw his socks in the top drawer. I want to go through the rest of the stuff a little more and put favorites toward the top of the pile. All his hanging stuff is up. I just hung the cuter stuff. The NB stuff is kinda in order. The first 5 or 6 things are what I want to make sure he gets to wear while he still fits in NB sizes (because I feel like he won't be in them long!). Then the 0-3 month stuff I have kiiinda in order. Like the first half are favorites. I have a LOT of favorites. Oh and I got 2 potential going home outfits in the diaper bag. One for NB one 0-3, just in case. They're just simple outfits, but I think they're cute. :) 

I think I mentioned last weekend that our crib/changer came without the hardware. I emailed them last Saturday (tried to call but it was a weekend) and they emailed me back Wednesday asking for a little more info from the box. So I gave it to them. Now I'm wondering if they'll tell me when its shipped? Surely they've gotten the info now and it should be on its way soon. They did say it comes via FedEx, so shipping shouldn't take long, right? I'm really hoping it'll be here Monday or Tuesday so we can get started on his next days off. 
I was kind of disappointed with the response I got from them. They didn't apologize for the inconvenience. They thanked me for contacting them and let me know what info was needed and that was it. I can't believe they didn't start it with "I'm so sorry for the inconvenience and we'd like to get this resolved ASAP" or something along those lines. Oh well. As long as I get the hardware I'm happy!

And that's it! Today I'm back at work. I updated my scrappy blog with my most recent pages, so you should totes check that out. I'm really gonna try to update it more often! 
Hey I've been good about updating this one, I can do that one too!

Oh.. random. Just got the new Lady Antebellum album.. Love! Download "All For Love!" :)

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