Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 20, 2013

I never know the proper way to start a blog entry. Should I say "hello" or some other greeting or just start talking? Anyway... 

Let's see what I have to say about the week... 
I don't remember what I did Monday, so it must not have been very interesting. Probably some housework, laundry, sleep and TV. 
Speaking of sleep I've been sleeping in till at least 10 most days.
What a lazy turd I am. 
But they say to get it while you can, right? :D
 Tuesday was a fun day- painting!!! Yep we finally got that nursery painted. It was fun too... we made it through the whole day without arguing. I'm not saying that because we often argue, because we really don't, especially lately. But doing something like that.. I guess I was prepared for an argument or two. But nope! It was just a good day. Although we didn't paint on each other which would have been fun. I said something about it and he let me know that would not be cool. I had to point out that we made a mess at our wedding with the cake and it was the best part of the whole thing. But he still wasn't going for it. Oh well! 
Anyway here's a picture of the end product:
The accent wall is called "Aqua Waters" and the other is "Cancun Sand" which I was hoping would come out a little less white, but it works. I want to use some of the leftover Aqua Waters to paint a few things in the room, like shelves. And I am really hoping to find curtains that match pretty closely, or dye some. Fingers crossed! 
Unfortunately, when we removed the tape, the color had bled through a lot. :/ Hey, we're beginners! So we're gonna have to fix that. Boooo! 
Wednesday I shampooed carpets in there and finished going through that closet. That night Clint moved the desk that was in there (while painting we used it as a table) into the guest room/office/craft room. He probably spent 9-10 hours fishing that day. He went in the morning and evening. 
Thursday since the desk was moved, I went through Clint's stuff that was still in it and got it all set up in its new space and just got things reorganized in there. I kinda like having the futon in there, a place to sit. Oh and I actually managed to scrapbook a page!! 
Now except for Tuesday, none of my days were really that full, but man I'm so tired by the end of the day. It seems so silly!!

Then yesterday it was back to work. But it was the big fundraiser tournament, so it was a different kind of day. Good different! The course is closed to the public, but there were probably 50 people in and out throughout the day. Golfers and organizers. By the end of the game, everyone had loosened up with a few (dozen) beers and were very sociable. lol. They served hot dogs throughout the day and in the evening had catered burgers and tacos and stuff from the diner. There was an auction after the tournament and that was kinda fun to watch. It's a scholarship fundraiser, so everyone ends up paying a lot more than things are worth. A lot of the bidders are owners of companies though, so its a tax write off kinda thing I'm sure. After the auction people hung out for a while and continued drinking till the organizers packed up the coolers. I ended up staying an hour late since they were still here. I could have left, and would have if they weren't out by then. It was fun, met some new people, got to chat with a few I already knew. Good times!

Should I mention that I got hit on? I should. Because it was fun to get hit on, and he was cute. And apparently has a thing for pregnant women which I just can't wrap my head around. Obviously I didn't talk to him long. And yes I told Clint about it so that's why its okay to mention it here. :p 

Oh and I've got some good news! Clint's promotion/raise went through!! He's been trying to get it for a while, and it finally went through yesterday. It's gonna give us so much more breathing room with me not working after Zane comes. What a relief!!! 
I'm a happy girl!

I don't know why I've never shared any of my belly progression pix on my blog, but here's a comparison of some of them! Including the first and the most recent. 
(Try to ignore that my arms and face have totally gotten bigger along with the belly.)
The chalk board has played a big role in his story, and will continue to! I'll use it at the baby shower somewhere and in my maternity pictures, and his newborn pictures. And of course it'll be hanging on his wall somewhere! Oh, and of course I'm gonna paint the trim the Aqua Waters color of the accent wall. :)

Alright I guess that's it from this girl! I probably won't update next weekend because my mom will be in town for the baby shower! Squeeeee! Can't wait!!!

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  1. Seems like I usually start my posts and every paragraph with So... lol Yeey for painting with no argument.. That is a surprise! Great colors....