Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time flies!

This month is really going by fast so far!

I can't believe it's already almost payday again. I love payday, but hate grocery shopping day. I need to learn to shop for a month instead of two weeks. Of course that would take a whole paycheck! LOL
So tomorrow I have to make the menu, take inventory, and make the list. Ohhh but I think I'll try out my new grocery shopping app! Always a bright side! :)

Well I can't get very far into a post these days without talking about my body. I am over the 20 pound hump! That was so exciting! Even more exciting is that in just a few pounds, I'll be under 250, which means I won't have to move that bottom thing on the to 250. That's an accomplishment for me. :)

I'm really starting to notice the difference! The other day I realized that I was down to wedding weight. No, I didn't try on my wedding dress. But I did try on (and wear!) a skirt that I was wearing around that time. It fit snug then (like I wasn't buttoning it kinda snug) and it fit the same way now. But the point is it fit, and I had stopped wearing it because it got to wear I couldn't wear it without buttoning it. It has to almost be able to button to get away with wearing it. Am I the only one that uses this trick? Also, last summer my Mother-in-law gave me two identical pairs of shorts. They were a size too small. I could wear them, but not comfortably.. again, I used the no buttoning trick. I could button them, but they were really uncomfortable and didn't look good at all. I've always worn them around the house a lot. Well I've realized that they're much more comfortable when buttoned lately. I still unbutton them a lot, mostly when I'm sitting. But they fit so much better!

But I am so so sick of Lean Cuisines & Healthy Choice meals its not even funny!! I have got to find something new to do for lunch. I just don't even want to eat anymore. It's terrible. Yesterday to spice it up I actually drank 5 hours of diet Pepsi. And with breakfast I've been adding a slice of toast to my egg. It makes it more enjoyable, and I know these things aren't gonna kill my diet, but I do think they can slow my progress. If I keep adding in these little things, eventually I will be back to all my old habits. And I can't have that. So I need to find another way to make my meals more enjoyable. Or just get over it, I guess.

I've added a new snack to my life: Celery and PB. Yep, Kindergarten style. I eat too much fruit and fruit has sugar so I'm trying to find more veggie snacks. Yesterday I didn't love it but today it didn't seem so bad. So I guess it'll work.

I think I want to make a veggie soup sometime. That might be a good lunch. I also wanna add kabobs to our dinner menu. I can load mine up with chicken and veggies, and he can have, like chicken and potatoes I guess. Maybe I'll even try some new veggies that I don't normally love like zuccini.

Nothing to update about my gym trips, still going. Oh except I started going at 11:30 ish instead of 1:30 ish. It leaves my day more open, and it's nice. But the TV at that time of day sucks! I often end up watching Saved By The Bell. LOL

The pool is finally open!! I haven't gone yet, but happy it's open. :)

Well it seems like I had more to say, but I can't remember any of it now. So I'll end this. Later taters! :)

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