Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I Learned From The Voice

No no... not my inner voice or the voice of God or the voices in my head (although i do learn a lot from them)! I'm talking about season one of NBC's The Voice! So here is what it taught me:

1. Cee Lo Green is always either underdressed or severely overdressed... there is no happy medium with him. Also, he must have a deal with Adidas. If he doesn't, he will soon.

2. Carson Daly is still relevant, thought not quite as awesome as he was in his TRL days. But I'm happy to be seeing him again.

3. Blake Shelton is hot, and sweet and just plain awesomesauce!

4. American Idol has nothing to worry about.

5. Christina Aguilera is so annoying. I hate to admit this because I have always been a fan. But if she wasn't worried about her image before, she should be now.

And who says TV isn't educational?

PS- I will be watching Season 2 even though Season 1 didn't completely rock my socks.


  1. You also forgot that Cee Lo has a mild case of midget-ism... Carson hasnt aged in 10 years.. Blake is really FREAKING tall. and Christina has the perfect set of boobs, least she must think so and wants everyone to think so also.. A.I for sure has nothing to worry about.

  2. We didn't learn much about Adam. Maybe he'll be more entertaining next season...