Thursday, August 4, 2011

Appointment Update

I had my appointment on Tuesday but there's really not much to say. Dr. O didn't give me the baby making goo ahead. He, too, wants me to get to 200 lbs. I can't help but think he is just pushing me because I am doing so well and he doesn't want to see me stop yet. Which isn't totally fair but since I wanted to wait till 200 anyway, I'll go along with it. However, once I get there, we will be TTC! By then my A1c should be in the normal range too. My insulin already is! :) he was very impressed and proud of me though! And since my insulin was good, he didn't have to raise the dosage of metformin which is nice! I don't feel side effects from it, but I thought I might if I was taking twice as much. I did ask if I will have to be taking the met forever and it depends. Once I get to a healthy weight (he says 160, I'm saying 175... 160 seems way too little for me), I will stop taking it for a while and do some tests and see how I do. If my insulin and weight stay good, then I can stay off. But if not, it will probably be a lifelong thing. Which I'm totally okay with if it keeps me from getting fat again!

All this time I've been losing weight, I've been thinking about just getting to 200, so still being heavy. But the closer I get the more I realize, I really would like to be thin. Not skinny, not honey, but skin. Flat stomach, maybe. But I have never been thin so it seems so weird to even think about! LOL. I asked Clint how he would feel about it, and he says he is happy if I'm happy. I sas afraid maybe he liked heavy girls! LOL. And I wonder if he will be less okay with me having a girls night out if I get "hot!" LOL. He says he wont get insecure. But we will just have to wait and see!

Okay well my melatonin is kicking in and its good old grocery shopping day tomorrow. Clint (and likely Zoey) are going too, so it should be interesting. Long day ahead! Good night Blogosphere!

PS- Either someone is crying/wailing next door or there's a cat dying out there or something. Wtf?

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