Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow Up

Well I was expecting a pelvic exam but didn't get one. I guess it wasn't necessary? Not that I'm complaining, I wasn't looking forward to it! lol. We just talked. All my blood work came back good and he said there's no problems with me. I asked if the LEEP (procedure where they remove bad cells from the cervix) I'd had a few years ago had anything to do with it, but he said that my cervix is in good shape and healed well. I can expect the random spotting to continue for another week & a half. Ick. And I can expect my period to come in about 3 weeks. I know everyone was wanting to know that! LOL. He said that the next time around, I will be monitored more closely. He'll do quantitive HCG tests which make sure my hormones are doing what they're supposed to- doubling every 48 hours. And at about 8 weeks I'll get an ultrasound! Sooooo excited about that! Although I'm hoping he'll do it at 9 weeks instead since we lost this one at 8 1/2. He confused me a little: He said it's up to us when we start trying again, but after 2 months there's not an increased risk for miscarriage. So does that mean if we get pregnant right away there's a higher risk? I think we'll at least wait the 2 months, if not more. Still gotta talk to Clint about it! But Dr. L did say that when I'm ready, he'll put me back on Clomid. Yay to that! So all in all I'm feeling pretty good about the next time around. The reason for this miscarriage as far as anyone can tell is that there was just a missing building block, as he put it. It happens in many pregnancies and unfortunately it just wasn't a viable pregnancy. All we can do is hope (and believe!) that next time, we won't be missing any building blocks. We'll be watched more closely so we'll have more info right off the bat. I'm feeling confident that we'll still have a 2011 baby!

Like I said, I'm not totally sure when we're gonna start trying again, but I can say with certainty that I will NOT be posting it on here or on Facebook. Same goes for when we get that positve. I won't be announcing it for a while, just so you know. And don't ask because either 1)I won't be pregnant and it'll make me sad that you asked, or 2)I will be pregnant and will lie about it. LOL

Of course we'll definitely tell moms and my sisters-in-law. Not sure who else.

Okay I think I'm done running my mouth...... Later Taters!

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  1. Good for you Nessa! I'm glad you got the okay. Ask the doctor if you can have an ultrasound at 8 weeks and again at 9 weeks (due to your history). Raise hell about it until they agree.