Friday, July 23, 2010

First OB Appointment

My appointment today went well! It was pretty quick & painless... I won't get into the gory details! Dr. L says everything looks good and there are no concerns! Yahoooo! My hCG number skyrocketed from 178 to 2500! So that's really good news! It was such a relief. The whole appointment was a relief! He said I measure at about 7 weeks and gave me a due date of March 6. Now... I'm not buying it! lol. I still don't feel like I'm quite that far along for some reason. But I'll go with it for now. My next appointment is on August 25. That will just be a normal appointment and that's when we'll schedule my first ultrasound!! Which will be done at 12 or 13 weeks. Sooooo excited to see my baby and hear the heartbeat!!!

That's all for now. I'm pretty happy!! :)

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