Thursday, July 15, 2010


Finally!! After a year of trying, we are expecting!!
Now I feel kinda silly for that super-long post about trying. Especially because as I was posting that, I already had a little fertilized egg making its way to my uterus.
So here's how that cycle went:
I was really positive about it at the beginning for two reasons. 1) I ovulated the previous cycle. 2) Several months ago I got a Cheri22 reading. She is like an online psychic and she predicts when you're gonna get pregnant. She related me to July (meaning I would concieve, find out, or give birth in July) (and she predicts a girl). But as the cycle went on, I never got a positive ovulation test. Grr! But we still did the baby dance on a regular basis around the time I expected to ovulate.
On June 28 I had a little spotting. I thought I was maybe about to get my period early, or it was implantation bleeding. I tested in the next day or two, and saw an ugly negative! But I was really feeling pregnant. So a few days later I took another (July 3). Still negative. At that point I figured it wasn't likely that I was pregnant. I was discouraged and bummed. I still hadn't started my period 4 or 5 days later so I tested again. AGAIN, a negative! So really I did not think this was our month. Throughout this time, I'd had some period-like cramping, but still no flow.
Sunday July 11 we were going camping with some friends. I wanted to be sure it was okay to drink and there it was! A beautiful faint pink line!! Clint was in the kitchen getting things ready and I was just waking up. When I saw the positive I freaked out (in the best way). I didn't know what to do! Clint was so focused on getting headed to the lake. But obviously I had to tell him! So I went into the kitchen with the test and told him, with tears in my eyes, "I don't think I'll be drinking this weekend!" and wrapped my arms around his neck and started crying and laughing at the same time. It was so cool. Two days later I tested again with 2 tests and this is what I saw:
It really doesn't get any clearer than that! Definitely pregnant! It was so exciting! We had called our moms from the lake, and his sisters when we got back. Once we got this further confirmation, I told my brother, dad and best friends. Today I finally put it on Facebook. It's official- Janessa's knocked up!
Tuesday I called my doctors office (as soon as they opened) to set up an appointment. Today I had OB Orientation. It was a lot of paperwork, followed by a powerpoint presentation with loads of information about the doctors, the hospital, what to expect, do's & don'ts and more. Then it was time to see the nurse. I peed in a cup (I'm an expert at that after a year of TTC), got weight, blood pressure taken, she asked a few questions and that's about it. She gave me a lab req for blood work. I went to the lab, got my blood drawn (4 vials!) and came home!
My appointment with the OB is a week from tomorrow. I'm soooo looking forward to it! I don't know why... I'll be poked & prodded. But he'll be able to tell me that indeed there's a baby in there! And that will be comforting to hear!
Based on my last period, I'm estimated at 6 weeks & 1 day along. Due March 9th. That's likely to change once I see the doctor. I'm not really sure.
So far I don't have a lot of symptoms, but here's what I do have: Frequent mild cramping, leg cramps, sleepiness, hunger, thirsty, and I've only had a couple mild waves of nausea. No pukey pukey yet.
This is so much fun. I'm happy, Clint's happy and I kinda think Zoey knows. Life is good!


  1. I am SO happy for you! You will make an amazingly energetic, creative, and involved mother. Lucky baby!

  2. That's amazing Janessa! So happy for you. Too cool about Cheri22. I really wanna get a reading now!! :)

  3. So excited for you guys. Great blog. Made me tear up at the part where you told Clint. Hope youre not one of those weirdos who crave grass and gasoline :D


  4. Yay Janessa ! I am so incredibly happy for you :)