Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5, 2013

Well I guess its about time I update with my latest appointments and such.

Let's see.... My appt on Memorial Day at the hospital went great. My BP was really not bad at all and my bloodwork and urine both came back great! We were only there about an hour and I obviously wasn't readmitted!! Super yay to that! We went to Chili's afterwards, and I felt kinda like I was breaking the rules... but we gotta eat right??! And it was almost my birthday so I deserved it... and that desert we got. Mmmmm! 

My OB appt for Thursday we moved to Friday (31st), that was last Friday, and it went well too. They did a NST there and its much different from the way they do it at the hospital. Its pretty old school looking. The monitors don't show up on a big screen that we can watch, but we can hear the heartbeat. Every time I feel him move, I have to press a button. They want me to keep him active so they know he's alright. Luckily I had a cookie in my purse. hehe. 

After that we saw Dr. O. Everything on the NST looked good, urine was good and BP again wasn't too bad. High on the first check, but great on the recheck when I lay down which is what matters to him I guess. We learned a lot at this appt. The reason they are monitoring Zane so much is because the high blood pressure can actually lower his oxygen supply. Thankfully that isn't happening with us at this point and he is doing great!! He told us that it no longer looks like pre-e but at the time I was in the hospital it did. He says its just "Pregnancy Induced Hypertension" (PIH) at this point but can still develop into pre-e, and they're still watching me closely. He checked my cervix and there's nothing going on with it and he said that Zane was breech, which I figured he was. So we talked about that a bit. If he's breech when its time to deliver it means a C section. There is a way they can flip him but I don't think we'd opt to do it. It can put a knot in the cord, for one. Dr. O explained it to us in a way that I can handle a C section a lot better than Zane can handle any complications. In 10 years we won't regret having a C section but we will regret losing or hurting our boy. And he's right, so I really don't think we would opt to take that risk. Also, the way they do it is they give me something that relaxes my uterus the lube up my belly and manually flip him.. like they grab his head and butt and flip him and he said it would leave bruises on me and its really not comfortable.
Of course I really don't want a C section. Extra recovery time aside, I would feel like I was missing out on the experience of childbirth, and that thought makes me sad. 
He said he wanted to see me TWICE a week. Once a week is a biophysical ultrasound and my regular weekly appt. The other is a just a NST. We scheduled the ultrasound for Monday and the NST for Thursday of this week.

Scared of a C section, I looked into some home remedies to flip the baby! On Sunday night, I actually ended up doing the one they taught us in the birthing class. You just get on all fours with your head and chest down for 10-15 minutes. (I did this while playing Dice With Buddies, lol). While doing it I felt him move a little. After I laid down I felt him move A LOT. I was sooooo optimistic!!! 

Monday we had our ultrasound and sure enough the little guy had flipped!!! I was soooo happy and relieved!! He could always decide to flip back but fingers crossed he doesn't! Everything else with the u/s looked good. It was really quick though! :( She gave us two pictures. One you can hardly tell is his profile, the other is his boy parts, clear as day. That one just cracks me up. He's so not shy. I'm afraid he's gonna like to run around naked at inappropriate times...he'll be the boy at the pool who decides to go skinny dipping. Haha!
After the u/s we saw Dr. O. He checked my cervix again and still nothing going on there. I'm just instructed to keep doing what I'm doing. 

But I'm really ready to have this baby!! Now that I know he's in position I just want him out! I actually enjoy being pregnant and feeling him move around in there. It's pretty amazing. But I'm so done with bed rest. And nothing around me is getting done and I just want to get back to normal. Or.. the new normal, I guess. Obviously it won't be "normal" having Zane here. But you know what I mean. A little activity will be nice!

I spend my days laying on the couch playing Farmville and ZooWorld while watching TV, mostly. I go to bed at like 11 and read and play phone games till 12 or 1. I sleep till 9 or 10 and do it all over again. Its truely exciting... LOL not!!

Oh, I think I've gained 48lbs since being pregnant, btw. Bed rest is surely not gonna help that number stay down. LOL. Oh well... motivation for afterwards!!

So obviously at this point since everything is going fine, there's no talk of inducing. :(  I do need to talk to him about inducing based on distance, but I get the feeling he's not into the idea. Maybe if my Group B swab comes back positive it'll be more necessary and we can justify it. If I'm positive for that I have to have an IV antibiotic 4 hours before delivery... and living 2 hours from the hospital we may not get there in time. 

Anyway I think that's all the medical updates! I have an appt tomorrow for the NST, then ultrasound Monday and NST Thrusday again. I imagine it'll stay like that until we have him. Which I'm hoping we have him on the 11th so that we're in the hospital for the scheduled power outage on the 12th. LOL Wishful thinking!! 

So I spent my birthday on bed rest and it pretty much sucked. IDK if it was because of my birthday or what, but I was so emotional and hormonal by the end of the day. Partly because Clint didn't come right home from work, so I assumed he was getting me dinner or something special, but no...  he just got caught up talking to someone. :/  He did bring roses, though, so he's gotta get some credit for that. The next day I was a crazy hormonal bitch to him too. Poor guy. I think the bed rest was getting to me too. Anyway, that just sucked. 
But since then, I've been a lot better mentally, so yay!

The other day when we went to town Clint went into Game Stop and came out with a used iPod for me. I decided to call it a late birthday present because before all this hospital stuff happened I was supposed to get an iPod (or a camera) for my birthday. But we figured we should stop spending money. Especially on something that I've lost 2 of already. :/  So when he came out with this I was so excited! Its an older, smaller version, but it'll do the trick!! I'll really need it when I get back to the gym, and for now it keeps me from having to bring my computer with me to town for music. Yes I've actually been doing that.. I can make it play through the truck speakers. So the iPod is much better!!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that Clint got the crib assembled! Yaaaay!! He still needs to do the glider and of course there's decorating and clean up to do in there, but we're making progress!

I guess that's it.... With any luck my next update will be a birth announcement!
Doubtful, but ya never know!

Here's my latest picture, taken on Memorial Day (before going to my appt).

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