Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013

So not much has changed since my last post. 

At Monday's appt the nurse practitioner that I saw was concerned with my BP being so high. She wanted to send me to OB triage again. What annoyed me about that is it was FINE on the recheck when I laid down which is usually satisfactory for them. She said "Well you don't lay down all day.. " Yes actually I do, I'm on bed rest. Read the file lady! LOL And plus my urine sample was fine. So I groaned about it a little but was prepared to go. I asked for the results of my Group B swab and when she went to check on that she ran into Dr. O and Dr. O said that I'm fine! Thank you Dr. O!! But he did want to add labs to my next appt.
Oh I forgot to mention the ultrasound before the appt! It was great! This one was longer than the last one and she showed us his lungs and a kidney and of course his heartbeat and his cute little face in 3d! :D Everything looked perfect with him! And I love our ultrasound tech! 

Yesterday was my NST and I had to go solo because Clint had to work. Booo! I was hooked up to the monitors forever and at first Zane was sleeping so I had to poke at him and piss him off to wake him up! They want him active during the NSTs. I always feel bad bugging him. But they need to see that he's okay so I do what I gotta do. But once I got him going he passed the test with flying colors like always. :) My star student. haha! 

The sucky thing about yesterday is the lab work they added on Monday... I thought it was just blood work but they wanted a 24 hour urine collection too. Which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't live in Bagdad. So today I've been peeing in a "hat" and pouring it into a jug, which is on ice in an ice chest in the bathroom. Then I have to get up early tomorrow to get my 24 hours worth of pee to the lab by 11 because that's when they close on Saturdays. :/  So I have to leave here no later than 9 which means up no later than 8. Uuuuggggh!! I'm just not used to that anymore! This news made me soooooo cranky yesterday afternoon! I just didn't want to have to deal with it, and its not very bed rest-y. 

But before I left the office I, of course, scheduled next weeks appts. Monday and Thursday. She asked if I wanted to schedule the following weeks appts too but I told her no because I hope to be inducing that week since I'll be 39 weeks. So then I asked her how that works with the scheduling of inductions. She said usually we would do it on the day that Dr. O is on call at the hospital. So she checked his schedule and doesn't see him scheduled there that week. :/ But she said she's sure he will be. And if he's not I imagine someone else will do it. We'll talk about it on Monday and I imagine I'll get to schedule it then!! So excited to have a date!! If I have it my way we'll induce between the 22nd & 25th.... but of course I'm no longer holding my breath that anything will go my way! LOL So we'll see! Mom will most likely be coming the 21st. Can't wait to see her!! 

Also can't wait to meet Zane! :D

Here's my picture, taken Tuesday. :) Had to move the chalkboard to our bedroom since the crib is in the way now.. yay crib! Oh and he put the glider together too! Which is totally smaller than it looks! But my butt fits in it.. barely. Honestly if I hadn't lost the weight it probably wouldn't.

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