Friday, April 6, 2012

NOTE: I typed this yesterday. :)

This one will not be a novel! I don't think...

So I'm loving being out in the working world again. My safety classes were boring and I spent the majority of the time chatting with the instructor (I was the only one in the class) about unrelated things. But that at least made it less boring. I worked Sat & Sun at the golf course and I was the only one there all day both days, and did fine. I had only had 2 hours of training a few days prior. Clearly its an easy job! And pretty boring if there's not enough people needing golf carts. But hey I will get caught up on my reading, if nothing else. BTW, the golf course is 10 hour shifts. Yowza! The best part of that job is driving the golf carts.. super fun!! hehe.

I had the driving class today and did better than expecting. Of course it wasn't physically driving... just a class and a test. But I don't get the sticker saying that I passed until I drive with someone else a few times. I kinda like I have my permit. In the next couple weeks I get to go on a few ride alongs with the other tour guides, then I'll get to drive quite a few times with one of them with me before they send me out on my own. I'm SO thankful for that. I want plenty of time to get comfortable driving in the mine and in that big van!

I'm using my down time (well, some of it) at the golf course to "study" for the tour guide job. My biggest fear about the job is not having anything to talk about. I'm supposed to be informing these people... I need to first inform myself (another reason i'm glad I ahve a while before doing the tours on my own), so I borrowed a book about the history of Bagdad, written by someone who worked for the mine for many years, starting in the 30s I believe. I'm taking notes and I'm gonna reorganize them and study the crap out of them. I just feel like I have no business being in this position at this point. I want to know my stuff!! I am SO looking forward to my first ride along though! I've never been on mine property, ever! So just getting to be out there and seeing the things I've heard Clint and others talk about for so many years will help me gain understanding.

So anyway, working is good for me! It gives my days off purpose. I feel like I have to get things done so I end up being more productive. It feels good! Although, its caused me to have to drop for 3 DVDs at a time from Netflix to 2 at a time because I haven't been keeping up! I may even drop it further... we'll see how it goes! It's hard enough to keep up with my DVR. See.. I have a life again!! :)

IDK if I mentioned this in my last post, but I'm a size 14 now. A year ago I was a 22. Just sayin'. Not much has changed with my weight.

Alright, longer later! It's bed time for this girl...

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