Friday, March 11, 2011

First Meeting With Dr. O.

*Note to TMP ladies: I copied from my TMP post so you've already read this. :)

The only thing that would have made it a better appointment is if he had discovered I was pregnant wihile doing the pap!

I think I'm gonna love this new doctor!

First he just talked to us about our history of TTC and our miscarriage, asked all the medical questiions, etc. He said that he doesn't like to just put people on Clomid without doing any kind of tests. My last dr put me on Clomid without any testing because it didn't look like I was ovulating. (It worked but still). If he decides that Clomid is the way to go, it'll be monitored (YES!!). I was really surprised that he didn't tell me to lose weight right off the bat. I'm very overweight. I brought it up and he said he wanted to check my hormone levels and if there is a hormone problem, regulating it might help with the weight loss. It felt good that he didn't just assume that my weight was causing the problem. I don't know, we didn't get a lot of info today, but I just really like Dr. O. He was easy to talk to, and it didn't feel rushed (my last dr made me feel like I was keeping him away from his pregnant patients). He asked DH a couple questions and I was like "I knew there was a reason he came!" and Dr. O. said that he should be there because it takes 2! Which is so true!

So he gave me an order for blood work and said he'd call with the results and probably schedule an ultrasound.

The only thing that sucks is that we live an hour & a half away so when it comes time to make visits at a certain time in my cycle, I'll have to just come on a whim. I'll just have to be mentally prepared for it. I'm such a planner.

I'm gonna get my bloodwork done Thursday morning since I'll be in town Wednesday for a scrapbooking day with my besties, and I'll spend the night and do the blood draw in the AM, that way I don't have to drive so far while fasting. I can't go very long without breakfast.

So that's that! I'm excited to see what my hormone results are and see what the next step is! Fingers crossed that we can get it figured out before AF shows (which should be at least 2 weeks away) so we can start something next cycle!

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  1. Can't wait to see what the bloodwork says and hope that Dr. O can help!!