Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Super Exciting Life!

Netflix Instant Watch is the best! I've been watching Buffy & Angel for months. The whole series', in the order that they aired (thank you Wikipedia). Lame huh? But I never saw the last season of Buffy and that last 2 of Angel and I didn't start watching Buffy till 2nd or 3rd season. So it's fun. And it's totally weird watching it so condensed! I've only got 5 episodes left of Buffy and a season plus 5 left of Angel. It seems like it's taken me forever to get through the series'! I'm hoping to finish in the next two weeks... Because Fox premiere week is coming up and I'll have plenty of shows to watch! Speaking of... I'm super excited about Glee and Bones! And Parenthood. And Ellen! Because JT is gonna be on her premiere! Hurray!

Wow... I must sound boring! Hey, at least I'm happy! :D

In a week from today my girls are coming to see me! We're gonna scrapbook and have girly fun. It'll be good to have them all here instead of me there for a change! Although we do need to make a trip to Prescott soon. I need to go to Michaels and Clint needs work boots!

Really I just wanted to blog because I haven't been blogging much... Obviously, because I don't have much to say! LOL

Okay dinner time now!


  1. I <3 Ellen--and who better to have on the premiere but JT! WOOT

  2. haha. I don't think that is lame AT ALL. I re-watched Buffy last summer :)