Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013

Whoopsadaisy! Its been a while since I've updated. I keep saying I'm gonna, but.... well we know how that goes! As I type this I've got the cutest 11 week old boy sleeping on me. He sure is growing fast!!

Any day now I'm gonna start putting him in his 3-6 month clothes. I tried to put a 0-3 onesie on him this morning and was having trouble getting his arm in so I switched to a romper. Many of his onesies are too short too. Even his sleepers are beginning to get retired. One of my favorites, without footies, is high waters now and the ones with footies are alllmost too short. I'm sure he'll be swimming in the next size up at first, but its just about time. There are so many things I'm gonna miss but yay for a new wardrobe again! I wish I got a new wardrobe every 3 months! 

He had his 2 month checkup on August 20th and all went well there. He weighed in at 11lbs 12oz!! I couldn't believe he'd gotten so big! I thought he was about 10, certainly not close to 12! By now I'm sure he's over 12. He feels like he's about 15, lol, but I'm sure he's nowhere near there yet! He was 22 3/4 inches long then and again I feel like he's gotten longer (hence the aforementioned high waters). He got shots and took them well. He seemed to like the oral vaccine (he seems to like everything we've given him orally!) and then he got 3 shots in his legs. Poor little guy! I just sat on the table with him and held his hands and closed my eyes and he only cried a little with the first shot but got worse with each one. Like he was saying "Helloooo am I not crying loud enough? I don't like that! Please stop!" haha But he got over it quickly and was my happy boy again. He did have a fever the next day, but again, got over that quickly. 

While at the pediatricians office I must have picked up some pink eye. That sucked!! But thankfully I managed to not pass it on to Zane. And now I have a cold (thanks to my husband) and am hoping that won't spread to Zane either,  but I think colds spread more easily so I'm not too optimistic. So far he seems fine though!

Sometimes I wonder if Zane is developing as he should be. There are things he's not doing that the internet says he should be, but I'm trying real hard not to think too much about that. He's healthy and is progressing in every area. He'll do it at his own pace. So I'm trying not to compare him to other babies and whatnot. And there are things that he does that are probably ahead of the curve. 

One thing I'm sooooo happy that he's finally doing is SMILING!! Finally my little boy smiles at me. I'd been waiting for sooo long and it was just after his 2 month birthday that he started doing it in a way that we knew was intentional and happy. Now he smiles at me all the time. :D And I *think* he laughed at me yesterday! He always makes sounds that sound like laughing but usually its like when I'm about to feed him and that's no laughing matter so I don't think that kind of thing is real laughing. But yesterday I was making faces and sounds at him and he was smiling and I swear he giggled. Happy mama!!

Also I feel like he is soooooo close to rolling over. But I've been saying that for at least a week now and it hasn't happened yet (unassisted). Maybe soon! When he's on his tummy he's always holding his head and chest up so high (and drooling! lol) and he'll lift his feet. He just can't get that midsection off the ground. Then he'll try to throw his hips to one side or the other but can't quite make the rollover happen. When he's on his back he loves staring at the toys hanging above him and kicking his feet and waving his arms around. When he's in the right mood he's content to do this for a long while, with or without our interaction. He's such a good easy baby. 

He also loves the Boppy. I think its his favorite place to sleep. I always put it at the foot of my recliner and play with him that way and he often falls asleep there. And now when I used to put him in the swing I often put him in the Boppy, on the floor, so I can get up and walk around while he naps. When he wakes me up in the early morning I have been keeping him in bed with me a lot. Mostly because I'm too tired to trust myself sitting upright holding him while he nurses and falls asleep. This is another great time for the Boppy! I have ways to position it (nursing or not) where the open end (his feet) is up against my body so he can't slide out and we sleep well like that. I generally only do this when Clint isn't in bed too because it gets a little crowded!

Zoey still hasn't caused any problems with the baby! She does seem to get a little jealous when he's at the foot of my recliner, because that's always been her spot. But she finds a way to share, even if it means laying on him a bit. lol. Yesterday I think she tried to engage him in play but quickly realized he can't. lol. I don't shy away from playing with Zoey around the baby because if she's gonna jump on him or something I want her to do it while I'm there so I can teach her that its not okay. But so far she's been good! :) 

Oh I can't believe I almost forgot to say that he is sleeping through the night most nights! He's had a few 9 hour stretches and those are great!! He pretty much always sleeps 6-7 hours the first stretch and will go back to sleep for a couple hours after. This morning was an exception. He slept maybe 5 hours then wanted to stay awake for almost 2! But then slept for like 3 and we didn't get out of bed till after 10. lol. 

I'm still going to the gym when I can but its doing no good. I guess I need to change my diet. Boooo! I just went shopping so I've declared that once the junk is gone (and I bought A LOT of junk), its back to the healthier living for us! It won't be easy but seriously something's gotta change! I want to have lost something by Christmas. I don't have clothes right now. Ugh. Need to make some changes!! So wish me luck! I plan to take more pix (even though there's no progress) and measurements soon, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Well I think that's it. As always I'll leave you with some pictures of Mr. Handsome Man! 

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