Friday, December 2, 2011

Post Turkey Day Update

Well I guess I didn't get around to updating before we went to Safford! OOPS! I did measure the day before we left but there wasn't much cahnge. I'm not gonna post it now. But while we were gone, 8 days of not-too-healthy eating and NO exercise (treadmill never got set up), I only gained 2.75 pounds. Not too bad! I was afraid it was gonna be 5 or 6 so this is easy to live with. Today was my second day back at the gym and I already lost a half a pound, so I'll get back to 211 soon enough. I hope to be a few pounds under 210 by Christmas. I should be able to do it, but it is the holidays so it's a little harder.

Thanksgiving week was mostly fun. Just a full week is a little too long. But we had a good time! Delicious food and got to visit with some family which was nice. But we're happy to be home, especially Zoey! All those other dogs wore her out! :)

While away my MIL took our Christmas pictures! We got some good ones, and I already got my Christmas cards ordered so I'll have them out soon! :)

Also on black Friday we got the Kinect! WOOT! My MIL helped us as our Xmas present which was nice! I couldn't justify spending that kinda money on ourselves right now, but splitting it in half made it so much better. And I'm so glad we got it, it's so much fun! I'm sore today from playing yesterday. I think this will be a great boost to my exercise, and fun for both Clint and I! It's nice to have something that we both enjoy!

I've also been trying to get caught up on the DVR! I'm almost caught up on Ellen and am caught up on all my important/favorite shows (Glee, Parenthood). I've got a couple Thanksgiving & Christmas specials (Gaga included) and some reality TV to catch up on. And Animation Domination but we'll do that together sometime soon. And I've got 2 netflix DVDs to watch and get sent back... LOL.. I watch too much TV. I know this.

Clint's best friends dad passed away and tomorrow is the Memorial, and we're going to show our support.

Sunday (if my pictures come tomorrow) I'm gonna scrap with Robin. If not I'll probably whip out the Christmas decorations.

Monday is Clint's doctors appointment. Hopefully he gets the approval to go back to work!! Also while in town, we're gonna do some shopping, including a Christmas tree!! Can't wait for that! Last year we moved too close to Christmas and didn't get one.

And that's that! Now I'm gonna go continue getting caught up on my shows. :)

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